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Race:from 17.12.2014 [00:00] to 31.12.2014 [10:00]
Class:1:10 Electric on-road
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:10 electric touringcars modified, Overall electric on-road, Overall on-road combined
Points:Level 5 (1 - 180)

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Dates: from 17.12.2014 [00:00] to 20.12.2014 [09:30]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 100, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 20.12.2014 [10:00] to 24.12.2014 [09:30]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 6, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - National level


Dates: from 24.12.2014 [10:30] to 28.12.2014 [09:30]
Duration: race: 10min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 500, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - National level


Dates: from 28.12.2014 [10:00] to 31.12.2014 [10:00]
Duration: race: 15min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 300, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - National level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
A Main   lap chart...
1Kevin P.ITPro5215:05.574-9.96
2Martin W.ATPro5215:10.770+5.196s >9.99
3Brendon MAUPro5215:15.142+9.568s >10.0
4Barnabás T.HUPro5216:05.320+59.746s >10.0
5Dana BUSPro5115:01.130+1 laps >9.55
6Chris SAUPro5015:06.308+2 laps >9.51
7Jorge DESPro5015:08.264+2 laps >9.28
8Javi F.ESPro5015:09.834+2 laps >9.71
9Kévin RasquinFRPro5015:13.938+2 laps >0.00
10Robby EBEPro5015:16.372+2 laps >9.31
B Main   lap chart...
11Graham RaistrickGBPro5115:15.548-9.53
12Billy C.USPro5015:02.138+1 laps >9.46
13Jiri MaraCZClub4915:00.502+2 laps >0.00
14Jussi KFIPro4915:01.566+2 laps >9.41
15Ralf H. VDEPro4915:13.436+2 laps >9.27
16Marc Van der ZonZAPro4915:15.068+2 laps >0.00
17Szymon NPLSport4815:02.354+3 laps >0.00
 18Jose BESPro3410:06.488DNS9.55
 19Michael ZCAClub3410:13.080DNS0.00
 20Alex R.ZAPro3410:15.480DNS0.00
C Main   lap chart...
21Robert HillmanSEPro4915:10.660-8.62
22Norbert RDEPro4915:13.152+2.492s >9.09
23Mirko S.DEClub4815:13.974+1 laps >9.17
24Atsushi TakeshitaJPPro4815:17.238+1 laps >8.45
25Nuno L.PTPro4815:22.388+1 laps >9.09
26Philippe GCHSport4715:11.484+2 laps >0.00
27Tyler PCASport4715:15.520+2 laps >9.11
 28Markus W.ATSport3410:16.424DNS8.78
 29Adam H.GBPro3310:02.686DNS0.00
 30Austin HCAPro3310:09.032DNS8.81
D Main   lap chart...
31Sebastian R.DEPro4815:05.850-8.76
32Carson YHKPro4715:15.464+1 laps >9.14
33Aaron RDESport4615:01.928+2 laps >9.09
34Thomas R.ATPro4415:11.618+4 laps >0.00
 35Nick C.USPro3310:15.620DNS9.12
 36Daniel MCAPro3310:17.564DNS8.92
 37Balint RezesHUClub3310:18.234DNS0.00
 38Michael K.DEPro3310:18.988DNS0.00
 39Milan P.CZPro3210:00.030DNS0.00
 40Simon G.GBClub3210:02.110DNS8.93
E Main   lap chart...
41Bob SUSPro4815:17.680-0.00
42Giannis P.GRClub4615:03.026+2 laps >8.99
43Zsolt BajuszHUClub4615:14.250+2 laps >0.00
44Steve YAUSport4515:04.018+3 laps >0.00
45Gordie TCASport4215:14.424+6 laps >0.00
 46Alex Z.ITClub3210:02.264DNS9.11
 47Luke A.AUClub3210:04.166DNS8.79
 48Gabriele VITClub3210:04.800DNS0.00
 49Jeremy LUSPro3210:08.692DNS0.00
 50Wai kin C.HKPro3210:08.866DNS8.77
F Main   lap chart...
51David MCAClub4815:03.964-0.00
52Frans E.BESport4715:16.084+1 laps >0.00
53Jørn A.DKClub4615:01.642+2 laps >8.71
54Laszlo Kiss-OrbanHUClub4615:17.706+2 laps >0.00
55Matt KeeneGBClub4515:04.466+3 laps >8.85
56Filip E.BEPro4515:08.622+3 laps >8.79
57Hans Guenther HDESport4515:13.820+3 laps >8.60
 58John TCHPro3210:14.676DNS0.00
 59Roger BCHPro3210:15.516DNS0.00
 60György J.HUClub3210:20.582DNS0.00
G Main   lap chart...
