With the introduction of VRC PRO, VRC v3 members can upgrade to VRC Pro and receive an upgrade refund based on the following rules:

  1. Upgrade refunds apply only to content purchases in v3, made in the last 10 months prior to the upgrade to VRC Pro.
  2. VRC v3 members will automatically receive an upgrade bonus of 10 v€ for upgrading to VRC Pro if the upgrade refund is less than this amount. This upgrade bonus can only be used for in-game purchases, not for subscription periods.
  3. For each month of use in VRC v3, 10% of the value will be deducted.
  4. Because VRC v3 prices are in US dollars and VRC Pro prices are in Euros we use conversion prices for each purchase as in the list.
  5. VRC v3 and Kyosho VRC CD-Roms will be treated as content purchases and are subject to the 10%/month reduction.
  6. The refund will be converted to VRC Pro subscription periods at €8.00 per month and the remainder will be added to your VRC Pro account in vEuros.
  7. New VRC and Kyosho VRC CD-Rom registrations will receive a special upgrade package including 4 months subscription and specific VRC or Kyosho content.
  8. The refund cannot be converted to Euros and refunded to your PayPal account.

VRC v3 content conversion values*

Basic pack 17.50 v€   3-Track pack 17.50 v€   VRC-3 starter pack 14.00 v€
Medium pack31.50 v€ 6-Track pack31.50 v€  VRC-3 starter combo14.00 v€
Premium pack62.30 v€ 10-Track pack55.30 v€  VRC-3NT starter pack14.00 v€
Premium Plus pack111.30 v€ VRC CD-Rom70.00 v€  VRC pistol starter combo14.00 v€
   Kyosho VRC CD-Rom70.00 v€  VRC Stick starter combo14.00 v€

(*) for products containing hardware the value of the hardware has been deducted from the total value to get the content value.

v3 Account conversion

When creating a new VRC Pro account you have the option to convert your current VRC v3 account to a VRC Pro account. Select this option and enter your VRC v3 login (or e-mail address) and password. In case you have forgotten your v3 login and password you can start VRC v3 and check in Game options -> Online options for your login name and password by unchecking the ‘Hide password’ checkbox.

When your VRC v3 account is found the upgrade refund is automatically calculated and added to your VRC Pro account to pay for your first subscription periods. The remainder will go to your VRC Pro account as vEuros.

Your v3 account remains accessible and you can continue to race in VRC v3 after you have converted your account. Be informed that VRC v3 will be terminated in 2012 and that the racing services as well as support will be minimized.


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