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Following up on a long promise we are now ready to present you the 2013 Virtual Snowbird Nationals. Probably you couldn’t make it to the real Snowbirds but this is your chance to race on the same track with racers from around the world.

Two brand new tracks are about to be released for this major r/c event of the year. Some 700 racers gather in the Snowbird Hot Rod hotel in Orlando - Florida for this annual happening, and this world renowned event will now have its virtual edition in VRC Pro.

Three events will be organized on the road course, another 3 events on the oval course, including for the first time an event for NASCAR trucks! The events for the spec chassis will be restricted to racer level 5 to keep the Pro’s (level 6) out…

Road course
- 1:10 ISTC modified
- 1:10 ISTC Spec
- 1:12 modified

Oval course
- 1:10 Spec NASCAR trucks
- 1:10 ISTC modified
- 1:12 Spec

The 2013 Virtual Snowbird Nationals will start on Wednesday Jan. 30th with the Mains starting on Friday and... read more

2012 VRC Worlds 1:10 ISTC racing action

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2012 VRC Worlds champion Ronald Volker (Yokomo) leading the pack, with Elliott Harpen (Tamiya) in hot pursuit.




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