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Race:from 02.03.2012 [00:00] to 09.03.2012 [23:00]
Class:1:10 Electric on-road Spec
Track:Atsugi 2 Kyosho
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:10 electric touringcars 13.5T spec
Points:Level 2 (1 - 100)
Prizes:Level 2
Restrictions:maximum racer level 4

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Dates: from 02.03.2012 [00:00] to 05.03.2012 [23:00]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 0min. 30s
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 10, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Practice level


Dates: from 06.03.2012 [00:00] to 07.03.2012 [23:00]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 0min. 30s
Race options: particip.: 80, tries: 5, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - grid start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 08.03.2012 [00:00] to 09.03.2012 [23:00]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 0min. 30s
Race options: particip.: 40, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: free
Round race format: all together - grid start - sorted overall - National level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
1Alojzij OSISport2205:00.364-9.96
2Szymon NPLClub2205:03.602+3.238s >9.81
3Benjamin L.DEClub2205:03.932+3.568s >9.41
4Valerio Z.ITClub2205:05.976+5.612s >9.69
5Toni S.ATSport2205:06.584+6.220s >9.58
6Ludovic N.FRClub2205:08.322+7.958s >9.50
7Tomi M.FISport2205:08.942+8.578s >9.64
8Sebastian R.DEClub2205:09.268+8.904s >9.31
9Ingo GATSport2205:09.846+9.482s >9.31
10Sebastien N.FRSport2205:09.864+9.500s >9.44
11Koen BNLClub2205:10.370+10.006s >9.13
12Thomas RATSport2205:10.576+10.212s >9.51
13Greg G.PHSport2205:11.022+10.658s >9.48
14Andrew C.AUSport2205:11.258+10.894s >9.36
15Pedro PESSport2205:11.278+10.914s >9.38
16Marcel S.DESport2205:12.258+11.894s >9.42
17Shaun SZASport2205:12.382+12.018s >9.65
18Norbert RDEClub2205:12.614+12.250s >9.36
19Marc Van der ZonZASport2205:13.576+13.212s >9.50
20Smith V.THSport2205:14.022+13.658s >9.51
21Oliver P.ATClub2205:16.306+15.942s >9.45
22Uros D.SISport2105:01.244+1 laps >9.41
23Dave YNZSport2105:01.276+1 laps >9.23
24JEAN-PAUL C.FRSport2105:01.876+1 laps >9.13
25Michi PATClub2105:02.570+1 laps >9.28
26Bart V.BEClub2105:02.718+1 laps >9.49
27Marcelo BorgesBRSport2105:02.772+1 laps >9.32
28Nico S.ATClub2105:03.520+1 laps >9.26
29Andrej G.SISport2105:03.964+1 laps >9.35
30Kanji N.JPSport2105:04.448+1 laps >9.47
31Thomas B.ATSport2105:04.506+1 laps >9.22
32Joe D.NZClub2105:06.098+1 laps >9.10
33Dominique C.FRClub2105:07.004+1 laps >9.21
34Marc BDESport2105:08.490+1 laps >9.34
35Franck P.FRSport2105:12.314+1 laps >9.12
 36Tobias SDESport2205:07.726DNS9.83
 37Jason HZASport2205:09.000DNS9.79
 38Darren D.ZASport2205:13.882DNS9.49
 39Tim H.GBClub2105:02.648DNS9.31
 40Shuichi O.JPSport2105:08.202DNS9.49
 41Fred V.NLSport2105:10.262DNS9.17
 42Dirk Z.DESport2105:10.310DNS9.07
 43Wolfgang H.ATClub2105:10.978DNS9.21
 44Noriyasu O.JPSport2105:11.264DNS9.15
 45Rado D.CZClub2105:12.174DNS9.16
 46Claus DidriksenNOClub2105:12.200DNS9.10
 47Michael HUSClub2105:12.550DNS9.40
 48Markus G.DESport2105:12.796DNS9.18
 49Jens B.DKSport2105:13.174DNS9.15
 50Nikolay A.RUSport2105:13.368DNS9.28
 51Cameron N.AUClub2105:14.166DNS8.94
 52Markus H.CHClub2105:14.398DNS9.16
 53Brian T.CAClub2105:14.484DNS9.11
 54Andrew S.ZAClub2005:00.342DNS9.15
 55Lucio C.ITSport2005:00.658DNS9.07
 56Christophe L.FRSport2005:00.970DNS9.10
 57Zsolt K.HUClub2005:00.994DNS9.04
