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Event report for: 2018 SEASON 1 1:8 NITRO GT3 ROUND 3

27.02.2018   6 comments


Oliver Meunier dominates the final in 1:8 Nitro GT3 Spec at Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar was the venue for the third round of the first ever VRC PRO 1:8 Nitro GT3 Spec Series. The simple layout, combined with the limited set-up options of the 1:8 Nitro GT3 Spec chassis, provided for extremely close racing.


The 10-minute qualifying round was extremely tight in the Pro Level. Qualifying saw 9 of the top 10 racers complete 41 laps; separated by only 8 seconds. In fact, the top three qualifiers were separated by less than half a second. Kevin Bacon (US) took the top qualifying position with 41 laps in 10:00.252, just .3 seconds ahead of fellow American Joshua Berman, who was less than .2 seconds ahead of Oliver Meunier (DE). Graham Raistrick (UK) qualified just 2 seconds off the leader’s pace; Dana Bailes (US) was 4 seconds back; Gary Crowell (US) was 5; Nuno Lourenco (PT) and Carson Yeung (HK) were 6; and Tommaso Andreuccetti (IT) was 8 seconds behind wit... read more


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Report by Kevin Bacon

2017 marks 40 years since the first ever IFMAR World Championship. In 1977, Butch Kroells drove a Team Associated RC100 to the first ever official IFMAR RC World Championship; 1/8 Nitro Sportscars. Thus, it seems only fitting, that the final event of the 2017 VRC On-Road Nitro Worlds, be the 1/8 Nitro Sportscar class. RC racing has evolved over the years, and VRC has played its part in the evolution. In the early years, both racing and knowledge sharing was limited to the handful of racers at your local club. Eventually, the internet allowed racers from around the globe to communicate their various setup/driving tricks and tips. However, it was VRC that brought our hobby instant global racing competition. So, it only seems appropriate, that we celebrate 40 years of world championship racing, by closing out the 2017 VRC Worlds with the same class that started it all… 1/8 Nitro Sportscars.


Qualif... read more


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PRO class

When the flag drops, the bullshit stops... That's what Jimmy had in mind setting off for the 20 minute 'King of Ovals' decider in 1:8 nitro Nascar trucks at the Melzo oval. Who dares to challenge the Oval King? Anrea Giordano did by winning the 1:10 nitro Nascar trucks 2 weeks earlier. But enough is enough Jimmy thought. Winning 1:10 electric Nascar trucks made it 1-1 in the Flack-Giordano battle for supremacy on the ovals, 1:8 would decide. And what a fight they put up. Flack hammered down 7.4 and 7.5 lap after lap, but Giordano followed. Half way there was less than a second between the 2, nothing decided. The second half of the A-Main Giordano lost a second in lap 116 and wasn't able to recover that time in the remaining 40 laps, finishing 3.8 seconds behind the now undisputed Oval King: Jimmy Flack. Graham Raistrick drove a great race to finish 3rd, his slowest lap was just 0.3 shy from his fastes lap...!

Don't take oval racing lightly. OK, it's just left turn only, but to drive lap... read more


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PRO class

Young Marc de Zwart from Austria has added a 2nd title to his 2017 Worlds campaign. After winning Pro class in 1:8 electric buggies the week before, the 16 year old Austrian now clinched the title in 1:8 nitro buggies modified Pro class. The 60 minute long A-Main final was a thriller act between de Zwart, Jones and Larsson who finished in that order with less than 10 seconds between them. It was Jonas Larsson from Sweden who led most of the race with de Zwart and Jones within seconds all the time. Until 2/3rd of the race... Larsson cam in for his scheduled pitstop but missed the pitlane entrance, got blocked, had to call for the turn marshal and was then placed back on the front straight. The Swede had to turn his car around, drive back to the pit entry and could finally refuel. In total it cost him 10 seconds, exactly the amount of time that would have put him on top at the end of the race... De Zwart and Jones already had collected their share of bad fortune in lap 42 and lap 53 costing ... read more


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