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04.01.2016   Category: Site news

We have made some big changes to the ranking system which will change all the actual rankings.

The ranking system is an on-going points system to show the strength of racers, not in a particular season, but over a certain period of time. The ranking will only include official events like Series events, VRC Worlds events etc. Weekly's etc. are not part of the rankings. We may eventually create separate rankings for these events.

Rankings are class specific or can be combined. The rankings are available on each racer level, Club, Sport and Pro. When you change to another racer class for a particular event class you will gradually build up a new ranking again for that class.

The spec and modified classes are now separated on event level, meaning that modified and spec will now have their own rankings, before spec events were also part of the modified rankings. As you are allowed to use a spec chassis in modified events you can still earn points for the modified ranking as the event is for the modified ranking.

Another important change is that we now have introduced drop results, so only the best 'x' of the last 'y' events will count for your ranking so you are not immediately loosing your position when you miss one or 2 events. For all class rankings we will use 12 last events of which the best 8 will count. For overall rankings these numbers are higher as more events are included in these rankings.

On the Rankings page you can check your new ranking in all the individual classes and combined. You will also find information how many events are used and how many events count for your ranking, as well as an overview of the events actually used for the ranking and which next events will become part of the ranking in the future.

We hope you will enjoy the 2016 VRC events and the new ranking system even more than before!

A happy and prosperous 2016 from the VRC team.


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23.07.2017 [12:58]
This is a great ranking system, that doesn't punish me for going on a business trip or on vacation with my family :-)
18.03.2016 [10:20]
As I's now March 18th and I am still only ranked no 5 in the 12th electric....why??? I here you ask....because its still counting the result from the Worlds that I couldn't complete my final in.
Worse still ....looks like its going to be another 8 weeks before the true ranking is showing.....thats half way through May.

If this is effecting me, it will also be affecting others that couldn't do the Worlds finals...because it was Christmas!!!!
16.03.2016 [05:02]
Why did the points not start over when classes changed? In 1/8th nitro spec, I went from club to pro. I am now some 600 points behind which I will never make up. In spec truck, I am in 2nd.

Also, I read "Spec classes are no longer inclused in the overall rankings". That is Pieters quote. Why?

I still enjoy the game but the rankings should be simplified. Also, WORLDS should either not count as the same or should be removed from points and top placers should be given a reward or special trophies. I don't know that everything needs to be worth points. JMO.
11.01.2016 [13:03]
of course the ranking can always be improved but will never be perfect I'm afraid. This was a major update of the system and we will leave it here for 2016 and evaluate how it has panned out over this year. It costs a lot of money to do these changes so it is also a matter of priority what to spend the sparse development budget on.
11.01.2016 [12:25]
Posted by: Gary Sundman (US) on 9.1.2016 4:44:25 (UTC)
how is this going to work with overall ranking when 1 class I get put in pro and everything else is sport or less?

your ranking is per car class, so you can indeed have several rankings in Pro, club and Sport depending on your racer level in that class.
11.01.2016 [12:21]
Posted by: Gary Sundman (US) on 9.1.2016 4:50:57 (UTC)
I see I dropped 3 spots in international sport class and do not even show up in international pro ranking even for the one class I got bumped up in

if you raced in Sports before you will not have a Pro ranking until you have raced enough as Pro racer... Takes time when you switch racer class.
09.01.2016 [04:50]
I see I dropped 3 spots in international sport class and do not even show up in international pro ranking even for the one class I got bumped up in
09.01.2016 [04:44]
how is this going to work with overall ranking when 1 class I get put in pro and everything else is sport or less?
08.01.2016 [11:16]
Eeeek Elo-type that IS complicated.
The fact that I missed ONE race and it HAS effected my rating should ring alarm bells.
I agree with Mathew, the Worlds should be rated higher...problem is they are at a time when most of us will struggle (due to family commitments) to actually do them. This is why I suggested the other method of takes into account your good they high points or low points...rates you from what was available in THOSE events.
The position thing also does this....I often look at it, even now, to see how good a driver is. My calc was based on it in a way, this is why I mentioned it.
Everyone must know how much I like VRC PRO...I am only trying to get a fair method of ranking....for everyone.
BTW. It looks like the 'Average position' is also using the 8 out of 12 events method already.

Edited by author: 8.1.2016 11:18:52 GMT
08.01.2016 [03:03]
Depends if you really want to know who the best drivers are, or you just want to reward race results.
Both are valid ways to do it, but right now it's mostly rewarding race results.
I'm fine with that, makes sense.
But by the same token, a true skill-based ranking system would be pretty cool too, e.g. Elo-type rating (chess/sports/online gaming).

Also, showing average position is OK, I don't think you should get rid of it. In fact, in the past it was always a much better indicator of who the best drivers were than points.
But it does get thrown off by one bad result, e.g. if you withdraw early from one race like Graham did, even if you were 1st in 10 races in a row before that your average position might drop to >20 or something.
Similar thing happened to me.
Median (middle) position is better (would remain at 1)!

But overall you got to give the VRC team a lot of credit for their recent hard work on skill levels and ratings. MUCH improved already!!

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