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2013 SEASON 3 - 1:10 SCT 4WD - by TEKIN status: FINISHED

series logo Race: 06 July 2013 to 21 September 2013
Class: 1:10 Short Course 4WD
Events: 6 events with total 18 rounds on 6 track(s)
Points: Level 2 ABC (1 - 120)
Prizes: not selected
Restrictions: Not restricted
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2013 Season 3 Short Course trucks – by TEKIN


At the end of the first season with racer classes we are keeping an eye on who moves up in the racer class and who doesn’t. Remember, when your measured skill level goes up to a higher class you will race in the higher racer class next season. When your skill level remains the same you may opt to race in a higher racer class next season or stay in the same class. A racer cannot race in a lower racer class than his skill level indicates.

The skill level is measured every event you participate in and is always weighed against results of other racers in the same class. So when you do more events and score well you have a higher chance your skill level will go up than if you do just a few events.

PRO class modified
Martin Wollanka from Austria dominated Season 3 with 4 victories in 4 appearances, so he is the undisputed winner. Kirby ‘Sideways’ Backemeyer (US) and new kid on the block Rob Gillespie (US) completed the podium. 14-Year old Nicolas Loriot from France came up strongly towards the end of the season with a blistering performance at Rhein Main, finishing just 0.3 seconds behind the unbeatable Wollanka. A name to keep an eye on in Season 4… 94 Racers competed in Pro modified class!
Full results 2013 Season 3 1:10 SCT PRO - by TEKIN

SPORT class modified
Like in PRO, Season 3 winner Marvin Fritschler from Germany also scored 4 wins in 4 appearances and has jumped to Pro class in Season 4. Joao Pereira (Portugal) and Lindsay Mccabe (Spain) completed the podium in this highly contested class (94 racers in total).
Full results 2013 Season 3 1:10 SCT SPORT - by TEKIN

CLUB class modified
Arjan van de Graaf (Netherlands) had a slow start of the season but finished strongly winning the last 2 races of the season which secured him the title. His strong performance in Club has launched him into Pro class for Season 4! Soon Ming Sung (Thailand) grabbed second place on the podium just before Jason Turner (US) who will also be racing Pro class in Season 4. Despite his second place Sung will race Sport class in Season 4 (he could have opted to race Pro…). With 295 competitors Club modified was the busiest class in season 3!
Full results 2013 Season 3 1:10 SCT Club - by TEKIN

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