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Graham Raistrick from the UK and Tom Ebersole from the US are the first r/c racers ever to have reached 100,000 km with an r/c car. That's an incredible 2 1/2 times around the world! They are the first 2 members in the illustreous VRC PRO CENTURION club and we have awarded them both with a nice bottle of champaign to enjoy this historic moment.

It turned out to be a very close race between Tom and Graham, with Tom ahead until Tuesday but Graham made an immense effort to catch up with Tom. In fact, taken by the second, minute and hour it turns out that Graham crossed the 100,000 km finish line slightly before Tom. We weren't monitoring this historic occassion 24/7 else we would have seen it ourselves. But as our resolution for this 'race to the 100K' was in days we will call it a draw.

We met up with Tom, one of the most senior virtual r/c racers in VRC Pro and ask him a few questions. An interview with Graham will follow shortly!

PB: Congratulations to reach this incredible milestone of 100,000 km, in just over 3 years since VRC Pro was launched. That’s two and a half times around the world, with a (virtual) r/c car, incredible! Time to ask you a few questions about your r/c background and what VRC Pro means to you.

You’ve been a long time r/c racer. Can you shine a bit of light on your r/c background and on your most important achievements.

TE: In 1972 a friend named, Jack Moran, and I started a local R/C Modeler's Club which included boats, planes and cars. The group originally met at my house before growing too large and it is still going today. They currently race in our local Armory and they use a friend's field for flying which has an actual runway.

PB: you were already involved in VRC v3 since 2005 I remember, so you must have done even more virtual r/c racing then these 100,000 km. What made you take up virtual r/c racing back in 2005?

TE: I always enjoyed car racing and had been retired for a few years when I came across the program and decided to give it a try. Obviously I liked it!

PB: Tom, what does your wife think of you spending so much time behind your PC on VRC?

TE:  My wife has always been very tolerant of my hobbies and of course, proud of my achievements. : )

PB: with the launch of VRC Pro in 2011 you have been very active ever since, with over 30,000 km per year. I looked at your stats and have seen that you are involved in all classes, on- and off-road. Still you must have a favorite class. So which one is it and why?

TE: My favorite class is 1/10 electric scale. I think it is because that is what I used to race when running "real" R/C cars except they were two wheel drive and much easier to set up.

PB: Driving so many km’s with VRC you must have a good set-up at home if you are to spend so much time behind your PC. What’s your configuration and have your done any hardware updates lately? How important you find to have good hardware?

TE: I use an Asus Gaming Laptop that sits on a portable table in front of my favorite Lazy Boy recliner. No hardware updates lately.- I've had this computer for at least five years.

PB: with all respect, at age 69 you are not the prototype of the typical VRC Pro user. Still you seem to be able to enjoy all classes of r/c racing, even 1:10 and 1:12 electric on-road which I don’t even dare to touch, way too fast for me. Not for you, so how do you do that?

TE: I do run them but if you look at my stats you will see I don't necessarily run them well. I do however enjoy racing with all types.

PB: I assume you don’t race real r/c cars any longer. Are you still going to races when they are in the neighborhood? Are you still in contact with r/c racers you used to race with?

TE: The local club races on Sunday evenings and that time frame doesn't work well for me anymore. I do still have contact with most of the guys who are currently racing. My two sons, my grandson and I recently purchased Traxxas Slash Trucks and race them at the "Garden Raceway" which is exactly what it sounds like. The old garden plot at my oldest son's house.

PB: what do you find to be the greatest assets of VRC Pro for you as a past r/c racer, and for active r/c racers?

TE: It is a great training tool for those wishing to run real R/C cars. By using VRC it allows me to set-up cars and still enjoy the competition of racing on my schedule.

PB: I need to know, do you do any other gaming besides VRC Pro?

TE: Yes, as a matter of fact I do.....Virtual Pool is a favorite of mine. And yes, I do play pool/billiards for real. I have set-up and run local pool leagues and at one time was a certified pool instructor. My guilty pleasure on my phone is Bejeweled.

PB: congratulations again Tom, when I started this project I never imagined we would ever reach such a milestone. If you had to write a testimonial about VRC Pro what would it be?

TE: VRC Pro has come a long way from it's beginning - VRC3. It only gets better with every update. It is very enjoyable - you don't have to leave your home to do it - and it is less expensive than running real R/C cars. It is, however, a great training tool for those who wish to get into real R/C racing. It also keeps your mind and motor skills active. It also gives you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who share your interest in R/C racing. I wasn't on VRC for several months at the beginning of this year due to illness. When I was able to come back I was pleasantly surprised by messages from other participants who were concerned by my absence. That was very special and meant a lot to me.

I would like to take a moment and thank you Pieter and all of the staff at VRC Pro for creating this awesome simulator. Also for all of your help and continued support

PB: Tom, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me and let the VRC Pro community know more about you and what drives you to be so active in VRC Pro. I wish you all the best and many more virtual racing hours in the coming years. Cheers!


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02.12.2014 [15:40]

Edited by author: 2.12.2014 15:41:08 GMT
01.12.2014 [17:59]
Big congratulations to both of you guys! :) Oh man, 100k, that's huge! ^^ It's awesome to have such dedicated members, it makes us feel great.
01.12.2014 [09:21]
wowow Congratulations guys! :)))))

i plan reach it in 4 years^^ \0/ :-D

Edited by author: 1.12.2014 9:21:58 GMT
30.11.2014 [17:15]
30.11.2014 [17:14]
Congrats Graham and Tom - you are insane ;-)
28.11.2014 [15:30]
Congratulations to Tom and Graham. Great!
28.11.2014 [12:29]
Far too much time on their hands :-)

Well done guys!
28.11.2014 [11:30]
This is really insane :D
Congratulations for both of you guys.
Maybe we can get a interview with Graham too?
28.11.2014 [06:03]
WOW.....Great effort from both of you guy's.
28.11.2014 [02:26]
Congratulations Tom and Graham!

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