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We have just published the racing calendar for Season 2 for all classes. There are some significant changes made compared to the last seasons.

Because the period April-September coincides with the outdoor racing season in most countries we have stretched the schedule from 3 classes per week to 2 classes per week, and the period from 3 months to 6 months. Now there will be 8 races in this (double) season 2, of which your 5 best results will count for the Series Championship. Each event will be split up in 3 racer classes Club, Sport and Pro.

Another important change is that the evEnts now have only 2 rounds, Qualifying and Main finals. The reason for this is to make the events more compact, and to make sure that you can always raceyour qualifier and the main final in the middle of the week. Qualifying starts on Saturday and ends Wednesday morning early, and Main Finals start Wednesday morning and end Saturday morning early. With this new race schedule we are staying away from the busy racing weekends as much as possible which should increase the participation in Main Finals.

In April we will release the Harper Adams Neo '13 track, and later in May the immense and world famous Pattay track, both tracks will be used in Season 2 buggy and short course series!

TEAM ASSOCIATED will be the main sponsor of the nitro buggies, short course trucks, 1:10 electric touringcars and 1:12 sportscars series, classes in which Team Associated has a strong presence.

We welcome RUNNER TIME as sponsor of the nitro on-road series. Runner Time is one of the premier brands for high performance nitro fuels and we are proud to see this Italian company involved in VRC Pro.

At the end of the 1st quarter of 2014 we will readjust the skill levels for Season 2. We will notify you with in-game and website announcements to check your new skill level out and to adjust your racer class to an even higher class if you feel you're ready for it.


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01.04.2014 [21:44]
Posted by: Holger Wolf (DE) on 29.3.2014 2:51:37 (UTC)
Very good decision.

31.03.2014 [18:33]
SOunds GooD!!!! I like the sounds of that! :)
29.03.2014 [09:56]
Will there be a software update before season 2 starts to sort out some buggy issues?
29.03.2014 [02:51]
Very good decision.
28.03.2014 [14:03]
just one run for the final - as in real life. This can be interesting.
28.03.2014 [00:52]
Can't wait! Enjoyed Season 1 in TC, SCT, and 1/8 buggies immensely!
27.03.2014 [17:26]
Sweet, just got laid off from work so I have plenty of time to race the whole season!
27.03.2014 [15:49]
finally the neo 13 track, it was a great track with great lines. JUST DONT MAKE IT TO EXPENSIVE PLEASE.
27.03.2014 [15:20]
the new format , is perfekt !! thanx
27.03.2014 [14:32]
New format looks good,
Thanks for the heads up on Racer levels,there were a lot of questions on this!

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