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Race:from 23.12.2017 [10:00] to 01.01.2018 [10:00]
Class:1:10 Electric on-road
Track:VRC Carpet 7
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:10 electric touringcars modified, OVERALL COMBINED, Overall electric on-road, Overall on-road combined
Points:Level 5 ABC (1 - 300) with DNS* factor 90%
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VRC Carpet 7 FB, designed by Farhaan Basha from South Africa. The 13 year old (!!!) designed this track for the 2016 Track Design competition and was chosen from some 25 designs as 3rd favorite!
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PRO class

Reece Hodges from the UK has won his very first World Championship title in Pro class. Qualifying 3rd he had to battle it out with Jhonny Hernandez from Spain and Michitaka Yanagisawa from Japan. The lead tossed several times and despite a few small errors Reece managed to clinch the title with just 0.6 seconds on the hard charging Hernandez and 0.8 on Yanagisawa who set the fastest lap in this A-Main final with 13.744. The big absentee was of course pole-sitter Mathias Nedrebø who couldn't free himself up for the main finals.

1.|Reece Hodges|GB|22|05:11.632|3
2.|Jhonny Hernandez|ES|22|05:12.286|2
3.|Michitaka Yanagisawa|JP|22|05:12.492|4
4.|Xavier Deparde|FR|21|05:04.606|5
5.|Carson Yeung|HK|21|05:07.034|7
6.|Patrick Bader|CH|21|05:07.942|8
7.|Gary Crowell|US|21|05:07.964|9
8.|Nuno Lourenco|PT|21|05:09.098|10
9.|Mathias Nedrebø|NO||DNF
10.|Dana Bailes|US||DNF

SPORT class

Dimitrios Ioannidis from Greece led the A-Main almost from start to finish, only in the first lap he had to give way to Santo Grasso who couldn't keep up with the pace of Dimitrios. A serious crash in lap 5 dropped him back all the way to 5th, but helped by an even worse crash by Hwang from S.Korea in lap 14 he managed to come back to 2nd almost a lap down on the fast Greek. Hwang finished less tan 2 seconds behind Grasso in 3rd.

1.|Dimitrios Ioannidis|GR|21|05:11.686|1
2.|Santo Grasso|IT|20|05:09.640|2
3.|Chanyoung Hwang|KR|20|05:11.388|5
4.|Manuel Weber|US|20|05:14.556|3
5.|Yuriy Meshkov|RU|19|05:00.026|8
6.|Pedro Pozo|ES|19|05:04.736|7
7.|Viktor Halcin|SK|19|05:08.402|6
8.|Ivan Barnier|FR|19|05:09.008|10
9.|Gregory Molinas|GR|18|05:12.054|4
10.|Pete Mejia|US||DNF

CLUB class

This was a close race between Ozcan from Turkey and Delmastro from France. The 2 tossed 1st positions several times. It looked like the Frenchman had it but in lap 19, 1 lap before the finish line, he crashed, loosing some 2.5 seconds, and the Club title. Johann Jury from Austria secured 3rd place a lap down from the fronbt runners.

1.|Burak Ozcan|TR|20|05:11.366|2
2.|Tony DELMASTRO|FR|20|05:13.614|3
3.|Johann Jury|AT|19|05:02.722|5
4.|Abel Martinez|FR|19|05:03.018|4
5.|Frank Hempel|DE|19|05:06.160|6
6.|polo pilato|FR|19|05:12.810|10
7.|Paul Waller|GB|18|05:02.882|9
8.|michael Zappa|GB|18|05:08.042|7
9.|Helge Naley|NO|1|05:30.400|8
10.|Bryan Thomson|GB||DNF

In the Overall Nations Cup France scored a strong 1st place, the UK 2nd and Germany 3rd.

Congrats to all the podium finishers.

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05.01.2018 [02:54]
Well Done Reece, Dimitrios, Burak



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