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22.04.2015   8 comments   Category: Site news


A new version of the Psycho Nitro Blast track will be released on Friday May 1st.

Psycho Nitro Blast 6 (our 2nd) is using 2013 lay-out as raced during the 6th edition of this famous event. Check out the Psycho Nitro Blast VI promotion video and get ready to race this track at Round 9 of the 2015 Season 10 series for nitro buggies starting May 9th.

Visit the Psycho Nitro Blast Facebook page to get more infor about their annual event.


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Winning round 7 at Fear Farm, the 2014 VRC World champion Marcin Malinski is looking for an (almost) perfect season, now having won 6 of the first 7 races in Season 1. Frederik Boden from Sweden didn't let him run away with this victory, Boden challenged Malinski throughout the 20 minute A-Main, led the race for half of the laps and kind of gave it away to Malinski with just 2 corners to go... Watch the video to see how this thriller unfolded, one of the best races this season! Tobias Isakson charged hard at the early stage of the final but fell into the same trap several times which put him in 3rd at the end, 20 seconds behind the leaders.

In the Season 1 series Malinski now holds a comfortable lead over Boden, Hillman, Stacey and Candy. Can anyone stop the 2014 champ making this an (almost) clean sweep?

A-Main final PRO
1 Marcin Maliński PL 34 20:08.717
2 Fredrik Boden SE 34 20:09.277
3 Tobias Isaksson SE 34 20:29.225
... read more


07.04.2015   19 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


2014 VRC World Champion Marcin Malinski is continuing his winning streak in 2015, adding also Round 5 nitro buggies to his successful 2015 campaign. It didn't come easy this time though, the Polish champ had to fight hard until the very last lap to claim vicotry over Martin Wollanka (Austria) and Rob Gillespie (USA).

Results 2015 Season 1 Round 5 A-Main PRO
1 Marcin Maliński PL 36 20:02.086
2 Martin Wollanka AT 36 20:02.438
3 Rob Gillespie US 36 20:10.975
4 Uwe De Zwart AT 36 20:21.406
5 Fredrik Boden SE 36 20:31.174
6 Robert Hillman SE 35 20:00.825
7 Matthew Stacey CA 35 20:06.831
8 Tobias Isaksson SE 35 20:07.217
9 Thomas Diesslbacher AT 35 20:19.575
10 Javan Candy GB DNS

Results 2015 Season 1 Round 5 A-Main SPORT
1 Harry Schnarkowski DE 35 20:27.017
2 Dan Phillion CA 35 20:30.714
3 Danny Kwiatkowski NO 35 20:30.868
4 Patrick Eisenmenger DE 34 20:04.825
5 Gavin Uttley GB 34 20:11.314
6 Dave Crompton GB 34 20:16.614
7 Brad Thorn US 34 20:29.857
8 David Diem AT 33 20:07.9... read more


24.03.2015   22 comments   Category: Site news   Video: 1 available


VRC Pro is now also available on the Steam, the world's biggest gaming platform with over 80 million users! Maybe you are a Steam member already. In that case it might be interesting for you to add VRC Pro to your Steam selection of games and play VRC Pro with your Steam friends.

We are offering a GREAT value package at a normal game price, plus 10% introduction discount in the first week of the release! Visit the VRC PRO Steam store page here:

VRC PRO Steam version package:
✓ 15 cars (incl. high performance cars)
✓ 22 tracks total (off-road and on-road, indoor & outdoor)
✓ Access to all game features
✓ Access to all racing services

Visit VRC PRO at Steam now:

IMPORTANT: If you have a VRC PRO account then you can now link it with your Steam game. This allows you to transfer any products, cars and tracks you have purchased AND all your account stats and results, to your Ste... read more


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