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Lausanne Switzerland, carpet indoor track for 1:10 and 1:12 electric on-road racing.
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2017 SEASON 2 1:10 ELECTRIC TC ROUND 5 CRF Lausanne


Report by JP racing videos


PRO level

Fifth round of 1:10 electric modified serie was held at CRF Lausanne track. Polish talent Jakub Rozycki had made a comeback to VRC PRO and was immediatly very convincing in qualifying round. Even there was other great talents of rc racing, nobody couldnt answer to Jakub`s pace.
He won the qualifying with 2.3 seconds margin to French Xavier Deparde. Behind Deparde, was another French Kevin Rasguin, almost 2 seconds from Deparde`s pace. American talent Dana Bailes was sitting in fourth place, 5 seconds away from fastest pace. Indonesian Hijrah Saputra was fifth fastest, but he was almost 10 seconds slower than Rozycki. Rozycki, Deparde, Rasguin and Bailes were only ones, who gathered totally 29 laps during the five minute qualifying.
With his own qualifying pace, and with steady driving, Rozycki was favourite for this one.

As the main started, Rozycki, Deparde and Rasguin setted the pace. They pull the gap to other group and margins were really tiny. But Rozycki had something more than his fellow rivals, he was pulling the gap as he got in perfect rhytm and was leading this group. Deparde and Rasguin were fighting of the second place, and this was tight. All the way to ninth lap when Rasguin made his move. He overcutted the curb at middle section and his flyed to mainstraight. By this mistake he dropped to fifth place.
SO, it was Rozycki leading, Deparde in second place and by Rasguin`s mistake, Bailes was now in third spot. After three minutes of driving, Rozycki in the lead, losted his rhytm a little and this gave some chances to Deparde. Actually, Deparde also took his chance and got the lead, but Rozycki had so great pace and he took the lead back after one lap. Deparde try to push and pressure Rozycki in the lead, but he got troubles in one lap and overcutted mainstraight corner. By this mistake our leader Rozycki got some space to breath.
Last minute Rozycki drove stable fast laps and got well deserved win. Deparde came to second, 4 seconds behind winner. Of the third place we got good battle. As Rasguin had made his mistake at lap 9, Bailes was favourite to take the last podium place. But also Bailes had some moves at middle section, he did similar mistake like Rasguin and this allowed Rasguin to take the third position.
Last few laps, these two made great race, margins were really close but Rasguin manage to hold his nerves and take the last podium place. Bailes had to settle to fourth place, with frustrating 0.3 seconds behind Rasguin.

Deparde, Rozycki and Rasquin, top three of PRO

SPORT level

SPORT level race was totally one driver show. Vasiliy Simonov had overwhelming pace and with this he would have been fifth at PRO level. Great drive Vasiliy!
Manuel Weber, Isla Pesca and Santo Grasso solve second and third place. There was no huge differences in paces but finally Weber was strongest from this trio and was one second behind ahead of Pesca when race ended. Grasso had to settle to fourth, 1.5 seconds behind Pesca.

Simonov`s pace was enormouss, total PRO level style

CLUB level

If SPORT level was dominated with one driver, so was also CLUB level. German driver Philipp Becker had crushing pace and he won this race with almost two laps ahead of Stanislav Pavlicek. Pavlicek had stable place in second, as third place driver Michael Zappa was one lap behind him when race ended.

Becker was overwhelming at CLUB level



1|Jakub Rozycki|PL|29|05:05.054 2|Xavier Deparde|FR|29|05:09.118 3|Kévin Rasquin|FR|28|05:00.698 4|Dana Bailes|US|28|05:01.022 5|Hijrah Saputra|ID|28|05:06.702 6|Nuno Lourenco|PT|28|05:06.828 7|Carson Yeung|HK|27|05:01.678 8|Obata Hideki|JP|27|05:01.942 9|Marko Vähäkuopus|FI|26|05:00.462 10|Gary Crowell|US|3|05:31.630


1|Vasiliy Simonov|GB|28|05:04.192 2|Manuel Weber|US|26|05:05.802 3|isla pesca|JP|26|05:06.838 4|Santo Grasso|IT|26|05:08.340 5|Gary Sundman|US|26|05:11.040 6|Yuriy Meshkov|RU|26|05:20.890 7|Hans Guenther Heitsch|DE|25|05:04.896 8|Phil Schai|DE|24|05:09.452 9|Christos Katsigiannis|GR|23|05:00.912 10|Dorian Marcel|FR|23|05:06.038


1|Philipp Becker|DE|27|05:07.804 2|Stanislav Pavlíček|CZ|25|05:03.590 3|michael Zappa|GB|24|05:02.684 4|Tony DELMASTRO|FR|24|05:04.532 5|Carlos Penafiel|EC|24|05:04.884 6|Steve Solosy|US|24|05:11.782 7|Virgo Tippel|EE|24|05:14.950 8|Vitor Francês|PT|18|05:12.428 9|Patrik Bühlmann|CH|DNS 10|Peter Kocsis|HU|DNS


PRO level

1|Xavier Deparde|465 2|Dana Bailes|462 3|Carson Yeung|456 4|Nuno Lourenco|438 5|Hijrah Saputra|435 6|Obata Hideki|420 7|Gary Crowell|406 8|Milan Peka|364 9|Marko Vähäkuopus|280 10|Kévin Rasquin|234

SPORT level

1|Santo Grasso|450 2|Manuel Weber|444 3|isla pesca|438 4|Hans Guenther Heitsch|420 5|Yuriy Meshkov|417 6|Gary Sundman|399 7|Wil Ho|351 8|Christos Katsigiannis|333 9|Mike Bridges|328 10|Valeriy Kornilov|327

CLUB level

1|Patrik Bühlmann|480 2|Stanislav Pavlíček|465 3|Johann Jury|435 4|SlaSh Kwong|414 5|Steve Solosy|414 6|Tony DELMASTRO|413 7|michael Zappa|388 8|Robert Dean|346 9|Jason Platt|337 10|ANDYFANYEUNG YEUNG|262


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(Total posts: 4)
25.10.2017 [07:28]
Thanks guys! This was nice racing!
24.10.2017 [00:56]
Well done everyone excellent racing
24.10.2017 [00:41]
Always love the reports. Thanks for doing that Jupe.
23.10.2017 [17:27]
Thank you for the report.
It's a really difficult race! Jakub has been really impressive (BRAVO), fast and consistent with a 4.5T, I tried but I was doing too many mistakes ;) ... also congrats to Kevin and the other ones who did it with the 4.5T

Edited by author: 23.10.2017 16:30:56 GMT

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