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Race:from 22.02.2014 [09:00] to 01.03.2014 [09:00]
Class:1:8 Nitro buggy
Direction:  Reverse R
Series:2014 SEASON 1 - 1:8 NITRO BUGGIES
Rankings:  1:8 nitro buggies, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120)
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Bischofsheim Rhein-Main track Germany in 2007 lay-out. This track has been heavily modified since but this is a great off-road track with serious jumps and different surfaces for super drifting!

Some exciting short course multi-player action on Rhein Main.
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Round 3 was held at the Rhein Main circuit, but this time in reversed direction. VRC Pro tracks have been optimized to allow them to be raced in both directions, and this race is proof of this concept. 2 Tracks in one!

For this round we decided to cover the SPORT A-Main because it was a great race to cover and to show you some other racers than the Wollanka's of VRC Pro.

The race was very much between Robert Hillman from Sweden, Christoph Dobetsberger and Andi Schari both from Austria. Hillman got off to a great start and took the lead in lap 3 never to give up that position. But in his mirrors were the 2 Austrian racers. It took Christoph till lap 13 to finally pass his fellow country racer. A late pitstop in lap 30 even got him into first place with just 4 laps to go but after he had also refueled he had to settle for 2nd place 2.7 sec. behind the leader from Sweden.

A-Main SPORT class
1. Robert Hillman SE Sweden 33 20:07.085
2. Christoph Dobetsberger AT Austria 33 20:09.731
3. Andi Schari AT Austria 33 20:21.831
4. Robert Sorjonen CA Canada 32 20:02.388
5. Christian Fuchs AT Austria 32 20:09.097
6. Lee Queen US USA 32 20:09.758
7. Keith Lewis US USA 32 20:14.174
8. Flemming Hansen DK Denmark 32 20:26.605
9. Lindsay Mccabe ES Spain 31 20:01.303
10. Alan Reeves GB United Kingdom DNS

The video of the A-Main SPORT class final is now available with live commentary by Mike Garrison of, the VRC Pro live r/c coverage partner.


The PRO class A-Main was a nail-biter from start to finish resulting in Rick Redmin's first victory in Season 1, just 0.1 sec clear of the hard chasing David Barcena from Spain. The top-6 racers all finished in the same lap! Unfortunately there were not enough replay files uploaded to compose a race video of the Pro A-Main.

A-Main PRO class
1. Rick Redmin US USA 34 20:11.363
2. David Barcena ES Spain 34 20:11.463
3. Quentin Le Gall FR France 34 20:22.694
4. Dan Marson GB United Kingdom 34 20:25.523
5. Barnabás Tóth HU Hungary 34 20:29.988
6. Javan Candy GB United Kingdom 34 20:31.214
7. Mark Fletcher GB United Kingdom 33 20:10.640
8. Cristian Artiles ES Spain 33 20:12.266
9. Anders Wallgren SE Sweden 33 20:17.583
10. Philippe Lachat FR France 33 20:22.900


All 3 podium finishers held the lead for some laps during the Club A-Main final. Mid race Doucet was tossing for 2nd and 3rd position and only 3 laps before the end he managed to slip by Frederik Boden from Sweden and Richard Bagger also from Sweden. On the finish line Boden came just 1.2 seconds short of victory!

A-Main CLUB class
1. Marc Doucet FR France 33 20:03.775
2. Fredrik Boden SE Sweden 33 20:04.969
3. Richard Bagger SE Sweden 33 20:11.094
4. Björn Engman SE Sweden 33 20:20.282
5. Barry Tomkins GB United Kingdom 33 20:35.440
6. Chris Hampshire GB United Kingdom 32 20:09.023
7. Giuseppe Barba IT Italy 31 20:04.209
8. Nathan Waters GB United Kingdom DNS
9. Gareth Houben CA Canada DNS
10. Juan manuel Guillen ES Spain DNS


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