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Family-Fun and Friendly Competition

13.06.2013   Category: Site news


Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Image: Backemeyer leading Coetzee in 13.5T SCT at Rhein Main

This has been a frantic two weeks with loads of activities, my 7th and 8th grades class have been promoted to the next grade, the RC Expo came to town and so did Pieter and Tim. My local track hosted the Mid-Summer Shoot Out and the VRC Series races have concluded round five of six. This is the sign of the changing seasons. One thing sticks in my head as I observed all of these events, life is so much more enjoyable when you share it with somebody.
The parents laughed at the promotion while I told stories of their kids and the things they accomplished this year. Pieter and Tim Bervoets are a great father son team I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work beside them if only for a day. Of the hundreds of people who came through the booth last weekend the most memorable ones were the families; father son, father daughter and mom’s hanging in there for support and encouragement and a few moms who picked up the remote and whopped Junior.

At the local track I observed countless father son teams and a husband wife team with the wife being super competitive in the stock SC 2WD class. This was an eye opener, the local track is more than a place for me to go and prove I can win; this is an outlet for family bonding in an alternative setting. The local track is irreplaceable, and VRC is a perfect accompaniment for the local track. After all where would a simulator be if there was nothing to emulate.

VRC Racing Action
It has been two weeks now and I feel like I have so much to report it is an insurmountable task. Round five started almost three weeks ago and has concluded last night at midnight for me. Here is a list of the tracks in round 5: Brisbane, Australia; Orlando Snow Birds 2013, USA; Rhein-Main Circuit, Germany; Collegno, Italy; 2009 Luxembourg, Western Europe.

VRC Live Sunday and Wednesday Night
Club owners from EaT.SleeP.RC, Vultes Racing & FRC Clubs hosting a growing weekly multi-player event for all members from around the globe! The Latest event was held on Wednesday bringing out well over a dozen members from the USA, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Italy, Brazil and France! We are hosting Live Multiplayer events every Wednesday and Sunday night 6PM Pacific Standard Time; please check your time zone translations to ensure your attendance. Check out the VRC Multi-Player & EaT.SleeP.RC

Club forum for details
"It’s live racing...Makes for a great competitive, Interactive experience!" Edward Stover

2013 Season 2
In all ten races are in the books for the past two weeks, the top three in each race are listed below. Next week I will be breaking down the series championships in each class as they finish.

1 Giorgio Mingotti IT 120 68 20:07.798 -
2 Alex Camarena ES 117 67 20:00.050 +1 laps >
3 Frédéric Accomasso MC 114 67 20:07.118 +1 laps >
1 Barnabás Tóth HU 120 70 20:05.500 -
2 Giorgio Mingotti IT 117 70 20:06.046 +0.546s >
3 Alexey Babchenko UA 114 69 20:03.978 +1 laps >
1:10 ISTC 13.5T SPEC ROUND 5
1 Mustafa ALP TR 120 17 05:12.214 -
2 Barnabás Tóth HU 117 17 05:13.934 +1.720s >
3 VALENTIN PEUZIAT FR 114 17 05:15.984 +3.770s >
1 Barnabás Tóth HU 120 17 05:03.342 -
2 Alojzij Osvald SI 117 17 05:07.086 +3.744s >
3 Jason Hillcoat ZA 114 17 05:11.282 +7.940s >
1 Kirby Backemeyer US 120 13 08:15.588 -
2 Eben Coetzee ZA 117 13 08:19.188 +3.600s >
3 Barnabás Tóth HU 114 13 08:19.198 +3.610s >
1 Marcin Maliński PL 120 13 08:08.690 -
2 Barnabás Tóth HU 117 13 08:11.898 +3.208s >
3 Eben Coetzee ZA 114 13 08:12.054 +3.364s >
1:12 SPORTSCARS 10.5T ROUND 5Video
1 Dana Bailes US 120 47 08:08.276 -
2 Kevin Hart US 117 46 08:07.048 +1 laps >
3 Barnabás Tóth HU 114 45 08:01.386 +2 laps >
1 Barnabás Tóth HU 120 49 08:01.174 -
2 Atsushi Hasegawa JP 117 48 08:04.196 +1 laps >
3 Graham Raistrick GB 114 48 08:04.952 +1 laps >
1 Alex Camarena ES 150 59 20:08.916 -
2 Troels Troelsen DK 146 59 20:18.418 +9.502s >
3 Victor Snarskis US 142 58 20:13.520 +1 laps >
1:10 200MM NITRO ROUND 5Video[/u]
1 Barnabás Tóth HU 120 66 20:11.350 -
2 Alexey Babchenko UA 117 65 20:10.330 +1 laps >
3 Graham Raistrick GB 114 65 20:11.712 +1 laps >