61Lukas V.CZSport4615:09.558-0.00
62Bord P.FRClub4515:01.340+1 laps >6.34
63Yuriy MRUSport4515:02.086+1 laps >8.67
64Gerrit M.DEClub4515:09.820+1 laps >0.00
65Marino DESSport4115:13.110+5 laps >8.40
66Justin GUSPro315:13.938+43 laps >0.00
 67Para M.CZClub3110:01.588DNS8.18
 68Bjarne H.DEClub3110:02.440DNS0.00
 69Rauno LEEPro3110:03.506DNS0.00
 70Markus ADEPro3110:06.390DNS8.83
H Main   lap chart...
71Gerhard LATPro4615:11.040-0.00
72Sigurður J E.ISSport4615:17.446+6.406s >8.41
73Kris HIDClub4515:02.660+1 laps >0.00
74Giuseppe B.ITClub4515:11.824+1 laps >0.00
75Tommaso A.ITSport4515:13.248+1 laps >0.00
76Bernd F.DEPro4515:14.244+1 laps >8.57
77Emanuel RDESport4415:00.896+2 laps >8.16
78Efrain (Pete) M.USPro4415:02.820+2 laps >7.83
79Adrian R.AUClub4415:07.896+2 laps >0.00
 80Panos StavropoulosGRPro3110:14.554DNS0.00
I Main   lap chart...
81Marcelo BorgesBRPro4715:20.750-8.98
82Marko V.FIPro4615:12.060+1 laps >8.80
83Peter SeckoldAUSport4415:04.962+3 laps >8.11
84Olivier M.DEPro4415:11.088+3 laps >0.00
85Erwin FATClub4315:01.046+4 laps >7.61
86Txema G.ESClub4315:09.370+4 laps >0.00
87Hess C.LUClub4115:04.898+6 laps >7.82
88Sebastian BDEClub4115:06.746+6 laps >0.00
 89Ken S.GBClub3010:04.466DNS0.00
 90Gijs VNLClub3010:07.728DNS0.00
J Main   lap chart...
91Andrzej F.PLClub4615:18.394-0.00
92Juan L.ZAClub4515:16.188+1 laps >0.00
93Giovanni F. DBEPro4415:13.698+2 laps >8.37
94Mike BCAClub4315:11.630+3 laps >8.26
95William H.USClub4315:13.204+3 laps >8.11
96Klaus BDEClub4215:12.276+4 laps >7.98
 97Thomas S.ATClub3010:16.366DNS8.04
 98Andres CCOPro3010:16.958DNS0.00
 99David WGBSport3010:19.942DNS8.28
 100Daniel W.AUSport2910:00.188DNS7.72
K Main   lap chart...
101Darren P.AUSport4315:12.808-0.00
102Philip L.CASport4315:13.028+0.220s >7.56
103Sergio C.ESClub4315:13.368+0.560s >0.00
104Steve SUSClub4315:14.760+1.952s >7.40
105Andrew PAUSport4215:08.326+1 laps >7.49
106Karl heinz J.DEClub4215:15.144+1 laps >8.08
107Dirk SDESport4015:01.238+3 laps >7.15
 108VRC Korea M.KRPro2910:00.348DNS8.49
 109Joel L.CAClub2910:03.270DNS8.14
 110Sascha B.DEClub2910:04.634DNS0.00
L Main   lap chart...
111Ciccio P.ITClub4415:00.148-0.00
112Tom EUSPro4415:18.402+18.254s >8.17
113Giovanni P.ITSport4315:15.796+1 laps >0.00
114Pavel Z.UASport4115:02.642+3 laps >0.00
115Alejandro V.ESClub4015:02.130+4 laps >8.37
116Marc VBESport4015:20.762+4 laps >7.81
 117Josh V.USSport2910:12.692DNS7.92
 118Sébastien D.FRClub2910:23.580DNS0.00
 119Ryan F.AUClub2810:04.570DNS7.21
 120Pierre P.CAClub2810:07.402DNS0.00
M Main   lap chart...
