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Car Action VRC PRO Simulator Review

16.11.2012   8 comments


by Kevin Deselms (Dec. 2012)

For years, VRC Pro has been one of the secret weapons in the training arsenal of computer-sawy, on-road RC racers, including world championship touring car contender, Ronald Volker. This robust piece of software simulates virtually every aspect of tuning and driving RC vehicles, making it a valuable way for racers of any skill level to stay in practice and improve their driving. Experimentation with setup changes is as easy as clicking a mouse button, no wrenching or vehicle breakdown required and best of all, there's no risk of breaking parts!

Using an optional USB adapter (sold on the website), players can connect a spare radio receiver and drive their cars using the very same radio as their real-world vehicles, This provides a nearly identical control experience and all of the functionality the radio offers. Alternatively, any USB gamepad can be mapped to the software's controller settings (an Xbox controller used via Windows 7 worked flawlessly), and if no other option e... read more


15.11.2012   13 comments


Virtual RC racing hero Kevin Pignotti has sealed the 2012 title in 1:8 nitro sportscars. After reigning in the Race2theWorlds 1:10 electric contest in the middle of this year, the 16 year old Italian took victory in 5 and 3 second places in the series to win the 2012 title. Austrian Martin Wollanka and Italian Giorgio Mingotti completed the podium at the end of the 2012 season. With 5 racers in the top-18 Italy was by far the strongest country, followed by surprise Austria and Great Britain in third.

The 2012 World Series 1:8 nitro saw the return of Pongtorn Trayrananon from Thailand, nicknamed T-Rex. This VRC v3 racing legend participated only in 2 of the 12 races and won both... Expect to see a fierce battle between T-Rex and Kevin for the upcoming 2012 VRC Worlds title in this class at Clermont Ferrand!


09.11.2012   12 comments


From November 29th till December 26th VRC Pro racers are invited to participate in the TEKIN VRC Worlds 2012 for 4WD Short Course trucks at the popular Mikes Hobby Shop Raceway (layout 1). Yes, 4 weeks of racing frenzy at Mikes, starting with a week of open practice, just put your scores in and see how is fastest. On December 6th it will get serious when qualifying gets under way until December 12th. The top-200 will proceed to the Quarter final which starts Thursday 13th and ends Monday 17th. The top-100 fight it out in the Semi final to make it to the top-40 from 18th till Friday 21st. The Main final starts Saturday 22nd until Wednesday 26th and will decide who wins the 2012 TEKIN Worlds!

S I G N - U P - T O D A Y

Masters multi-player finals
The top-18 will be invited to the 2012 Masters. This is a special multi-player format with 3 semi finals, the best 6 will qualify for the 2012 Masters final. The Masters multi-pl... read more


05.11.2012   3 comments


The holiday racing season has started, with lots of surprises for you!

We have made the 13.5T motor freely available for the stock short course chassis beside the 17.5T, giving that car a lot more punch and top speed, a lot more fun to drive! Rhein Main has been set a free public track ONLY for November and December, so that everyone can race this huge track with the stock 13.5T powered short course truck too. And it gets even better, with this faster package everyone can participate in the TEKIN 2012 VRC WORLDS for 4WD short course trucks which starts on December 7th at the popular Mikes 1 track. This will surely be the place-to-be for all virtual short course racers in December.

December will be VRC Worlds Mania with a total of 5 World Championships planned for short course, 1:8 and 1:10 nitro onroad, and 1:10 and 1:12 electric onroad. To give everybody a chance, the respective tracks, Mikes 1, Clermont Ferrand, Sao Paulo, and both Bangkok tracks will be made available for free for during the entire p... read more

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