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Some members have reported that buggy setups allow for some very unrealistic settings, like 16 degrees negative camber. We have looked into the camber adjustment issue and have drawn the following conclusions.

Camber is the result of the length of the camber link and the inner and outer camber link pivot points. These points affect the roll centers of the car. However, the tire model was not designed and never tested with such large and totally unrealistic camber angles.

As we have 2 rows of pivot points the adjustability range of the camber link has to be quite big in order to achieve normal camber values with all positions. Marcin used the most inner and most outer positions combined with the shortest possible camber link setting resulting in 16 degrees negative camber. And apparently this works very well for him in combination with other settings.

The use of such unrealistic camber angles was not foreseen and needs to be corrected. The only way to achieve this is to remove the outer positions B2 a... read more


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Martin Wollanka from Austria scored a well-deserved title in his 2014 VRC Worlds campaign. After having to settle for second in the 1:10 ISTC VRC Worlds right behind Kevin Pignotti, he managed to turn things around in 1:8 sportscars at Lostallo, driving to victory with a 4 seconds lead on, yes Kevin Pignotti. New kid on the block Jakub Rozycki from Poland was lapped by Wollanka at the very last lap of the race where he needed a last fuel stop as well to make it to the finish line in 3rd.

In the 1 hour final all finalists but Rick Yelle and Holger Wolf opted for a double tire change. Wollanka and Pignotti were on exactly the same pace and tossed the lead lap after lap. A few slips here and there were going to decide the outcome of this race. With a comfortable 6 seconds lead with 5 minutes to go Wollanka had it in the pocket but then clipped one of the corners (his one and only error in this final against 4 for Pignottil…), lost 2.5 seconds and that let Pignotti back... read more


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We are working on bringing drifter cars to VRC Pro. At this moment we have some very simple drift tires and that's it, no real effort was made in the past to create a real drifter. But as we have no real life experience with r/c drifters we are looking for feedback from members who are involved in r/c drifting. We will surely be able to develop the drifter much further with your help!

Check out this video of some early tests with the drifter:

Leave me a personal message if you are seriously interested in getting involved in this project.



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Kevin Pignotti has added a second Worlds win in the 2014 VRC Worlds series, this time in 1:10 ISTC electric touring cars Open Class at Collegno Italy. The 18 year old multiple VRC World champion had to battle it out with his main rival Martin Wollanka from Austria who finished 5 seconds down on Kevin in 2nd, and Brandon McBain from Australia who completed the podium in 3rd 9.5 seconds behind the winner.

Drama for Toth
But it was a much closer call for Pignotti than the results show. The A-Main final was a 15 minute race which would mean at least 1 battery change somewhere in the middle of the race. But 2 finalists had opted to go the full distance on just one 7200mAh LiPo pack, Barnebas Toth and Dana Bailes. Toth was still using a 4.5T motor but must have adjusted the speed controller in such a way that he would be able to make the 15 minutes, costing him about 3/10 of a second on average, but that would about work out on a 52 lap race. Bailes had opted for the 5.5T mot... read more


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