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24.03.2015   17 comments   Category: Site news   Video: 1 available


VRC Pro is now also available on the Steam, the world's biggest gaming platform with over 80 million users! Maybe you are a Steam member already. In that case it might be interesting for you to add VRC Pro to your Steam selection of games and play VRC Pro with your Steam friends.

We are offering a GREAT value package at a normal game price, plus 10% introduction discount in the first week of the release! Visit the VRC PRO Steam store page here:

VRC PRO Steam version package:
✓ 15 cars (incl. high performance cars)
✓ 22 tracks total (off-road and on-road, indoor & outdoor)
✓ Access to all game features
✓ Access to all racing services

Visit VRC PRO at Steam now:

IMPORTANT: If you have a VRC PRO account then you can now link it with your Steam game. This allows you to transfer any products, cars and tracks you have purchased AND all your account stats and results, to your Ste... read more


18.03.2015   19 comments   Category: Site news


3 Months after getting the 'greenlight' by the Steam community, we are now ready to release VRC Pro on the Steam platform. The release date is planned for Tuesday March 24th. With VRC Pro being available on the huge STEAM platform (over 80 million members...) r/c racing will now be introduced to a whole new group of users: serious gamers. We expect to see a big influx into the sport of gamers, many of them have probably had some sort of radio controlled car and now have a chance to race virtual real r/c cars on the most famouds tracks in the world.

We have created a special e-sport promotion video to show what virtual r/c racing is all about and especially what sort of challenges it presents to gamers. E-Sport is big in gaming, some of their main events (like the Intel Masters) are Hollywood-like productions in big theaters. To the gamers we will position VRC Pro as a serious e-sport, we are even planning on organizing a big e-sport event in September ... read more


11.03.2015   6 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


This time we focus on Club class short course racing with 13.5T motors. Sandro Cabreira from Brasil came out on top after early front runners Mahoudeau and Nelson had led the race early on. It even looked like Florent Mahoudeau would win the race but a serious mistake in the very last lap cost him deerly. Greg Nelson could not make up the lost ground and came 0.8 seconds short on the Frenchman to complete the podium.

Short Course trucks 13.5T A-Main CLUB
1 Sandro Cabreira BR 29 08:13.294
2 Florent Mahoudeau FR 29 08:14.023
3 Greg Nelson US 29 08:15.548
4 Arturas Svoba LT 28 08:12.554
5 Michael Ginther US 28 08:13.031
6 Dustin Rashid US 27 08:00.415
7 Aljosa Jurjavcic SI 27 08:05.346
8 David Baker US 27 08:07.386
9 Mike Garrison US DNS
10 Milan Mudra CZ DNS


03.03.2015   0 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Japanese 1:8 nitro on-road expert Hiromu Fujii has the honor of being the first ever winner of an official 1:8 nitro Nascar truck event in VRC Pro.

Fujii dominated the 15 minute A-Main final from start to finish with an average race pace just 0.25 sec per lap slower than his fastest lap in the race. 2014 VRC World Champ 1:10 Rick Yelle posted a strong 2nd but couldn't present a threat to the young Japanese. UK's Graham Raistrick took the last podium place holding off Brian Poliseno from Italy who crashed on the finish line in an all-out attempt to cross the line before time was over to try to pass Raistrick in the very last lap. He did but lost too much time and had to settle for 4th.

A-Main final 1:8 Nascar trucks
1 Hiromu Fujii JP Pro 58 15:10.688
2 Rick Yelle US Pro 57 15:02.584
3 Graham Raistrick GB Pro 57 15:15.096
4 Brian Poliseno IT Pro 57 15:18.256
5 Patrick Bader CH Pro 56 15:06.834
6 Maurizio Mazzocchi IT Pro 56 15:16.792
7 Philippe Gross CH Sport 55 15:06.012
8 Pietro... read more


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