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Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:8 SPORTSCARS SPEC ROUND 1

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WELCOME here in Boss Speed (reverse mode), for the first round of the 1:8 nitro sportscars spec championship season 2016, where many things happened !
The track is located in Tokyo, and has already organized big events in real life, like the 2014 JMRCA All Japan Championship 1/10th GP Open Class. The layout is small, technical, and you need to be very precise in your driving if you want to be fast.

No time to loose, let's talk about the qualifications, where 99 racers came from all over the world, representing not less than 18 nations. The Spec class is famous on VRC PRO, because it's a good way to make the first steps in this driving simulator. Drivers had 7 minutes to show their skills, with a pit stop, knowing that the entry of the pit lane was tricky, because of the two tires made for slowing down the speed of the cars. A bad pit stop, and you loose everything.

In club class, on 19 drivers, Carl Huxford from Unired Kingdom took the first spot with 24 laps /7.03.922. Johann Jury from Aust... read more


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Young Frenchman Nicolas Loriot has won his first VRC World title after already locking in a 2nd place in Spec class. Victory didn't come easy though. After a terrific start Nicolas jumped away from the field but a few small mistakes brought Peter Knight from the UK right back on his tail. During the 8 minute final Nicolas and Peter tossed places several times and with just 10 seconds on the clockit looked like Peter was going to seal a well deserved win but it wasn't to be. With just 4 corners to go Peter touched a corner marker which threw him of his line. Nicolas who was within striking distance immediately took advantage of the situation, dove inside and took the lead once more. Peter missed out on lap 27 so that was the end of his quest to become VRC World Champion.

The fight for the remaining podium place was fierce as well. On the finish line just 1.6 seconds separated nbr. 3 till 7 with Sports class racer Erik Bottosso from Italy taking 3rd amidst a strong field of Pro racers.

[img=https://www.v... read more

2016 SEASON 1 1:10 ISTC 13.5T SPEC ROUND 2 Atsugi 2

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Report by J-P Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 2, Atsugi 2

Here we are, at Atsugi 2. This race continues 13.5 spec touring Season1, wich started from Carpet 3 track. French Steve Favrelle and Finnish Viljami Kutvonen, who wonned that first race at Carpet3,
wasn’t at participants list. So this venue was all open, of course looking the entrylist and drivers, hopes were high for exiting race. At qualifying fastest speed held Dana Bailes from USA, second place went to Willem Janse van Rensburg from South Africa. Willems gap to Dana, was only 0.3 seconds. Also with very tiny gap to the leader, third qualifier was Benjamin Lehmann from Germany, loosing only 0.6 seconds to the TQ. So expects were really high, if everybody could hold they speed at finals, it was going to be very close battle.

From tone, drivers speed up and final was started. Dana and Willem were at front and competing very close each other. Side by side they drove almost all final and result would depend only ... read more


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Report by J-P Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 1, Halifax

1:10 electric nascartruck modified started they season from Halifax. Timed practice showed that Finnish talent Viljami Kutvonen had came to participate this season start. He did fantastic result at timed practice and it was well known that he would be even faster at next rounds. At this point his lead was almost three seconds to Huhtala.
At qualifying, French Maxime Favrelle had also joined, and it was magnificent to see and wonder how this event would go, so nice Maxime drove. Kutvonen was only 1.5secomds faster than Favrelle at qualifying. Viljami got that fantastic 18laps result.
Coming to the bump-up and end of it, Kutvonen and Favrelle was gone, and did not participate to the bump-up. This was a pitty, so magnificent driving they had showed and of course it would have been nice to see how good battle they would had.
After those supermans decided not to drive the bump-up, this was ok to Huhtala, who had won the... read more




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