Help Wanted
As VRC grows there will be more and more races to cover. If you would be interested in watching films of the A mains just one class per person please contact me or Pieter. I want to give good reports on each class; it would be helpful if we had one person per class per race. Right now there are 10 races to report on every two weeks. Here is what we need.
3. 1:10 ISTC 13.5T SPEC
4. 1:10 ISTC
5. SHORT COURSE 4WD 13.5T (Donald Stark)
7. 1:12 SPORTSCARS 10.5T
9. 1:10 200MM NITRO SPEC
10. 1:10 200MM NITRO
As you can see there are plenty of options to choose from, I can handle the editing and publishing all I need is a good paragraph on the class of your choice. Give me the; who, what, when, where, of the top three in the race and anything that caught your eye, we will format it and put it in the news.

The Local Yokel
This is the part where I am supposed to say something profound or entertaining. Well here goes nothing; I was handing out flyers at the event today at Coyote Hobbies. While there I was very impressed with the track and the track owner. It was a moderately big race with 220 entries 26 heats all electric indoor off road. Yet the atmosphere was relaxed and family oriented, there were kids in every pit area with parents there in support of the effort.

I spoke with Dave about the track and his new layout for this weekend. Dave designed a very technical yet flowing off road track with a perfect combination of big jumps and rhythm and implemented an elevation feature that boarder on pure genius. Dave said his planning process is when designing a track is simple. “I know the direction I want to go and the major features I want to include and then we start moving dirt. When we get a few obstacles in we begin to test for blind spots and see how the jumps work for the stock class buggy and SC trucks. The main thing is we want to challenge the fast guys and make it fun for the beginner.” From the smiles on the faces I witnessed I would have to say mission accomplished. We need this track in VRC it has a turnstile feature that simulates gliding off a 10 story building into a perfectly shaped step table over the finish line.

It has been a very eventful two weeks VRC will see many new members coming from all over in the future not because it is the only game in town but because it is a game that supports family-fun and friendly competition. The combination of the two is a winner in my book.

Next week I will be introducing you to a few of the young guns that may start to charge the leader boards in VRC and in real RC.

Stay tuned
Cya @ the races.


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15.06.2013 [14:38]
good job Donald! better and better even if i don't understand all English this is fun and relax to read! :-)
14.06.2013 [20:06]
We would have had a video but I was so excited at the end of the race that I forgot to hit save replay..... Edward also had the same issue, just super pumped up afterwards and forgot to hit the button.
14.06.2013 [18:08]
I was always wondering why in some of the old VRC vids, there was a HOST car that was sitting on the infield and not participating? Is performance slower for the host PC?
14.06.2013 [14:15]
Posted by: Donald Stark (US) on 14.6.2013 3:43:18 (UTC)
Posted by: David Munsey (US) on 13.6.2013 23:06:08 (UTC)
The live racing was just as intense as being on the drivers stand. I had a blast. Totally forgot and missed last though.

It was great David, we ran several heats and had to split mains this time because of the amount of drivers.

8 Minute B Main, 1st and 2nd bumped up to the A main.

8 Cars in the 15 minute A main. 7 or 8 lead changes and a 1.3 second difference at the end.

so where is the video replay report of the multi-player A-Main? (just joking...)

Good to see this happening, I know from organizing this myself how intense the racing can be. We need to get the host car out of the race somehow, so the host can fully focus on the race itself. That's on the future features list but is a lot more complex and involving than you might think. Something to look out for at least...

Keep up the organized mp racing, great job guys!

14.06.2013 [04:43]
Posted by: David Munsey (US) on 13.6.2013 23:06:08 (UTC)
The live racing was just as intense as being on the drivers stand. I had a blast. Totally forgot and missed last though.

It was great David, we ran several heats and had to split mains this time because of the amount of drivers.

8 Minute B Main, 1st and 2nd bumped up to the A main.

8 Cars in the 15 minute A main. 7 or 8 lead changes and a 1.3 second difference at the end.

14.06.2013 [03:11]
it has been a little confusing for some to get into the multiplay with us and know what is happening, VRC has given us the teamspeak server to use. If you jump on, at least to listen would make things a little easier to explain. If not, jump into one of our multiplay sessions, and ask if you don't know what is up. We will be glad to have you, and will point you in the right direction! :D "never hurts to ask" lol.
14.06.2013 [02:39]
So enjoy to read the report ! Great :)
14.06.2013 [00:06]
The live racing was just as intense as being on the drivers stand. I had a blast. Totally forgot and missed last though.
13.06.2013 [21:14]
+1 Great report!
13.06.2013 [19:37]
great report

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