121Mark DUSClub4215:00.934-8.19
122Gary S.USSport4215:11.930+10.996s >8.08
123Javier FUSClub4115:03.582+1 laps >0.00
124Michael W.USClub4115:19.012+1 laps >7.70
125Kevin J.AUSport4015:08.174+2 laps >7.62
 126Thomas G.NZClub2810:10.544DNS0.00
 127Legtoleg L.FRSport2810:11.814DNS0.00
 128David V.CZSport2810:19.046DNS0.00
 129Gary CCAClub2709:59.066DNS7.51
 130Alex FFRClub2710:01.608DNS0.00
N Main   lap chart...
131Jean-philippe C.FRClub4015:17.252-7.19
132Wil HHKClub3815:00.116+2 laps >0.00
133Alberto L.ESClub3815:14.846+2 laps >6.97
134Frank HDEClub3715:00.506+3 laps >0.00
135Sven HDEClub3715:03.396+3 laps >6.47
136Jean-marc B.FRClub3615:06.118+4 laps >0.00
137Gary G.AUClub3514:52.182+5 laps >7.03
138Keith K.USClub3415:02.734+6 laps >6.93
 139Vicente M.ESClub2610:15.304DNS0.00
 140Paul Y.USClub2410:22.456DNS7.37
O Main   lap chart...
 141Rob G.USPro1805:16.174DNS0.00
 142Tobias SDEPro1805:17.046DNS9.75
 143Frederik BDKPro1705:03.454DNS0.00
 144Marcin M.PLPro1705:04.972DNS0.00
 145Simon WoodGBPro1705:05.132DNS0.00
 146Guillaume SFRPro1705:06.544DNS9.45
 147Arthur BFRPro1705:08.230DNS9.45
 148Ben GGBPro1705:08.916DNS9.11
 149Michal B.CZClub1705:11.400DNS9.17
 150Brad P.AUPro1705:12.072DNS8.75
P Main   lap chart...
 151Eric B.GBPro1705:12.672DNS9.28
 152Shaun SZAPro1705:14.562DNS0.00
 153Kanji N.JPPro1705:16.424DNS8.36
 154Herve BFRPro1605:00.638DNS8.83
 155Franz E.ATPro1605:01.202DNS9.00
 156Tomi M.FIPro1605:02.648DNS0.00
 157Sascha B.DEClub1605:02.872DNS7.73
 158Roland PATPro1605:04.100DNS0.00
 159Vincent G.FRClub1605:04.982DNS0.00
 160Paul MGBSport1605:05.132DNS8.70
Q Main   lap chart...
 161Viktor B.UASport1605:05.180DNS0.00
 162Phil IGRSport1605:06.210DNS0.00
 163Billy YHKPro1605:07.214DNS8.53
 164Ingo GATPro1605:08.710DNS8.45
 165Toshihiko F.JPClub1605:09.148DNS0.00
 166悌文 卓.CNPro1605:09.544DNS0.00
 167Kit J.GBSport1605:10.610DNS0.00
 168Leonardo ValenteITClub1605:10.896DNS0.00
 169Ralf G.NLClub1605:14.550DNS0.00
 170Lucas L.ARSport1605:14.766DNS0.00
R Main   lap chart...
 171Nuno CPTClub1605:16.956DNS0.00
 172Randy AUSSport1605:18.958DNS0.00
 173Anibal MZAClub1505:00.762DNS0.00
 174Peter K.HUClub1505:00.798DNS0.00
 175Yolan DBESport1505:00.858DNS0.00
 176Christian S.ATClub1505:03.710DNS0.00
 177Zak SGBPro1505:03.818DNS0.00
 178Steve B.USSport1505:05.196DNS0.00
 179Miguel Angel PESClub1505:05.698DNS0.00
 180Nicky Y.GBClub1505:07.050DNS0.00
S Main   lap chart...
 181Nico SDEPro1505:07.066DNS0.00
 182Sergio F.ITClub1505:08.584DNS0.00
 183Alan B.GBClub1505:10.892DNS0.00
 184Mario ZSKClub1505:11.618DNS0.00
 185Nicky Y.GBPro1505:12.132DNS0.00
 186JF D.FRClub1505:14.090DNS7.92
 187Robert F.USClub1505:18.024DNS0.00
 188Antonio MagnanoITClub1505:18.996DNS6.48
 189Wolfgang RATSport1505:22.660DNS8.31
 190Ronan D.FRClub1505:22.950DNS0.00
T Main   lap chart...
