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03.09.2015   75 comments   Category: Site news

Besides a number of urgent fixes we have also added 2 new features which were debated on the forums in the past few months.

Force rostrum view
When we released VRC Pro 4 years ago we allowed only the rostrum view in any of the race modes, time trials and events.

About 2 years ago we changed this so the racer could select the position to view the track and to control the car from. With F2 you can chose between rostrum view (which is the only 'real' rc view point), the chase or behind car view, and the track cam view, we have 8 to 12 track cams to view from on all tracks (change with F3). The free choice of the driving position was made to accommodate non-rc racers as they would most likely have a hard time to get used to control a car from a remote position. A behind-the-car view would make it a lot easier for gamers to do well with VRC in a relative short period of time, where having to use rostrum view would probably put them off and make them leave the VRC platform.

We assumed that racing ... read more


31.07.2015   6 comments   Category: Site news


A new track is added to the selection of world on-road tracks: Osaka 2. This track is also known as Central Racing Park and is located just outside Osaka. It has featured several Japanese national championship events in the past. It's a typical Japanese track with the option to have several lay-outs. This is lay-out number 2. Today we will also release lay-out Osaka 3 which is the oval course, a new track for the die-hard oval racers to run the NASCAR trucks on. Later we will release a barrier free version, Osaka 4, which is a perfect site for drifters! Osaka 1 will be release in fall 2015.

The first event on the new track will start on August 8 with 1:12 sportscars 10.5T Blinkie class. Enjoy the new track!


15.07.2015   22 comments   Category: Site news

After almost 4 years we have decided to do a major overhaul on the skill level and racer class system. One of the biggest problems with this old system is the lack of transparancy, in fact hardly anyone understood how it worked. And it was indeed complicated. In short, in the old system we were measuring your performance relative to others in the same skill level group, if you did better than average your skill level would go up, when worse than average it went down. It was more complicated than this but in essence that is how it worked.

The new system is much simpler and more transparent. We measure your skill rating for each event, we calculate your skill level as an average of your last 5 skill ratings, and based on your current skill level at the end of a season we will change your racer class up or down or it stays the same.

The first major change is that the skill level and racer class has now become car class specific. You will have a skill level and racer class for each class... read more


03.07.2015   6 comments   Category: Site news   Video: 1 available


We have released another HD video comparing our latest virtual track Silver Dollar 2015 and the real Silver Dollar track where hosted the 2015 ROAR Fuel Offroad Nats at the end of June. The comparison video shows Ryan Lutz driving his Tekno NB48.3chassis and 2014 VRC World Champion SC Truck Chris Sturdy from Australia driving the Intercept NX8-R chassis.

Look for yourself and see the astounding realism the VRC Pro team has achieved with this high-end r/c racing sim. Previous comparison videos showed similar realism and this is not a coincidence. The tracks are modelled very precisely and combined with the extreme accuracy of the vehicle dynamics and physics engine, the result is simply spectacular, track after track we prove this...


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