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Osaka 2 Central Raceway, Japan
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1:8 Nitro on-road sportscarsn/a
1:10 Nitro on-roadn/a
1:10 Electric on-roadn/a
1:10 Electric on-road Specn/a
1:8 Nitro sportscar Specn/a
1:10 Nitro on-road Specn/a
1:12 Electric on-road Specn/a
1:12 Electric on-roadn/a
1:10 Electric NASCAR Truckn/a
1:8 Nitro NASCAR Truckn/a
1:8 Nitro NASCAR Truck Specn/a
1:10 Nitro NASCAR Truckn/a
1:10 Nitro NASCARTruck Specn/a
1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck Specn/a
1:10 Electric Driftern/a
1:8 Nitro GT3n/a
1:8 Nitro GT3 Specn/a
1:10 Electric on-road 17.5T Clubn/a
1:10 Short Course 4WDn/a
1:8 Nitro buggyn/a
1:8 Nitro buggy Specn/a
1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5Tn/a
1:8 Electric buggyn/a
1:8 Electric buggy Specn/a
1:10 Electric Basher & Crawlern/a
1:10 Electric Bashing & Crawling Truck Specn/a
1:8 Rally Xn/a
1:8 Rally X Specn/a
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A new track is added to the selection of world on-road tracks: Osaka. This track is also known as Central Race Park and is located just outside Osaka. It has featured several Japanese national championship events in the past. It's a typical Japanese track with the option to have several lay-outs. This is lay-out number 2. Today we will also release lay-out 3 which is the oval course, a new track for the die-hard oval racers to run the NASCAR trucks on. Later we will release a barrier free version, Osaka 4, which is a perfect site for drifters! Osaka 1 will be release in fall 2015.

The first event on the new track will start on August 8 with 1:12 sportscars 10.5T Blinkie class. Enjoy the new track!


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