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2013 SEASON 4 - 1:10 ISTC ROUND 2status: FINISHED

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Race:from 26.10.2013 [09:00] to 02.11.2013 [09:00]
Class:1:10 Electric on-road
Track:Eppelheim 2
Direction:  Reverse R
Series:2013 SEASON 4 1:10 ISTC - by TEKIN
Rankings:  1:10 electric touringcars modified, Overall electric on-road, Overall on-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120)
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LRP Masters track in Eppelheim Germany using the 2011-2012 layout. This typical electric track has barriers and dots to mark the track which makes this track very demanding. It takes a lot of practice to go fast here and be consistent. The ideal practice track for the die-hard electric racer to stay in shape for the big events.

View the 2011 VRC Pro Masters final with Ronald Volker on this track.
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2013 Season 4 Round 2 at Eppelheim


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