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2013 Season 2, SC10 Series - by TEKIN

29.04.2013   23 comments


Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Season 2 Round 2 “RC Excitement” Fitchburg MA. USA

The week’s race was held at the “Snowball Off- Road Champs” track housed in RC Excitement, Fitchburg, MA. RC Excitement is the home track to a few VRC Racers such as Jim Edmonds, Josh Vulte, Edward Stover, and Shawn Handy. This is a tight track with plenty of turns, high traction and a few strategically placed jumps.

IN REAL RC, The Snowball Offroad Champs, was run in January of 2013 the average lap times in each category were 17 seconds with some of the top lap times dipping into the 16’s. Fast laps in VRC averaged 16’s and the very fastest lap average were in the 15’s. The VRC Track is scaled to the real track, the difference in VRC average lap times is due to the vast amount of practice drivers get in the game opposed to the real track visitors.

Racing Action
The race starts with two rounds of qualifying. Qualifying Ro... read more

2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 SCT and SCT 13.5T SPEC - by TEKIN Mikes 3

15.04.2013   14 comments

report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

A season for change
This season the short course category has been expanded to include both spec and open class trucks. For most that means twice the races and twice the fun. Change is good and many good things have been added this season. The virtual opponent system, target player and a new racing format are a few of the changes VRC has rolled out with season two.
The open class is just that open to all chassis and motor combinations, while the spec class is limited to 13.5, 3300 or 17.5 motors. The spec chassis is also limited to the bare minimum set-up modifications. The Idea is to level the playing field with fewer settings to worry about so that racers can focus more on driving.

New Season New Format
The new race format for season two was also introduced. In the past there were more rounds and more tries per round. Each race started with timed practice, qualifying, elimi... read more




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