 58Hanspeter R.CHSport2005:03.268DNS8.81
 59Jason S.USSport2005:04.034DNS9.08
 60Christian BDEClub2005:04.158DNS8.79
 61Fred F.FRSport2005:04.236DNS8.91
 62Brad M.AUClub2005:04.510DNS9.40
 63Tom EUSSport2005:05.288DNS9.13
 64Martin W.ATSport2005:05.386DNS9.09
 65Miguel Angel PESClub2005:09.416DNS8.91
 66Bernd R.DEClub2005:09.790DNS8.92
 67Marco M.CHClub2005:14.178DNS8.80
 68Rocco B.ITClub1905:02.978DNS8.82
 69Adam F.AUSport2305:12.462DNS10.0
 70Markus W.ATSport2205:12.786DNS9.56
 71Yunmin K.KRClub2105:00.436DNS9.50
 72Julien J.FRClub2105:08.244DNS9.26
 73Maurizio MITSport2105:08.896DNS9.24
 74Herve BFRClub2105:09.870DNS9.21
 75ALESSANDRO Z.ITClub2105:10.174DNS9.20
 76Hiroshi F.JPClub2105:12.106DNS9.14
 77Kévin RasquinFRClub2005:02.800DNS8.97
 78Pierre D.CHSport2005:05.832DNS8.88
 79Rumsey R.USSport2005:07.096DNS8.85
 80Markus SCHClub2005:08.084DNS8.82
 81Sven S.DESport2005:09.250DNS8.79
 82Frank H.DESport2005:10.336DNS8.76
 83S. V.DESport2005:10.808DNS8.74
 84Valter D.ITSport2005:11.166DNS8.73
 85Sven B.DESport2005:12.458DNS8.70
 86Rene S.DESport2005:12.652DNS8.69
 87悌文 卓.CNSport2005:13.006DNS8.68
 88Panos StavropoulosGRSport2005:13.202DNS8.67
 89Thomas Z.DEClub2005:13.500DNS8.67
 90Michael R.DEClub2005:14.244DNS8.65
 91David RumgayGBClub2005:14.576DNS8.64
 92Milan F.GBClub2005:15.412DNS8.61
 93Gilberto Federal F.BRSport1905:01.246DNS8.57
 94Nico SDESport1905:02.856DNS8.52
 95Jaime F.ESSport1905:03.058DNS8.52
 96Giovanni F. DBESport1905:03.398DNS8.51
 97Mike C.USClub1905:04.076DNS8.49
 98Jean charles B.FRClub1905:04.508DNS8.48
 99Takashi EndoJPSport1905:06.122DNS8.43
 100David V.CZSport1905:07.408DNS8.40
 101Nathan W.GBClub1905:07.546DNS8.39
 102Benoit AFRClub1905:09.362DNS8.34
 103Riaan RowanZAClub1905:12.768DNS8.25
 104David JCAClub1905:13.992DNS8.22
 105Vincent G.NLClub1905:14.248DNS8.21
 106Martin BATClub1905:14.660DNS8.20
 107Alexander S.ATClub1905:14.738DNS8.20
 108Yoshihiro S.JPClub1905:17.674DNS8.13
 109Michael H.DEClub1805:01.664DNS8.11
 110Torsten K.DEClub1805:01.940DNS8.10
 111Hans Guenther HDEClub1805:03.290DNS8.06
 112Christian P.ATSport1805:03.352DNS8.06
 113Anthony R.USClub1805:04.008DNS8.04
 114Heinz S.DEClub1805:07.386DNS7.96
 115Marcel PDEClub1805:07.562DNS7.95
 116Antonio MalfeoITClub1805:09.422DNS7.90
 117Zoltan VHUSport1805:10.552DNS7.87
 118David WGBClub1805:14.466DNS7.78
 119Michael S.USClub1805:16.320DNS7.73
 120Wouter F.ZAClub1805:16.834DNS7.72
 121Robert BUSClub1805:17.536DNS7.70
 122Patrick S.DEClub1805:18.304DNS7.68
 123Kevin SCAClub1705:01.842DNS7.65
 124Jaume C.ESSport1705:02.578DNS7.63
 125Alexy FILSport1705:02.894DNS7.62
 126Paul D.AUClub1705:04.258DNS7.59
 127Marc VBESport1705:08.368DNS7.49
 128Tim L.NLClub1705:08.842DNS7.48
 129Christian H.AUClub1705:08.924DNS7.48
 130Poul C.DKClub1705:09.344DNS7.47
 131James S.USClub1705:11.450DNS7.42
 132Miguel C.ESSport1705:13.258DNS7.37
 133Les G.GBSport1605:00.468DNS7.23
 134Maximilian M.DEClub1605:04.574DNS7.14
 135Uwe R.DEClub1605:05.868DNS7.11
 136Leif Benny H.DKSport1605:10.918DNS6.99
 137Mike d.NLClub1605:12.108DNS6.96
 138Sebastian W.DEClub1505:12.114DNS6.53
 139Daniel F.ESClub1405:12.614DNS6.08
 140Rafael C.ESSport1405:14.132DNS6.05
 141Stefan W.ATClub1305:09.948DNS5.70
 142Danny G.BEClub1305:11.740DNS5.67
 143Santo GITSport1205:22.480DNS5.06
 144Henrik T.DKClub1105:00.878DNS4.97
 145Dimosthenis P.GRSport1005:08.352DNS4.41
 146Dustin S.USClub905:14.132DNS3.89
 147Zafer S.TRClub805:19.114DNS3.41
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