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Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Four classes, Two Champions
This week marked the end of season two for 1/8 scale sports cars and 1/10 ISTC classes. Each category has two classes; modified and spec. 1/10 ISTC Mod and Spec, was all about Mustafa Alp winning the championship by 16 points in modified class and 36 points in the spec class. The 1/8 scale class was the same story with Giorgio Mingotti stealing the points championship in the modified class by a margin of 11 points and 17 points in the spec class.

Race Report
The closest race of the weekend was the 1/10th ISTC Modified race. Mustafa ALP, Graham Raistrick, Patrick Bader raced for the top spot. Mustafa started in the 3 spot with Patrick in the 5 and Graham in the 6th starting position on the grid. At the horn Mustafa took the lead from the pole sitter and never looked back, Gram and Patrick battled for three laps and then gram broke lose form Patrick. Gram began tracking down Mustafa but it took until lap 21 for Mustafa to make a mistake that required a turn marshal. Gram took the lead in and crossed the finish line on lap 21 and 22 in first place. At the ten second mark, Gram began to run a bit wide on the turns the mistakes were hardly noticeable but Mustafa saw an opening and took it. Edging out Graham at the line with the closest finish I can remember.

Videos by Race video editor Edward Stover
2013 SEASON 2 ROUND 6 A-MAIN "Oulu Indoor" Finland 1:10 ISTC by GENSACE
2013 SEASON 2 ROUND 6 A-MAIN "Kissimmee Florida" USA 1:8 NITRO by SERPENT

Series Results
2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 ISTC by GENSACE
2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 ISTC 13.5T by GENSACE

2013 SEASON 2 - 1:8 NITRO by SERPENT

Driver Spotligh
This week’s driver spotlight is Frédéric Accomasso, he was kind enough to answer the questions and here is how the interview went.

DS: Hi Frédéric, It looks like you may have a chance to take the Season 2 championship, can you take some time and answer my questions?
FA: Hi Donald :) First I would like to thank you for this interview, really surprised to be first in the 1/8 scale, are you sure? I never won any races, and my results were not the best .....:( Lots of drivers are better than me. Of course I’ll answer your questions with pleasure :)

DS: What is your present level of participation in Real RC Racing, how often do you race, what class and what big races do you plan on running this year.
FA: No races for me this year Donald, last year was quite the same only one national race, it was on my track, in June for one round of the French classic championship. I did some races in 2010 but I stopped because much cheating by using additives :( and I didn't know about that, so I decided to stop playing with cheaters ;)

DS: How do you practice for real racing, when, where, how?
FA: I don't practice much, my Capricorn LAB-C801 is ready and the track is 10 minutes from my home but I practice more on VRC.

DS: What is your warm up routine for VRC main events?
FA: I don't like to play alone, so I try to join multiplayer sessions to prepare the main events, and it’s some races that I like to join Andrej Bostjancic , Juan Llanos and Patrick Bader in sessions sometimes some other drivers joined us like Ingo Graf, it has been a while since he has played, if there is ever any drivers that want to join us you are always welcome! Multiplayer is great fun and it help to talk about setups to make better lap times.

DS: Do you work a 9-5 type job, what is your job ?
FA: I'm a dealer in a casino in Monaco where I live, 4 days of work and 2 days off, it is a work night so tiring.

DS: How long have you been involved in RC?
FA: I started in 1989 with and thanks to my father, was with a Futura, a classic car with no diff :)) , I stopped after using different models in 1992, I restarted in 2008 but I don't practice a lot.

DS: What do you do outside of RC and VRC for fun? Example, Ski, Boat, Movies….etc.…?
FA: I read a lot, watching movies, swimming a lot.....

DS: Who are your sponsors in real and VRC?
FA: No sponsors in real and VRC, I’m not a fast driver ;)

DS: What type of computer do you have, SPECS…. ?
FA: Windows 7 Edition Familial Premium ‎(X64)‎ Service Pack 1
Intel Core i5 760
ASUSTeK Computer INC. P7H55-M
Radeon HD 5850
4 Go Kingston
Samsung SyncMaster PX2370

DS: What adapter do you use and why, do you feel this gives you an advantage in VRC?
FA: I use VRC 2 - USB Adaptor, Advantage in VRC yes because I can use real radio, really difficult for the users of keyboard or joystick controllers, in the old VRC I used the controller from VRC and it was perfect ;)

DS: What type of Transmitter do you run?
FA: Futaba 3PK in 2.4GHz

FA: Donald it is an honor to answer your questions, it was with pleasure and i would like to thank you for your work on VRC, your reports ... And Thanks a lot to VRC team for your excellent job, thanks for all the fun you give to us!!!

