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19.11.2014   20 comments   Category: Site news


In just 22 days, VRC PRO received 'green' light by the Steam community. This means that VRC PRO is now accepted for release on Steam, after a total of 5200 yes-votes (70% of all votes) and 460 comments (98% positive).

Once we click on that big green button, things will start moving towards release on Steam...

We want to thank everyone who votes for us, the Greenlight community, the RC and VRC community for this fantastic opportunity!


14.11.2014   50 comments   Category: Site news


The VRC Worlds schedule is out, and what a month of exciting virtual r/c racing lies ahead of us. Six major events on 3 exciting tracks. Yes just 3 tracks because this year we have combined classes to race on the same track, just like what happens at real events. Last year, 2654 racers participated in the various classes including some really big names for the real r/c racing scene, like: Ronnefalk, Joor, Wollanka, Craig, Gillespie, Lutz. This year we are looking to more than double this number with the addition of the Spec classes, making the 2014 VRC Worlds by far the biggest r/c happening in the World! Don’t be surprised to see more big names appearing in the 2014 VRC Worlds… Many have been invited!

The nitro buggies and short course trucks will be racing on… NAXOS 2014 IFMAR Worlds. This new track will be released 2 weeks before the VRC Worlds to give everyone an equal chance to practice for the VRC Worlds. The nitro buggies will race in the normal (counter clockwise) direction like at the real IFMAR ... read more


31.10.2014   8 comments   Category: Site news   Video: 1 available


We have done another comparison study, now between the virtual and the real Euro Nitro Series race on which we have reported already earlier because of the amazing 0.006 seconds difference between 'virtual' winner Jakub Rozycki and 'real' winner Lamberto Collari.'

We have compared the first few laps and some laps towards the end to compare speed, racing line, and also very important, the slip angle of the cars. Now this last is very difficult to measure, in fact there is no scientific data available so it is mainly guessing. Or is it? What we did in the past to study this is to play videos in slow motion but then reversed. This gives you an excellent view of the real slip angle of the car. In this video we have done this for the real and the virtual car and guess what: also these slip angles are extremely close.

And why is slip angle important? Because it is a very important factor concerning the 'feel' of the car. The other factors are acceleration and braking (trigger finger), initial turn-in into the... read more

VRC PRO is submitted for Steam

28.10.2014   25 comments   Category: Site news


VRC PRO has been submitted for release on 'Steam', which is one of the world's biggest mainstream computer gaming portals. In order to appear on Steam, our game needs to be voted for. We need your help with this.

So please vote for us at Steam Greenlight, and let's make VRC PRO appear on Steam as soon as possible. The more racers we have in VRC PRO, the more fun it will be for everybody! And remember, mainstream gamers have gaming skills that are ideal for VRC and real RC!

Please vote for us here at Steam Greenlight:

Thank you for supporting us!


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