News of November, 2017


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The world championships 2017 are close and there is much to be expected with the introduction of new tracks and a new fine class GT3. Here is some "teaser" video for the Worlds2017.
Feel free to share it, so we could build up huge puplicity for this years Worlds.
Good luck to everybody for those races!

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 ELECTRIC TC 13.5T SPEC ROUND 6 MB Models Raceway

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Report by JP racing videos

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 ELECTRIC TC SPEC 13.5 ROUND 6 MB Models

PRO level

Michitaka Yanagisawa was the fastest in qualifying round in this season closer race. Japanese talent drove very fast, consistent run and with 12.103 average, he left French talent Xavier Deparde 1.3 seconds behind. Behind Deparde, in third place was Dana Bailes. Bailes had 12.193 average and was 2.2 seconds away from fastest pace. Christoph Löb was fourth fastest, he was over 5 seconds behind Yanagisawa.

As the race started, our TQ Yanagisawa wasnt at the grid. But we had supertalents to give us a good exiting race. From the tone Bailes was in the great rhythm. He wasnt overwhelming but was driving really good laps and managed to stay away from fences. Behind him, Löb, Deparde, Haling and Saputra were fighting of the second place. After few laps, Bailes was still leadi... read more


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