Frédéric took the time to let me know during last week’s event that Giorgio Mingotti was actually poised to take the championship. I didn’t notice that GM had not raced the first two rounds but won the last three and since we throw out 2 it he just needed the last race to win.

VRC Live Series
The live races are running better and better each week, this week we has 14 drivers and had to split for a B-Main. The B main ran 8 minutes and bumped the 1-2 place drivers to the A main. The A-main had a total of 8 drivers in all. The lead changed 8 times and finished the 15 minute race with a 1.3 second difference. The competition in the live events is intense to say the least. Come on out Wednesday, and Sunday nights 5:30 Pacific Standard Time.

The Local Yokel
Join the community; get involved in a multi-player game, comment on the message board. Jump in with both feet and see who you meet, we all speak different languages and have diverse cultural backgrounds. Keep this in mind when you speak to others, if what they say in reply seems rude or insensitive consider that language barrier and communication differences from country to country.

VRC is like a home town track with 40,000 member and forty different tracks all in one place. We are all racers at heart, we want to win every time and sometimes it happens. More so than winning is the process of playing and networking with people across the world. When I am at the track I see people who know me from VRC and on VRC I see people I met at the track. I think that is Pretty cool. This is what sets VRC Apart from other racing simulations. How many people in other simulations get to race the actual car they race in real life? In VRC that number is 100% possible in other simulations it is 98% impossible.


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18.06.2013 [16:20]
Posted by: Josh Vulte (US) on 17.6.2013 16:05:40 (UTC)
The VRC News page has been SOOO much more exciting with Donald taking the time to report for us! Thanks again, Donald!!! :D

And a Big Congrats to Giorgio!!!!! also, a job well done for everyone else who raced this season!

Edited by author: 18.6.2013 0:56:22 GMT

Josh, yes I am glad Don and Edward started working on these reports, it took me a lot of time, and sometimes I had other priorities (I have quite a bit of stuff on my plate...) and then it tends to be forgotten etc.

It would be even better if we can get more members to do write ups, one for each of the main classes would be great. Makes Don's life easier and we can also do more reporting. Same for the video stuff. It's a lot of work guys, much appreciated by the community and by us!
18.06.2013 [07:20]
Many many thanks to my friends Antonello and Alex, and good luck for your next races, i very happy for my victory in these championships.By Giorgio.
18.06.2013 [03:13]
It is really cool to see VRC crossing over to the track
18.06.2013 [02:58]
i agree VRC news page is very cool since Donald take commands with talent
Congrattulations to GIORGIO and all pilots that's big fun :-)
18.06.2013 [02:32]
It is really cool to see VRC crossing over to the track
17.06.2013 [22:26]
Nice write up once again. I hope VRC gives you free membership!! You deserve one!

Same goes for Edward with all the awesome videos you are making... I have had people at my local track coming over to me saying they see me in some VRC A-main video's so these are getting around and good advertising for VRC Pro... since the people approaching me don't even play the game

Edited by author: 17.6.2013 21:26:38 GMT
17.06.2013 [22:20]
Congratulation Giorgio,Champ ;-)
17.06.2013 [17:36]
Posted by: Josh Vulte (US) on 17.6.2013 16:05:40 (UTC)
The VRC News page has been SOOO much more exciting with Donald taking the time to report for us! Thanks again, Donald!!! :D

For sure, Thanks Donald! Great report this week : )
17.06.2013 [17:05]
The VRC News page has been SOOO much more exciting with Donald taking the time to report for us! Thanks again, Donald!!! :D

And a Big Congrats to Giorgio!!!!! also, a job well done for everyone else who raced this season!

Edited by author: 18.6.2013 0:56:22 GMT

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