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26.04.2016   13 comments   Category: Site news

2016 Season 1 is coming to an end, the last events finish on Monday morning May 2nd. Time to release the 2016 Season 2 racing calendar! As there have been quite a few comments about racing in reversed direction, all tracks will be raced in the normal default direction in Season 2. As before Rostrum view is only forced for the modified classes, the view point for the Spec class is free.

Racers who qualify but opt not to race in the main final (DNS or Did Not Start) will receive only 25% of the allocated points this season!

As usual at the end of a season the skill levels will be re-calculated and your racer class for each of the classes will be adjusted to your new skill level. This will be done between May 2nd and the start of the new season on May 7th. YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR NEW RACER CLASS BEFORE THE START OF THE NEW SEASON, YOU CAN OPT TO RACE IN A HIGHER CLASS, YOU CANNOT RACE IN A LOWER CLASS.

Round 1: Silver Dollar 2
Round 2: NEO15
Round 3: Naxos ... read more

Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:8 SPORTSCARS ROUND 5

22.04.2016   7 comments   Category: Event publications


By Bruno Eliazord. VRC Pro Reporter & Pro Driver.

Here we are back to Lostallo track after the spec round, for the 1/8 nitro sportscars round 5. 81 racers came for all over the world, representing not less than 12 nations. The track is ready, the drivers are ready, you're ready, so let's go for a flash report of this event.

Club Class starting grid after qualifying round:

1/ Balint Rezes / 20 laps / 07.08.776
2/ Nuno Lourenco / 20 / 07.10.944
3/ Benjamin Krings / 19 / 07.20.506
4/ Stephen Cheung / 19 / 07.22.026
5/ Laurent Edet / 18 / 07.01.964
6/ Scott Dickson / 18 / 07.18.314
7/ Aron Roach / 18 / 07.24.780
8/ Björn Siewert / 18 / 08.10.638
9/ Felix Andre / 17 / 07.06.358
10/Gary Climie / 17 / 07.15.004

For this class, the event is that a newcommer named Balint Rezes has arrived, and he has given a hard time to Nuno Lourenco, the multiple winner in this class this season.
Fisrtable, on the start grid he succeded in dominating the ususal two best drivers in this class. During the race, ... read more

Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:8 SPORTSCARS SPEC ROUND 5

15.04.2016   9 comments   Category: Event publications


By Bruno Eliazord. VRC PRO Reporter & Pro Driver.

Here we are at Lostallo for a flash report about the 5th round of the 1/8 nitro sportscars spec championship. 73 drivers came from 14 different nations to enjoy this race. After the qualifying round, let's see immediatly the main final start grid in club class :

1/ Nuno Lourenco / 19 laps / 07.20.388
2/ Benjamin Krings / 18 / 07.02.512
3/ Scott Dickson / 1 / 07.14.770
4/ Alejandro Puga / 17 / 07.18.226
5/ Paulo Machado / 17 / 07.24.202
6/ Jodie Grein / 16 / 07.10.716
7/ Shigeto Oki / 16 / 07.13.262
8/ Steven Stevenson / 16 / 07.18.590
9/ Gary Climie / 15 / 07.02.248
10/Uwe Roesler / 15 / 07.11.450

From the beginning, Benjammin Krings has decided to challenge Nuno Lourenco who has started from the first spot. Together, they have a great battle, and soon they stretche the gap with the other, but Nuno Lourenco is fast as usual, and more consistent than Benjamin Krings. So little by little, he
take the keeps for sure until the end. Benjamin K... read more


04.04.2016   8 comments   Category: Event publications


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 3, Hokusei

Hokusei track is located in middle of Japan and it has hosted many JMRCA Japanese Nationals.
Looking the Japanese standars of tracks, Hokusei is very big and wide.
Third round of Electric nascartruck series was helded in here, let see what happend during this event.

Hungarian talent Barnabas Toth was the strongest at qualifying. He wonned the qualifying and settled very nice run, with 19.6 average. Toth didnt got this easy, as Swedish driver Andre Fossto was very close in second place. Andre losted only 0.1 second to Toth.
Huhtala, who was leading the series with same amount of points with Raistrick, got the third grid. Huhtala`s gap to winner was allmost three seconds.

At bump-up finals nothing miracles happend as we witnessed Toth`s magnificent pace and consistency. This Hungarian wonned the bump... read more




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