 191Giulio G.ITClub1505:26.402DNS0.00
 192Steve H.USClub1405:04.662DNS0.00
 193Francisco Javier O.ESClub1405:05.736DNS0.00
 194Alberto D.ESClub1405:05.792DNS7.53
 195Henri VFRClub1405:05.952DNS7.66
 196Uwe R.DESport1405:08.980DNS7.58
 197Michel G.BEClub1405:09.738DNS0.00
 198Ron V.NLClub1405:10.974DNS7.17
 199Milda M.CZClub1405:16.050DNS0.00
 200Marco WDEClub1405:16.382DNS0.00
U Main   lap chart...
 201Corey TUSClub1405:20.428DNS6.73
 202Matěj B.CZClub1305:02.172DNS0.00
 203Faizal riza M.MYClub1305:02.550DNS0.00
 204Aigars K.LVClub1305:09.896DNS7.68
 205Armando LUSSport1305:16.160DNS0.00
 206Vitor FPTSport1305:25.756DNS0.00
 207Shaun M.GBClub1305:28.488DNS0.00
 208Juan S.ZAClub1205:03.892DNS0.00
 209Gary E.USClub1205:06.372DNS0.00
 210Frank M.DEClub1205:26.696DNS0.00
V Main   lap chart...
 211David J.GBClub1104:54.514DNS0.00
 212Yusuf A.MUClub1105:01.026DNS0.00
 213Felix G.ATClub1105:01.754DNS0.00
 214Lando LITClub1105:07.732DNS0.00
 215Berkan K.TRClub1105:20.680DNS0.00
 216Chainarong A.THClub1005:16.184DNS0.00
 217Luca S.ITClub905:04.812DNS0.00
 218Bob MMYClub905:19.708DNS0.00
 219František Š.CZClub605:04.584DNS0.00
 220Jakub RozyckiPLPro1805:10.252DNS9.94
W Main   lap chart...
 221Philippe G.CAPro1805:14.460DNS9.81
 222Jeffrey RNLPro1705:00.158DNS9.71
 223Joel ValanderFIPro1705:09.854DNS9.40
 224Norbert AHUPro1705:11.324DNS9.36
 225David Abraham B.ESClub1605:02.292DNS9.07
 226Julien J.FRPro1605:03.570DNS9.03
 227Alexey S.RUSport1605:09.560DNS8.86
 228Craig HGBClub1605:11.060DNS8.81
 229Jakub KPLPro1605:13.968DNS8.73
 230J.r.bargiela B.ESClub1605:14.068DNS8.73
X Main   lap chart...
 231Filip Z.PLClub1605:15.210DNS8.70
 232Nicolas RFRClub1605:16.992DNS8.65
 233Denis SUSSport1505:03.072DNS8.48
 234Luiz S.BRSport1505:03.792DNS8.46
 235Anakin XCNClub1505:04.772DNS8.43
 236Bart A.BESport1505:07.496DNS8.36
 237Nicolas D.BESport1505:09.124DNS8.32
 238André P.BRPro1505:12.922DNS8.21
 239Art SUSClub1505:13.858DNS8.19
 240Jonathan C.FRClub1505:16.508DNS8.12
Y Main   lap chart...
 241Sascha EDESport1505:16.894DNS8.11
 242Jeremy M.GBClub1505:18.170DNS8.08
 243Larry B.FRSport1505:19.114DNS8.06
 244Niklas M.DEClub1505:20.372DNS8.02
 245Laszlo G.HUPro1405:03.388DNS7.91
 246Dan Z.DEClub1405:03.496DNS7.91
 247Lee WGBClub1405:06.446DNS7.83
 248Dennis K.DEClub1405:07.880DNS7.79
 249Franck M.FRClub1405:08.294DNS7.78
 250Arthur M.BRClub1405:08.368DNS7.78
Z Main   lap chart...
 251Simone B.ITClub1405:14.752DNS7.62
 252Mike S.USPro1304:12.010DNS8.84
 253Camilo FloresPESport1305:01.092DNS7.40
 254Chris F.GBClub1305:05.782DNS7.29
 255Marc BUSSport1305:10.248DNS7.18
 256Ryan L.USClub1105:18.466DNS5.92
 257Zebulon E.USClub1105:20.620DNS5.88
 258Vytautas S.LTClub1105:33.990DNS5.64
 259Alain A.CAClub1005:08.742DNS5.55
 260Jan D.NLClub1005:17.536DNS5.40
[ Main   lap chart...
 261Tony D.FRClub905:17.356DNS4.86
 262Bernd D.DEClub605:01.460DNS3.41
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