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The Messina track on the island of Sicily in the south of Italy, host of the 2005 IFMAR World Championships for 1:8 scale sportscars won by racing legend Lamberto Collari. Located right on the beautiful Messina beach this track must be r/c racers paradise... The track lay-out is relatively simple but this makes it even more difficult to gain time and make a difference.

Watch Race2theWorlds winner Kevin Pignotti (IT) master the Messina track with his 1:8 nitro powered car.
View the XRAY VRC Pro Masters 1:8 nitro at Messina.
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Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 5, Messina

At fifth round this series travelled to Italy, Messina circuit. This track is on the island Sicily in the south of Italy. The track hosted 2005 IFMAR World Championship for 1:8 scale sportcars, and it was wonned by racing legend Lamberto Collari. Lay-out of this track is guite simple but this makes it even more difficult to gain time and make a difference.

As the qualifying was helded, Hungarian talent Barnabas Toth had greatest pace, but there was this Swedish driver, Christian Holmström who didnt gave this easy to Toth. After round ended, Holmström losted the TQ, only 0.6 seconds margin to Toth. Third grid went also to Sweden, Andre Fossto`s gap to winner was 3.3 seconds. Benjamin Lehmann from Germany drove to fourth and French Arthur Brule to fifth grid. By these results, we could expect that final would be two mans fight of the win, others would have to find something special for next one, if they wanted to challenge those two at front.

From the tone, anything special didnt happend and race was on. German Benjamin Lehmann seemed to be like lightning when he lefted from his grid. Ok, all these talents were very good aware that everything was counted here to result. You had to be awake from allready from start.
After first lap three drivers separeted from others, Toth was in first, Holmström in second, Lehmann in third spot and chasing group was coming over half second distance to these.
At second lap Holmström`s pressure made a result as he passed Toth at 8th corner before mainstraight. But this Hungarian hadnt surrender, he was there and very very close. No huge differences were founded from these two paces and we got very good entertainment as these two were in battle.

Toth(green) was stronger than Holmström here. But it was very nice to see that somebody can challenge Barnabas very strongly.

Lehmann in third position was also in close range, only half second behind these two. At fourth spot was driving French Arthur Brule, Brules gap to third spot was allmost one second when 5th lap started. Brule wasnt either in easy place, as Raistrick was very close behind at fifth place. At 7th lap Brule made this easy for Raistrick as he donned a mistake. He cutted corner three, rolled his car and dropped two places behind Bailes. Now Raistrick was in fourth and Bailes in fifth place. At lead it looked that Toth had got his ”no mercy” rhytm on and he had little gap to Holmström, but this 33years old Swedish hadnt gave up. Distance between these two were only half second when 11th lap started. Lehman was driving in third place, 1.3seconds behind Holmström.

Lehmann had great pace, little more and those two at front would be in trouble.

At back, Brule had pressured Bailes at fifth place and passed this in earlier lap. Now Brule was chasing Raistrick at fourth spot very aggressively and this made result when Raistrick went wide to first corner at 13th lap and Brule passed him.
When final minute started, anything miracles didnt happend, everybody drived very consistent last minute and nothing changed in results. Toth came first to finishline, with one second ahead of Holmström. Third and last podium place travelled to Germany, to Benjamin Lehmann. Benjamin`s gap to winner was 3.8 seconds. Brule who got in trouble in 7th lap, fighted his place back and crossed the finishline in fourth position. Raistrick was in fifth and Bailes at sixth position.
Italian Massimiliano Tanturri got seventh place and Estonian Olev Pihl eight place.

Raistrick(white) had to surrender to Brule. Brule had to make full job to gain his position back after his 7th lap mistake.

In SPORT level race, race was wonned by Sean Krause from Germany. Sean had good race against French Nicolas Chauvet. THey were in battle all the way up to 15th lap when Nicolas made bigger mistake and this solved victory to Sean. Sean drived safely last three laps and came to finishline with allmost 5 seconds before Nicolas.
Third place went to Brasilian Marcelo Borges. When Nicolas made mistake, Marcelo passed him and got the second place. Finally Nicolas pace was little better than Marcelo`s and this Brasilian had to settle to third place.

In CLUB level, Finnish Antti Silvennoinen wonned the race. This didnt came easy to Antti as he was battlying with Portugues Nuno Lourenco. Nuno`s pace was pit better than Antti`s, but this 37 years old Portugues made five seconds mistake in early stage in Final and this made this very interesting. Silvennoinen hold his nerves and drove well deserved victory in here.
Third place went to Seiya Inoue from Japan.

A main PRO

1Barnabás TóthHU1905:10.310
2Christian HolmströmSE1905:11.330
3Benjamin LehmannDE1905:14.112
4Arthur BruléFR1905:15.446
5Graham RaistrickGB1905:16.008
6Dana BailesUS1805:01.368
7Massimiliano TanturriIT1805:02.822
8Olev PihlEE1805:06.168
9André FosstoSEDNS
10Willem Janse van RensburgZADNS

A main SPORT
1Sean KrauseDE1805:06.166
2Chauvet NicolasFR1805:10.854
3Marcelo BorgesBR1805:11.374
4Heikki HuhtalaFI1805:14.366
5Markus AndreassonSE1805:14.554
6VRC Korea MasterKR1805:14.900
7Andreas BörjessonSE1805:18.624
8Hijrah SaputraID1605:09.354
9Arie SugiartoIDDNS
10Ari AzhariIDDNS

A main CLUB
1Antti SilvennoinenFI1805:13.650
2Nuno LourencoPT1805:14.068
3Seiya InoueJP1705:02.258
4Nathan BeddoesAU1705:03.790
5Stephen CheungAU1705:04.888
6Luca BottaiIT1705:12.778
7Mario UnverzagtDE1605:01.838
8Gilles BigotFRDNS
9Frank HempelDEDNS
10pierre clainREDNS


1Dana Bailes537
2Graham Raistrick534
3Willem Janse van Rensburg474
4Olev Pihl469
5Benjamin Lehmann468
6Arthur Brulé453
7Herve Becet445
8Ralf H. Vey391
9Billy Yeung391
10Giovanni F. Di Berardino363

1Hijrah Saputra567
2Marcelo Borges465
3Bart Acda452
4Yuriy Meshkov450
5Emanuel Riplinger447
6Heikki Huhtala438
7Paulo Guedes412
8Thomas Klingen401
9Hans Guenther Heitsch387
10Joost Wouters386

1Seiya Inoue561
2Antti Silvennoinen474
3Romain LACROIX414
4Steve Solosy407
5Yasuhiro Morta382
7Gary Climie366
8Nuno Lourenco339
9Jodie Grein333
10Paulo Machado325


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Thank you also in here VKR! Most aphreciated!
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Nice Report Thanks~

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