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Spains David Barcena has scored a well deserved victory at the inaugural race at the new Psycho Nitro Blast VI track. Starting from position 5 he worked his way to the front quickly, also helped by a bad start of hot favoriteand series leader Marcin Malinski who found himself back in dead last position at the end of lap 1... Barcena and Honkanen battled it out for most part of the race, but Malinski fought back hard and managed to take the lead again, only to loose it as a result of a badly executed last fuel stop. Watch the video to see how this close race unfolded, commented by our Mike Garisson.

A-Main final PRO class
1. David Barcena ES 27 20:03.163
2. Markku Honkanen FI 27 20:03.954
3. Marcin Maliński PL 27 20:08.557
4. Martin Wollanka AT 27 20:10.983
5. Fredrik Boden SE 27 20:26.986
6. Yolan De Weerd BE 27 20:29.037
7. James Le Pavoux GB 27 20:33.160
8. Matthew Stacey CA 27 20:33.280
9. Tobias Isaks... read more


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UK's Javan Candy, and avid 'gamer' racer has taken a great win at Silver Dollar 2 (2013 WC lay-out) over dominating and Series 1 leader Marcin Malinski. Matthew Stacey from Canada fought off a very well deserved 3rd over Frederik Boden from Sweden.

Malinski made a big error at the start of the race and repeated this 2x at about the same spot but managed to grab the lead over Candy after some 8 minutes of racing. It was then between Marcin and Javan almost till the end of the 20 minute race but a bad pitstop of Malinski handed the race to Candy. He well deserved win over an almost unbeatable Malinski! Make sure to watch the video to see the battle unfold.

Result A-Main final PRO:
1 Javan Candy GB 40 20:03.654
2 Marcin Maliński PL 40 20:12.260
3 Matthew Stacey CA 40 20:26.394
4 Fredrik Boden SE 39 20:00.731
5 Robert Hillman SE 39 20:10.331
6 Claus Didriksen NO 39 20:18.040
7 Keith Lewis US 39 20:21.229
8 Björn Engma... read more


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