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10.07.2014   3 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


US National champion Rob Gillespie has added another victory to his laurels, edging out Nicolas Loriot (FR) and Billy Caley (US) after a hard fought 8 minute A-Main final at the 2013 Shout-out layout of RC Excitement. All 3 front runners lead the A-Main for several laps, the race was decided in the last 3 laps! In the end less than 2 seconds were between the 3 podium finishers.

7 Seconds trailing the leading trio Barnebas Toth (HU), Kirby Backemeyer (US) and Antoine Rosseti (FR) had a race of their own, with Toth securing 4th in the last lap, and Rosseti passing Backemeyer to claim a top-5 finish. Martin Wollanka who leads the Series and TQ-ed wasn’t able to start this race due to ‘real life’ r/c racing commitments. With 3 drop results in the 8 race series he can afford to skip 1 or 2…

A-Main final:
1 Rob Gillespie US 30 08:01.077
2 ... read more

Todd 'Doc' Wasson leaving the VRC project

08.07.2014   18 comments   Category: Site news

We regret to announce that our physics developer Todd Wasson will no longer be involved in VRC Pro. Todd has decided to part from the project after having worked on the physics engine, the chassis and car handling for over 14 years.

Todd, who has been working on the VRC project from his hometown St. Paul in Minnesota, has contributed greatly to what VRC Pro is today: state of the art r/c racing simulation software. Todd did an excellent job translating all the input and feedback he received from us and from testers into superb on- and off-road car handling, which are recognized by r/c racers from all over the world as being amazingly realistic.

Todd’s departure means that, after 14 years of non-stop development, physics development is now ‘completed’. In the world of simulation there is of course always room for more improvement, but those improvements would have only been marginal given the extremely high realism attained. Especially after the last physics update of May 2014, the physics and everything... read more


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The RX8 is a complete new buggy chassis featuring the very latest suspension geometry and narrow chassis layout. As both the RX8 and the NX8 chassis use 3D suspension geometries and animated suspension, our physics expert Todd ‘Doc’ Wasson was faced with a new challenge of making both chassis work well, maintaining their own character and keeping both of them competitive when raced together. We obviously did not want to end up with 2 classes. Below is a short explanation to give you some insight in the level of complexity Todd was facing to make both chassis work within the same class, also sharing the same tires!

The RX8 chassis not only has a completely different suspension geometry, the chassis also has a much narrower lay-out which means that the engine is in a different location, so the engine, exhaust and body components are not interchangeable with the NX8 chassis, or at least they are not an exact fit. So make sure to select engine, exhaust, body and transponder components which are for the R-serie... read more


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We have just released the Pattaya off-road track; one of the biggest, baddest and meanest off-road track on the planet! Home of the 2010 IFMAR Worlds and the Bittydesign Asia Contest. The track uses the 2012 lay-out and presents you with 450 meters of daring dirt, doubles, triples and quads. The track is optimized to be used in both directions so you get 2 tracks in 1!

Are you ready for this challenge? No need to travel to Thailand, this ‘mother of all off-road tracks’ will come to you! You can get this new exciting track in the VRC Pro e-shop and within minutes you will be enjoying the ultimate challenge in r/c off-road racing. Or get an all-inclusive subscription which lets you use ALL the cars and tracks for a certain period of time.

Pattaya is available here: Pattaya track

With the release of the Pattaya track VRC Pro now features 9 full-size off-road tracks suitable for nitro buggi... read more


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