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26.01.2016   Category: Site news

With more and more race series and events it would be great to be able to involve active and enthusiastic racers to become official VRC reporters to write about the on-going series and events. There is a lot of Race Talk going on on the event pages and it would be great to see regular race reports appearing again. However, this has to come from within the VRC racing community! This is your racing...

We are about to finish a special Reporter feature to enable reporters to create and publish their race reports directly on the VRC World website, including images (screenshots are easily made...) and possibly also a video link.

We are looking for VRC members who are able to write inreasonable good English, it doesn't have to be perfect English, racers will surely excuse you for the occassional spelling or linguistic error. One per class would be fantastic, you could also cover related classes like 1:8 nitro and electric buggies.

So if you feel like getting involved in the VRC community let me know and I will contact you about how to get this started.

Thanks a lot for your help to advance the VRC racing community to the next level!



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11.04.2016 [02:58]
To the VRC racing community,

I am currently in the middle of some issues that are taking a lot of time. I am only averaging 1-2 hours per day at home. I will continue to write, take pictures and video with-in about 3-5 weeks. I will complete many during the summer as I do not work being a teacher. I fully intend to complete reporting on every level, pro, sport and club for most, if not every off road class. Sorry for the delay.
31.03.2016 [11:05]
JuPe, thanks for kicking off these race reports, it is a tremendous enrichment of our racing community, and your example has already been followed by others. You told me about your serious health condition before and it only makes me more appreciative of what you have done for our VRC community. I know that you have a very tough period ahead of you and want to wish you all the best.

Thanks for your contribution to VRC, I am sure you have inspired others to follow in your footsteps!

31.03.2016 [10:50]
Unfortunatelly, ive to announce that im stopping this report issue, or im just giving up a little. At the future Im taking care of electric nascartruck series reporting, this suits best for my life at the moment.

As i was having some health problems two years ago, when i was paralyzed from the waist down. There was huge hurry with doctors to get me to surgery and luckily they managed to ”save” me. The spinal was 80% pushed and that was close of disaster.
Ok, ive learned walking again and everything is going like planned. Specialists told after those two surgerys that this is not going to be easy healing. But its coming, i can only trust to that.

So, reason why im giving up a little this reports issue that im focusing my days mostly to my exercises, physical threatments and of course VRC driving. Focus must be 100% to keep my daily happits like these two years have been, this is my neuro kirurgian BIG ADWISE.
But like i told, im not stopping VRC, NO WAY. This is one of those things in my life that i wouldnt lose it anyway.
The SIM has gave me lot of pleasure, as my health came to that point, where i could sit down more. I just have to put things in some priority, because more intelligent people wants this.

And last, im very sorry about this, but like said, ill do that electric nascartruck series reporting. Thats easy(should be), because race and round periods are so long.
And about those reports. Like ive told before, making those reports is not any competition. Its very simple thing, my reports are too accured, and ”LAP by LAP” style reporting is not the case.
Short, simple with pics is enough, TRUST ME. So, if more reporters are coming to our community, take my adwise,

I think that this has been first and main idea to get reporters from ”racers community” to stand up and report these races.
With that short, simple style they wont take huge amount of time and youve got blenty of time to race also.

Best wishes,
27.03.2016 [08:55]
Posted by: Bradley Kistner (US) on 25.3.2016 19:54:04 (UTC)
Is there a way to view replays on tracks I do not own?

there is not, you must have access to the track to view replays, same for the car class btw.
25.03.2016 [19:54]
Is there a way to view replays on tracks I do not own?
21.03.2016 [06:25]
Yes...when these messages comes here in probably making those reports mostly with shorter version at the future.

And information to those other reporters. Feel free to send private message or answer here what you want to report. There's list of series to report and I'm not owning anything, and just tell what you want to report, so ill add your name to list. Thank You!

And remember, this is not any competition, how you write or how long your reports are. Lets just help this community and VRC to be even better level than it is. So they would be also other things also at site than just results and update news.
21.03.2016 [01:51]
Great info. I know you sent it to me in PM. I will take modified off-road both electric truck and nitro buggy. I will work from time to time on other off-road items. First, I need to down load another program to screen shot because "SNAG-it" is not recording. I can screen shot with it. I completely understand how you are doing it an also know it will take hours to create one report. I think I am going to make mine more of a summary with a video and pictures to allow me to report on more classes. One I get it down, my goal is no more than 1 hour from start to finish. Thanks Jupe.
20.03.2016 [13:30]
Tony, its great to have you on board. But honestly my friend. Please let me know immediatly, when you build up a report under 2 hours.

