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Italian racer Kevin Pignotti, just 15 years old, has raced to victory in the first VRC Pro 1:8 World Championships in convincing style. Pignotti had to leave qualifying pole honors to Martin Wollanka from Austria, but from then on he was untouchable.

In the 1 hour final at the Luxembourg track he drove faultlessly and needed a turn marshal just once, one lap before the end! With a 16.230 fastest lap and a race average of 16.809 Kevin drove an incredible steady race but also at an incredible fast pace. He also got his race strategy spot on, saving one fuel stop on Babchenko and Wollanka. All 3 top runners went for a tire change half way.

Alexy Babchenko from the Ukrain, and Martin Wollanka made up the podium 2 ½ laps down on Pignotti. Their race was very close, Wollanka leading till lap 145, then Babchenko to go in 2nd again, Wollanka returning to second briefly during the last fuel stop but in the end Babchenko finished just 5 seconds in front of the hard pressing Austrian. Italy was the strongest coun... read more


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1:10 Nitro specialist Frank Hättich has added a 3rd consecutive world title to his impressive VRC career. After winning the title in 2009 at the Tamiya Kakegawa track in Japan, in 2010 in Fiorano Italy, Frank was now victorious at the Pegaso track in Mexico. His main rival was his country fellowman Ronald Völker who charged hard in the 45 minutes main final but fell 3.25 seconds short in the end. Thai ace Pongtorn Trayrananon completed the podium just 1 lap down on the 2 front runners.

The race between Frank and Ronald was incredibly tight. Take a look at the race comparison stats. Ronald Völker delivered an amazing flat race, fastest lap at 16.142, slowest lap 17.712, net race average 16.397, including pit stops 16.616. How on earth can you beat that? We have to ask Frank because he did that with a fastest lap of 16.070, slowest lap of 19.014 and net race average of 16.386, eleven thousands faster per lap on average. Up until lap 130 Hättich and Völker had swapped places several times but from there on F... read more




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