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2016 Season 1 is coming to an end, the last events finish on Monday morning May 2nd. Time to release the 2016 Season 2 racing calendar! As there have been quite a few comments about racing in reversed direction, all tracks will be raced in the normal default direction in Season 2. As before Rostrum view is only forced for the modified classes, the view point for the Spec class is free.

Racers who qualify but opt not to race in the main final (DNS or Did Not Start) will receive only 25% of the allocated points this season!

As usual at the end of a season the skill levels will be re-calculated and your racer class for each of the classes will be adjusted to your new skill level. This will be done between May 2nd and the start of the new season on May 7th. YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR NEW RACER CLASS BEFORE THE START OF THE NEW SEASON, YOU CAN OPT TO RACE IN A HIGHER CLASS, YOU CANNOT RACE IN A LOWER CLASS.

Round 1: Silver Dollar 2
Round 2: NEO15
Round 3: Naxos
Round 4: Rhein-Main
Round 5: IBR Padova
Round 6: Fear Farm
Round 7: Psycho 13
Round 8: Buenos Aires

Round 1: IBR Padova
Round 2: C-Netic
Round 3: NEO13
Round 4: Silver Dollar 3
Round 5: Psycho 12
Round 6: Montpellier
Round 7: NEO14
Round 8: Pattaya

Round 1: Psycho 13
Round 2: MHS 3
Round 3: Silver Dollar 1
Round 4: Pattaya
Round 5: Bash long
Round 6: Naxos
Round 7: RCX 2
Round 8: NEO15

Round 1: Orlando
Round 2: Bangkok RCS 1:10
Round 3: Eppelheim 1
Round 4: Brisbane
Round 5: Oulu
Round 6: Oslo
Round 7: Heemstede 1:12
Round 8: Tokyo SPL 2

Round 1: Lloret de Mar
Round 2: VRC Carpet 2
Round 3: Kyosho 2
Round 4: Eppelheim 2
Round 5: Collegno
Round 6: VRC Carpet 4
Round 7: Bangkok RCS 1:12
Round 8: Oulu

Round 1: Amstetten
Round 2: Cincinnatti 2003
Round 3: Luxembourg
Round 4: Speedway Long
Round 5: Bamberg
Round 6: Kissimmee short
Round 7: Pegaso Toluca
Round 8: Osaka 1

Round 1: Bangkok RCS 1:10
Round 2: Fiorano Italy
Round 3: Keitune
Round 4: Tokyo SPL 2
Round 5: Collegno
Round 6: Jundiai - Sao Paulo
Round 7: Kyosho 1
Round 8: Fort Myers


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15.05.2016 [22:42]
I agree with Tony. Something tells about how good those racevideos are. I started to report on February 3rd, ive got 53 videos at Youtube. Total amount how many times these have been watched to this day, is 3453 times. Wow, thats huge. Ok, theres one funnyvideo but it has only 14 watching times.
Last video what ive uploaded to my channel, is loaded in 2.5.2016.
And like ive told before, those reports takes time. Lot of time, if you write, record a video and take the pictures..100-120min is guite normal to me. But that 100-120min only includes one video. It would be fantastic if more reporters would raise they heads and would do those. Many announced to be interested but now when its time to go on action...evereybody is hiding.
And dont want to blame anybody, no way...but those short reports with few pics is very enough at this point.
09.05.2016 [11:40]
I understand official since many are mirrored after real tracks but one thing that seems to be a consistent is limiting options such as forced Rolstrum, no reverse and how points are tallied which as a group of people, these are things that can be voted on to get satisfaction for the majority. Personally, I wish all races were view optional, some tracks were ran backwards after a vote or some type of pole and people who do not finish get zero as someone said.

Also, I agreed to write but it is so difficult to get the pictures, video (optional) and write a full story. If you put full effort into say 1/8th e-buggy, ROUND 1, it takes 4+ hours to get the pictures, create the video and write an article and that is only for ONE class. If you treated all three classes equally, it would take 12 hours per race just to do the A-mains. Since most people write on PRO and only post the points for Sport and Club (which BTW are already posted under points), the races in sport and club are nothing more than a side note yet those are where the drivers are who are deciding if they should pay or not are racing. Club is where the focus should be and I'm not racing club. I say that because people want to see them self compete. I posted one video of Club, Sport and pro in the same race on YouTube and just that one race was watched over 200 times. Imagine if every race was put together as a video, up loaded and linked. That is where growth comes from. We were sent out a notice to help VRC grow. Lets start with what we have.
03.05.2016 [10:08]
Posted by: Warren Jones (US) on 4/28/2016 12:22:49 AM (UTC)
Forward only = less tracks = boring

Totally agree
02.05.2016 [15:47]
Those who just runs in gualify and doesn't run in final. Zero points to these drivers.

And also, I cant understand races where is qualifying and bump up included. These rounds are ok, but why is it that driver who don't participate to qualifying, can participate to bump up. What's the meaning of qualifying in these races??
30.04.2016 [04:49]
just remember good old, real RC-Cars racing times.

On Sunday we raced 2 different classes which was Formula and Sport. Formula was done the regular direction and sport in reverse direction or vice versa.

We had all the same problems to do or maybe no problems at all.

I don't really understand why not to race some tracks in reverse direction if the track layout is ok for this.

The chances are the same for all participants.
Rudolf Aigner
29.04.2016 [09:05]
As someone just completing their first season, I have no problem with reverse or forward, as i've never known another way to race the track.
I think reverse should be added, we all have to take the same turns and pit entrances.. Who can do it better!? :)

Looking forward to next season, My one n only gripe is that Qualifying should be another few hours longer :P As it finish's at 5pm in my time zone and so i never get home from work in time to get a few laps in. Bloody work grrrr ! (and yes i realise it gives me a few days to get it done.. But practising track can take me a while to get right, then the qual, and then several other classes to try.. and times suddenly up! lol

Anyhoo... Great Sim!
28.04.2016 [23:47]
In my opinion only Montpellier should never be reversed, all others (1/8 offroad)have their charms both ways... Anyway still no rally WRX season aaaarhg can't wait!! ;-)
28.04.2016 [09:52]
Thanks VRC for racing only in normal direction. I think many tracks don´t work reversed such as normal. The only one I like in normal and reversed direction is Silver Dollar 1. This track is quite fun in both directions.

But I raced only 4 or 5 Tracks in reversed direction. It could be there are more tracks which works in reversed.

Edited by author: 4/28/2016 8:55:45 AM GMT

Edited by author: 4/28/2016 8:58:09 AM GMT
28.04.2016 [01:22]
Forward only = less tracks = boring
27.04.2016 [21:49]
Great News, thank you VRC.
Not all tracks are nice in reverse so it's the right decision I think. They are still enough club events that can be run in reverse.

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