And to other drivers, who have reporter rights. Should i build up a topic to FORUM so everybody who is in our reporter community would have some specific serie to report?? Or is here only me and Tony? Has Larry and Bruno stopped reporting?

Im waiting that announcment that ive got only one serie to report. And at the future, im reporting electric onroad, but dont know any specific class to report. When these reporters are founded, and listed, then everybody should have one-two series to report.


1:10 electric on-road
1:10 electric on-road spec

1:10 electric nascartruck JUPE REPORTING
1:10 nitro nascartruck
1:8 nitro nascartruck BRADLEY REPORTING

1:12 electric on-road
1:12 electric on-road spec

1:8 nitro on-road BRUNO REPORTING
1:8 nitro sportcar spec BRUNO REPORTING

1:10 nitro on-road spec
1:10 nitro on-road

1:8 electric buggy TONY REPORTING
1:8 electric buggy spec

1:10 sc10 4wd 13.5 TONY REPORTING
1:10 sc10 4wd

1:8 nitro buggy TONY REPORTING
1:8 nitrobuggy spec



Edited by author: 3/30/2016 6:07:16 PM GMT
20.03.2016 [12:15]
Heres my order, how to i plan and make my reports. Hope it helps other reporters.

REPORT making order by Jupe:

1. Look the results, what has happend
2. Compare all 10 drivers results, if somebody has leaded all race, so its very easy to explain about his race. Of course, looking those result you can see have somebody made mistake and wich lap. So you can produce your video By those mistakes, who you want to be recorded.
3. Look the replay 1-2 times
4. Take the pictures who you want to be participate at those pics.
(im using Windows Office Picture Manager and PAINT to resize and tune the pics)
5. Open that event from eventreports what you are planning to report. Start the replay. Lap by lap look the replay, stop the video while you are writing and so on.
6. After you have loaded the pics and writed the report. Choose in wich line you want to pics been located at your text.
Add results of the race and overall standings in series to report.
7. Make a video and load it to YouTube.
8. After video is uploaded, use that YouTube code to add video to your report.
9. PUPLISH the report.


1. In the sim, find the race wich you want to be recorded. This is searched from EVENTS table.
2. Klick the event when you find it. Then klick ”watch/practice”. Klick the all results, and choose all drivers(max 10) you want to be at video.
3. Klick watch, at this point all players are downloaded to the heat and replay will start.
For recording i first used BANDICAM program(so called screenrecorder) to record the video. Now days when i updated my CPU from laptop to desktop, with NVIDIA GTX950 Graphiccard includes so called SHADOWPLAY program. Now im using that program to record the video. When replay starts, i just hit ”ALT+F9” keys and it starts to record. After replay is played, i`ll klick again ”ALT+F)” and it stops the recording.
4. After this, ill upload this video to YOUTUBE and after video is uploaded, ill use that YOUTUBE code in VRC PRO report.

Of course, you have to know something about what is going to happend in race, so you can change between drivers with numbers 1-10, who you want to be watched closely.
20.03.2016 [10:55]
I would like to start reporting 1/10 off-road modified and I already have created an excel sheet with names, ages, position changes and where each driver is from. I know how to watch a video from any race but some turn off their permission and I can not record it to put it on Youtube nor take pictures which is the first step.
So, if I can get guidance on how to make the video and how to get action shots, I think I can get to writing.
Maybe I am missing something but since this is volunteer, I would think VRC and racers a like want each race reported on and each race posted. Its just my opinion but I don't think people will continue to report without better communication. We should have full accuses to necessary information to make reporting easier, not more difficult. A 7 minute race should take 30 minutes to report tops. That is why I created the Excel sheet for all classes. PRO, SPORT and CLUB. I would like to make it fair for all classes reporting wise. I think Jupe was working on off-road SPEC so I will take 1/10th off-road modified since I looked and they are open.

BTW: Great job Jupe. I do not know how you get the VRC logo in your shots. I assume its added later.

Edited by author: 20.3.2016 11:03:30 GMT

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