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The long awaited VRC Pro OFF-ROAD is now finally released, starring the immensely popular 4WD Short Course trucks. This is a fantastic milestone in the history of VRC: the leap from on-road to off-road racing. We are very happy to finally welcome the off-road community into VRC Pro and give them nothing less than a true off-road experience!

Virtual Short Course is said to be realistic beyond belief. According to the beta testers and others who have tried it, including Scotty Ernst, Rick Howard from Team Associated, Eoghain O’Briain from RedRC and off-road champions Atsushi Hara and Hayoto Matzusaki:

“...awesome, the realism of VRC Pro short course is spot-on”

And you are about to experience it yourself!

New exciting features

With the introduction of short course VRC Pro also treats you with other new features:
- Replay system, view your own races now
- Race against replay: race against your own or other replay cars, with and without collision, also multi-player sessions can be recorded and raced against
- New dynamic camera system, car now moves dynamically on the screen for more realism and speed sensation
- Controller mapping to easily hook up & setup a gamepad to VRC Pro
- Improved physics for on-road cars (incl. new oil differentials)
- Several updates on tracks and components
- Extra sound and game options
- Achievement system: you get a reward (points) for certain challenges like driving 100 km, going 25 laps without crashing, driving at 90% of the official track record, winning your first multiplayer race or official event.

Available off-road content

VRC Pro off-road starts off with a 1:10 Electric 4WD Short Course truck (stock and modified), including brushless 17.5T, 13.5T, 8.5T and 7.5T motors, and 2 exciting off-road tracks: Mikes Hobby Shop (USA) and the Rhein-Main Circuit (Germany). More to come soon!

All members have free access to the Spec truck (17.5T), but not yet to a track as the public off-road track is still under development. You can get all the other off-road content by purchasing the OFF-ROAD EXPANSION PACK for only €24,95 (approx $30) or by using your vEuros to buy each off-road part/track individually in the game or on the web (total cost min. 38 vEuros). The expansion pack saves you a lot of money compared to buying individual parts and tracks.


Click here to visit the expansion pack information page and find out which offer is best for you.


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24.10.2012 [08:56]
Now we just need some more off-road classes,. Would love to see, 8th nitro and electric Buggys,and Truggys,and maybe 10th nitro and electric Stadium Trucks. lol,I'll keep dreaming for now, but let me say, the VRC simulator is just AMAZING as it is,and I still haven't received my adapter. Oh,.. how about a little rock crawling and mud bogging,... LMAO
24.10.2012 [08:44]
did you use MotionInJoy driver and then mapped your Xbox controller in VRC Pro? Worked straight forward for you?

With Windows 7, the Xbox controller worked without anything other than the USB drivers. It works pretty good, but is only a tease, waiting for transmitter adapter.
23.10.2012 [08:24]
great job
i hope OR8 and ORT will come soon!!
15.08.2012 [22:48]
Received my USB adapter yesterday and playing with my radio is so nice...shipping to California only took 5 days, fortunately. Thanks guys! Really enjoying the sim a lot, looking forward to entering some events now.
15.08.2012 [20:26]
Hi guys,
Amazing the Offroad version of VRC Pro.
14.08.2012 [12:23]
Awesome work with the vrc-offroad sim, really impressed with the jumping and feel of the trucks.
The price to use this great and fun training tool, is absolutly "dirt cheap".

So keep up the good work VRC team, and I hope 1:8 buggy is next! :)
14.08.2012 [07:03]
Really great job guys!

Was worth the waiting. Hope you keep up the good work.

Now I'm very unpacient to see other tracks and classes ;-)

13.08.2012 [23:15]
Posted by: Pieter Bervoets
Kevin, did you use MotionInJoy driver and then mapped your Xbox controller in VRC Pro? Worked straight forward for you?[/b]

Windows 7 automatically detected the XBox controller when I plugged it in. Then I just mapped the steering and throttle inputs in the game, and it worked like a charm...I had no issues at all setting it up.
13.08.2012 [21:36]
Posted by: Nick Lambert (US) on 13.8.2012 20:13:33 (UTC)
Which mean i have 45 euros in my account that I cant even use till I spend 40 more bucks out of my bank account to repurchase everything.

You don't have to 're-purchase' any of your previously purchased content. You just need a valid subscription to play VRC Pro and you can't use your earned vEuros to get subscription.

Why does this come as such a big surprize to you? If everybody could just earn their vEuros to get free subscription we wouldn't have a business to keep VRC Pro up and running for you guys...

If we all want VRC Pro to continue and continue developing new off-road content and interesting features, then we need the 'crowd' to fund it with small fees on a monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly basis. That's the reality of it...
13.08.2012 [21:13]
Just so everyone knows since the moderators have not put it on here you are not allowed to purchase the expansion pack with any ve euros that you allready have in your account. you are also not allowed to buy monthly subscriptions with it either. you have to shell out your more money to them from your paypal account or credit card. Which mean i have 45 euros in my account that I cant even use till I spend 40 more bucks out of my bank account to repurchase everything. I love how they dont tell you this at all.

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