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Race:from 04.12.2013 [09:00] to 15.12.2013 [09:00]
Class:1:12 Electric on-road
Track:Orlando Indoor
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:12 electric sportscars modified, Overall electric on-road, Overall on-road combined
Points:Level 5 ABC (1 - 300)
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Home of the annual Snowbirds indoor race, solidified as one of the most prestigious and most recognized r/c events in the world!

The track is located at the Snowbird Hot Rod hotel in Orlandao.

This race draws over 700 racers every year. Now available in VRC Pro!

2013 Virtual Snowbirds Nationals 1:10 ISTC Mod. A-Main

2013 Virtual Snowbirds Nationals 1:10 ISTC Stock. A-Main

2013 Virtual Snowbirds Nationals 1:12 Modified A-Main
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Austrian Martin Wollanka has finally won a VRC World Championship. On the testing Orlando Snowbirds track he outclassed a field of 76 Pro racers (total 264 participants) with a stunning 50 laps in 8 minutes flat. In his WC title run he recorded just 2 encounters with the unforgiving boarding which is remarkable given the cornering speed these tiny cars produce. With this victory Wollanka has once more demonstrated his incredible r/c racing talent in all classes of r/c. Hungarian Barnabas Toth had to settle for second after closing the cap to just 1.3 seconds in lap 25 but a hard crash in lap 42 ended his quest for the 2013 title. Dana Bailes from the US who had dominated the 2013 season in 1:12 racing had an early crash in lap 5 and fought an uphill battle all race long. He had to come from far behind, but 3 crashes between lap 23 and 29 finished his title aspirations. Mustafa Alp from Turkey was chasing Bailes down till lap 30 but couldn’t hold on the Bailes pace in the end to finish 1.5 seconds short of the podium.

The big looser of this A-Main Pro final was UK driver Graham Raistrick who was challenging Wollanka up until lap 7 but several crashes later (he was still 3rd with 1 ½ minute to go…) he found himself dropped down the leader board to 7th.

A consolation for Bailes maybe, the US finishing first in the Nations ranking in Pro class, helped by the 5th position of Bill Caley and 10th of Rob Gillespie (DNS). Germany, always strong in Nations ranking took 2nd place and Switzerland 3rd.

Make sure to check out the A-Main Pro final commented by Mike Garrison of LiveRC.

This was a highly contested A-Main, with the top-3 finishing within 0.7 of a second, and the top-5 within 4 seconds. Mike Wise from the US pulled it off in the end to finish a mere 0.13 seconds ahead of runner up Emanuele D’Amico from Italy, passing him 5 laps before the end. 4 Laps before the end of the A-Main Yuriy Meshkovfrom Russia was still in second place the final but 4 slower finishing laps opened the door for the Mike and Emanuele to pass him. The real story of the Sport A-Main final was written by Juan Luis Barosso from Spain. He led this race with 1.4 seconds in hand over Mike Wise but than had a bad crash costing him over 4 seconds and dropping him back to 5th. That’s 1:12 racing!!!

Germany came out on top in the Nations ranking but only just in front of the US and Russia.

This A-Main was a close battle between Paul Ash from the UK and Luis Condes. Pail was chased down by Luis and crashed in lap 20 and it took him 8 laps to jump in front again. Luis kept pushing until the end, lost some time in lap 29 but came 0.9 second short of victory after 8 minutes of hard 1:12 racing. Joern Hoormann from Germany completed the podium in third with a solid drive, just 1 crash but a little off the pace compared to Paul Ash. David Sedgwick, also from the UK had the pace for a podium finish but with 5 crashes in his 8 minute run it was impossible for him to make up all the lost ground time and time again.

With 3 Aussies in the A-Main the Nations ranking was won by Australia, with France in second and Britain settling for 3rd despite Ash’s win.


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22.12.2013 [08:47]
Alles Gute Martin!!! Good Job
21.12.2013 [09:06]
good race, congrats :)
20.12.2013 [19:42]
Congratulations Martin!
Very fast!
20.12.2013 [18:42]
GRATS!!!!!! Some Great Racing,.. thanks for the show!!! :)
20.12.2013 [17:09]
Since I started using VRC Pro YEARS ago, I have always seen Martin Wollanka a the top of the charts. Happy to see him taking top spot this year! Hard work pays off!
20.12.2013 [16:28]
Congratulations to all the winners

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