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series default logo Race: 08 July 2017 to 30 October 2017
Class: 1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5T
Events: 6 events with total 12 rounds on 6 track(s)
Points: Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 75%
Prizes: not selected
Restrictions: Not restricted
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2017 SEASON 2 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T ROUND 5 Bash Pit Short


Report by JP racing videos

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5 ROUND 5 Bash Pit Short

PRO level

Tom Rinderknecht and Sandro Cabreira were in top spots after qualifying. These two had great battle of the pole and finally 0.522 seconds was separating these when round ended, Rinderknecht on pole and Cabreira in second place. If it was tight between those two at front, also from the third grid we saw very close fight. Carson Yeung and Robert Hillman served this fight, and Yeung took the third with 0.8s margin ahead of Hillman.

As the tone shouted for the main and PRO level was on their way, Prieto took the furios start from the 6th grid and got the lead. But after few laps of driving, Prieto`s car visited on its side and Cabreira and Rinderknecht got pass. And it was close call, between Cabreira and Rinderknecht. Margins were really tiny, pace was same and only mistake would solve this battle. Cabreira was stable, consistent and fast, no doubt. But that one tiny mistake ruined his chances against Rinderknecht. This mistake came at lap 31, and it was totally too much. Over 4 seconds of that mistake, it was just too much against this American talented youngster.
But Cabreira didnt surrender on those last remaining 6laps, he was pushing and gave great pressure to Rinderknecht. Finally when they crossed the line, gap was only 0.5 seconds, Rinderknecht first and Cabreira second. Cabreira was faster in those remaining laps after his mistake, was it anger of his mistake, but it was great to watch. Congrats Tom once again, fabulous job!
Prieto who had showed some great reflexes at the start, was on third position 14 laps from the begining of the race. He got huge pressure from Carson Yeung and after 14th lap, Yeung gain to third place. From this point Yeung and Prieto were driving ”cat & mouse” race. Yeung stayed at third position next 18 laps and Prieto was hanging his bumber all the time. Last remaining 6laps, it was really close fight, no mistakes and pure racing. Coming to the finishline, they both deserved third position but Prieto was 0.066s better. Sorry for Carson, clock wasnt on your side!!

Rinderknecht was flying again

SPORT level

SPORT level winner was solved also with "cat & mouse" style, Angleitner and Turtiainen were in mainroles and this was tight fight. They swapped places nine times during the final, anybody couldnt predict how its going to end and this was enjoyable for spectators. Finally Angleitner crossed the line in first place, 1.2 seconds ahead of Turtiainen.
Third podium wasnt either clear and easy. Nuno Lourenco, Ean Reilley and Tyler Mackenzie served great fun for audience. They were all inside 0.7 seconds when race ended.
But have to say big sorry to Canadian driver Tyler Mackenzie. Tyler was big favourite to take the third podium of this race, as he was on third spot 31 laps when he got troubles. His mistake at lap 32 gave him few seconds and it was goodbye to third.
Finally Lourenco was "luckiest" from this trio and took the last podium place, with tiny 0.2 seconds margin before Reilley. Mackenzie had to settle to fifth place.

Angleitner and Turtiainen had nice battle

CLUB level

After qualifying German driver Paul Deafty was huge favourite for the victory. Almost lap faster than second fastest, Johan Catilina from Belgium. So with stable run, nobody couldnt challenge Deafty. And Deafty certainly did what he got, but he wasnt so overwhelming like in qualifying predicted. OK, Deafty won this race, but Greek driver Christos Katsigiannis had made his practice and was only 5 seconds behind at second place when race ended. Alex Avtoman came to third place, 7 seconds behind winners pace.

Deafty won the CLUB level



1|Tom Rinderknecht|US|36|07:03.160
2|Sandro Cabreira|BR|36|07:04.849
3|Alejandro Prieto|ES|35|07:05.497
4|Carson Yeung|HK|35|07:05.563
5|Robert Hillman|SE|35|07:06.654
6|Maryan Beresh|UA|35|07:09.434
7|Andy Garcia|UA|34|07:01.892
8|Sigurður J Elíasson|IS|34|07:04.140


1|Josef Angleitner|AT|34|07:03.049
2|Antti Turtiainen|FI|34|07:04.302
3|Nuno Lourenco|PT|33|07:00.240
4|Ean Reilley|US|33|07:00.460
5|Tyler Mackenzie|CA|33|07:00.960
6|Curtis Damm|US|33|07:03.126
7|V K|EE|33|07:08.740
8|isla pesca|JP|33|07:09.992
9|Fred Fouilland|FR|31|07:01.543


1|Paul Deafty|DE|32|07:08.846
2|Christos Katsigiannis|GR|31|07:01.406
3|Alex Avtoman|UA|31|07:03.817
4|Dan Hoogwerff|US|31|07:05.452
5|Johan Catilina|BE|31|07:05.991
6|Alessio Alessio Gravante|IT|31|07:07.629
7|michael Zappa|GB|30|07:00.994
8|Robert Dean|DE|29|07:02.500


PRO level

1|Tom Rinderknecht|318
2|Carson Yeung|296
3|Alejandro Prieto|294
4|Gaetan ANGER|288
5|Marshall Kirkholm|288
6|Gary Crowell|266
7|Ilari Lamminsivu|252
8|Andy Garcia|250
9|Brandon Scobee|249
10|Thomas Fischer|222

SPORT level

1|Nuno Lourenco|308
2|Josef Angleitner|306
3|Curtis Damm|284
4|isla pesca|268
5|Tyler Mackenzie|260
6|Manuel Weber|252
7|Gary Sundman|247
8|Steven Patterson|239
9|Dorian Marcel|207
10|Karl heinz Johann|191

CLUB level

1|Dan Hoogwerff|304
2|Christos Katsigiannis|292
3|Paul Deafty|255
4|Peter Elphinstone|243
5|Robert Dean|237
6|Gary Climie|226
7|Brad Dalbec|224
8|Martin Chouinard|194
9|michael Zappa|171
10|Michael Walker|171

Im very grateful and honored that i can see from my Youtube charts that people has shared those videos more and more from my YOUTUBE channel. This is how it should be, by this way we get more puplicity and curios people to figure out, how good WE and VRC PRO is. And with WE word i mean us, whole VRC COMMUNITY. This is one great community, and lets keep pushing forward with sharing stuff from here to socialmedia, where ever you are moving.




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11.10.2017 [14:59]
Thanks Michael and Carson....
10.10.2017 [22:51]
Nice report!
10.10.2017 [21:14]
Well Done All..
Nice report.



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