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Lausanne Switzerland, carpet indoor track for 1:10 and 1:12 electric on-road racing.
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Event report for: 2017 SEASON 1 1:12 SPORTSCARS 10.5T SPEC RND 3





VRC Centurion, Graham Raistrick of the UK, won the first official VRC race at Lausanne. Raistrick and American Dana Bailes were the only two competitors to finish the final with 44-laps. Raistrick finished with a time of 8:04.420; Bailes was 4.766 seconds back with a time of 8:09.186. The pair was neck and neck for the first seven laps, but Bailes made mistakes on laps 8 and 9 giving Raistrick nearly a six second cushion. Bailes pushed hard over the next seven laps to pull within four seconds of Raistrick, but additional mistakes on laps 18 and 21 dropped Bailes to fourth position and proved too much to overcome. Bailes’ pace for the second half of the race was faster than Raistrick’s, and he was able to overtake Jon Esteban Martin of Spain and Michitaka Yanagisawa of Japan before time elapsed. However, Raistrick’s time proven method of smooth and steady driving proved to be the winning strategy.

Raistrick and Bailes finished 1 and 2 in Pro Class

Yanagisawa took the third podium position. Yanagisawa also made a few mistakes early in the race. However, he was able to stay fast and consistent through the second half of the race out lasting 4th position Martin, 5th position Sandro Lage (Brazil) and 6th position Carson Yeung (Hong Kong), who all finished with 43 laps. Seiya Inoue (Japan), Mike Wilson (Canada), Billy Yeung (Hong Kong) and Andrea Giordano (Italy) completed the top 10 at the PRO level.


Japan’s Isla Pesca stood atop the podium in the Sport Class. Pesca was the only Sport racer to achieve 42 laps in the final. Portugal’s Nuno Lourenco and Somdej Tumrongrajniti battled for the remaining two podium positions. Lourenco and Tumrongrajniti swapped positions three times before lap 14 when Lourenco experienced his slowest lap of the race at the same time Tumrongrajniti experienced his fastest. The mistake by Lourenco gave Tumrongrajniti approximately a 2 second lead. Tumrongrajniti kept that lead until lap 24 when he experienced his slowest lap and allowing Lourenco within .5 seconds. A few small mistakes by Lourenco allowed Tumrongrajniti to stretch the lead to 2 seconds again, but a critical mistake on lap 39 allowed Lourenco to pass and take a .284 second lead. Tumrongrajniti tried to catch up, but ran out of time. Lourenco finished in second position with a time 41 laps 8:00.734 just ahead of Tumrongrajniti’s who completed the podium with 41 laps 8:00.818.

Pesca took the Sport Class A-Main


Yann Pecout of France claimed first place at the Club level. Pecout was the only racer to complete 39 laps in the Club final. Johan Jury of Austria finished in second position and fell just about 1/10th of a second short of 39 laps; finishing with 38 laps 8:00.112. The battle for third position was close between Curtis Damm (USA) and another Austrian, Christian Zsalacz. Zsalacz had trouble on lap 1 which essentially gave Damm a 4.5 second head start. Zsalacz fought back to close the gap to 2.5 seconds by lap 12, but another costly mistake on lap 13 proved too to be the death knell and Zsalacz fell 6 seconds behind. Zsalacz’s pace for the second half of the race was faster than Damm’s and he was able to close the gap to 1.2 seconds but ultimately ran out of time. Damm finished 3rd ; Zsalacz 4th.

Pecout was first at Club level

A-Main Pro

1|Graham Raistrick|44|08:04.420 2|Dana Bailes|44|08:09.186 3|Michitaka Yanagisawa|43|08:00.006 4|JON ESTEBAN MARTIN|43|08:03.768 5|Sandro Lage|43|08:05.190 6|Carson Yeung|43|08:10.766 7|Seiya Inoue|41|08:02.640 8|Mike Wilson|41|08:09.040 9|Billy Yeung|41|08:11.266 10|Andrea Giordano|40|08:05.368

A-Main Sport

1|isla pesca|42|08:03.168 2|Nuno Lourenco|41|08:00.734 3|Somdej Tumrongrajniti|41|08:00.818 4|Gary Crowell|40|08:00.524 5|Jose Manuel Cruz Marquez|40|08:08.800 6|Anssi Hartikainen|39|08:03.038 7|Robert Eder|39|08:05.654 8|Syuichi Eguchi|39|08:10.038 9|Gary Sundman|37|08:01.548 10|Filip Eeckeloo|DNS

A-Main Club
1|Yann Pecout|39|08:07.120 2|Johann Jury|38|08:00.112 3|Curtis Damm|38|08:08.596 4|Christian Zsalacz|38|08:09.858 5|Benoit Plourde|37|08:00.012 6|Steve Solosy|36|08:09.012 7|Dorian Marcel|35|08:04.626 8|Don Wadkins|35|08:10.092 9|Paulo Machado|30|08:15.498 10|Gary Climie|DNS


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09.03.2017 [22:00]
Nice report!
08.03.2017 [22:07]
Thanks Kevin, great job and well done!

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