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Round 2 of 2014 Season 2 saw a first time winner: Markku ‘THE DOCTOR’ Honkanen from Finland. Starting from the number 3 spot on the grid he had to battle with all the top-runners to finish some 4 seconds ahead of Candy in 2nd and Wollanka in 3rd. Candy had a bad start and wasted his 2nd spot on the grid completely being dead last at lap 1. With a late pitstop and some incredible driving he was able to clinch the lead in lap 11, but then started making mistakes. Also Wollanka suffered some serious crashes and wasn’t able to hold on to his early lead. Swedish off-road racer Tobias Isaksson also dropped back after leading the race in lap 8 and even saw US Kirby Backemeyer pass him for 4th.

The reversed direction for the Buenos Aires track was a tough ride for all but ‘THE DOCTOR’ drove an impeccable race with surgical precision.

1 Markku Honkanen FI 29 20:13.520
2 Javan Candy GB 29 20:17.557
3 Martin Wollanka AT 29 20:21.674
4 Kirby Backemeyer US 29 20:24.800
5 Tobias Isaksson SE 29 20:33.154
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Team Associated work driver Rob Gillespie has taken victory at Round 6 of the 2014 Season 2 series at Bash Pit Long. Until the 5 minute mark it was door-to-door between Rob and Team XRAY works driver Martin Wollanka from Austria, but it was Wollanka who blinked first and lost some 3 seconds on Rob when he clipped the inside curb coming from the quad section. Martin had to make up for the lost ground and put his car on its side and used some cross country style driving to get his car back on the track, loosing another 3 seconds. Gillespie had a comfortable 6 second cushion with a minute to go but then lost some 3 seconds himself letting Wollanka back in again. But there was not enough time left for the 2 to go head to head again so it was Rob Gillespie taking the win at the Bash Pit with Wollanka in second and Loriot (France) in 3rd.

A-Main Pro modified
1 Rob Gillespie US 42 10:00.938
2 Martin Wollanka AT 42 10:04.703
3 Nicolas Loriot FR 41 10:00.460
4 Kirby Backemeyer US 41 10:03.437
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