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Race:from 30.09.2013 [00:00] to 14.10.2013 [11:00]
Class:1:8 Nitro on-road sportscars
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:8 nitro sportscars modified, OVERALL NITRO ONROAD, OVERALL ONROAD COMBINED
Points:Level 5 (1 - 180)
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Keitune, one of Japan's larger permanent country-side outdoor tracks situated north of Tokyo. It is an old seasoned track in typical Japanese style.
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Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Championship Season
With a few months left of 2013 it is the time of the year to crown some new world champions. In September the IFMAR 10th Scale Buggy worlds were hosted by Amain Hobbies, Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico California. The 1/8th Scale Nitro Sports Car IFMAR Worlds were held in Japan. VRC hosted the Virtual worlds to run at the same time. Unlike the real event which is open to drivers who have qualified prior to the event, VRC’s World Championship is open to any members that have the track. There were 77 entries in the pro class, 61 in the sport class and 54 in the club class.

Endurance Race PRO class
The A Main was a 1 hour event that would require endurance, patience and persistence. In the early rounds of qualifying Martin Wollanka was looking very fast, he had the top spot in round 2. In the elimination round Martin dropped to fifth and finally in the semifinal round Martin succumbed to track monster and failed to finish a run thus ending his campaign for this year’s title. Three of the top ten in the semifinal did not submit a run leaving the spots open for some lower main bumps. The final three spots were filled by Patrick Bader (B Main), Hermann Raith (B Main), Massimiliano Tanturri (C Main).

After the 30 minutes semifinal the A main field was set. Kevin Pignotti, Jhonny Hernandez, Barnabás Tóth, Giorgio Mingotti, David Ronnefalk, Daniel Meier, Graham Raistrick, Hermann Raith, Patrick Bader and Massimiliano Tanturri would contest for 60 minutes to answer the question. Who is the fastest Virtual 1/8 scale sports car driver in 2013? From the horn the top three were Kevin, Jhonny, and Barnabas. The three were steadily pulling away as they traded the lead at least 15 times in the first three laps alone. Each time they crossed the line Kevin was in front.

After the semifinal Kevin had a scheduling issue and was rumored to miss his main final, the rest of the field expressed concern, but Kevin made the show and what a showing it was. Kevin Turned 216 laps in 60:14.952 followed by Jhonny Hernandez 214 laps and Barnabas Toth with 214 laps. Of the 216 laps Kevin led all but 5.

Some interesting side notes: Kevin changed tires only once, both Jhonny and Barnabas changed twice! Barnabas had closed the gap to Jhonny to just 0.44 seconds 3 laps before the end, but had to make another pitstop then, having to settle for third! Race strategy matters, also in VRC Pro!

SPORTS class
Teddy Wijaya from Indonesia drove a superior race finishing 2 laps clean of runner-up Michele Lucente from Italy who managed to stay ahead of Alvaro Cuesta from Spain just 5 seconds! The top-3 all had 2 tire changes, and as in the PRO final, a late pitstop for Alvaro, 5 laps before the end decided the fight for 2nd.

CLUB class
Canadian Jeremy Alexandre drove a superb final that would have placed him first in Sports class as well. Roland Muntz from Germany and Jose Carlos Palacios Quixal from Spain finished 2nd and 3rd 11 and 21 laps down on the Club World Champion. Jeremy's performance also makes him the favorite in this class for Season 4 and the VRC Worlds in December!

Driver Spotlight: Kevin Pignotti
I had a chance to interview Kevin last week during the practice round here is what he had to say.

DES: Hi Kevin,
I am working on a driver spotlight section for the 1/8 Virtual Worlds. Do you mind answering some questions for me, so I can use it in the article? 
KP: Hi Donald, sure that would be great.

DES: What is your present level of participation in Real RC Racing, how often do you race, what class and what big races do you plan on running this year.
KP: I ran with 1/10 Electric Touring and 1/8 Classic 2WD. My level of real racing is national: I attend to 5 Italian championships, 4 with 2WD and 1 with Electric Touring. I won 3: 2 in 1/8 Classic class (2011-2012) and 1 in Electric Touring (2013). For the moment I don't know what race I will do in future but I'd like to participate at ETS in Italy next year.

DES: WOW very cool Kevin,
How do you practice for real racing, when, where, how?
KP: For real racing I practice in my local track about for 1 time each 2 week.

DES: What is your warm up routine for VRC main events?
KP: Usually I practice about 1 hour a day in VRC but in the last month I didn't play with it. I came back for the Virtual Worlds and I'm happy to see that I'm in top position also with low practice! I'm really happy about this!

DES: I’m very impressed, I raced the practice and qualifying, you top guys are very fast. Do you work a 9-5 type job, what is your job?
KP: I'm a student yet :-).

DES: How long have you been involved in RC?
KP: I have been involved in RC for about 4-5 years but the last two – three years I have been more serious.

DES: What do you do outside of RC and VRC for fun? Example, Ski, Boat, Movies….etc…
KP: Outside RC I play electronic keyboard!

DES: Nice, I used to like to play the drums. Who are your sponsors in real and VRC?
KP: After 1/10 Electric Italian championship I had some contacts with LRP and Team Associated but I'm free for the moment.

DES: Cool, Team Associated makes a great product. What adapter do you use and why, do you feel this gives you an advantage in VRC?
KP: I use VRC 3NT adapter! I don't know if it's better than others because it is the only one I have used.

DES: What transmitter do you use?
KP: I use Ko Propo Trasmitters (Stick Radio)

DES: Nice; well thank you for taking the time to answer my questions Kevin.
As you can see Kevin is now the Virtual World Champion it was quite an impressive event you can see the replay in the game of stay posted to the VRC youtube e-sport channel for updates.

The Local Yokel
Yesterday I watched the movie After Earth, in the movie Will Smith talked about fear. Fear is not real danger is real but fear is a figment of our imagination. We can disqualify ourselves from an even in life due to fear of things that may occur in the process. What does this have to do with VRC? VRC has given me confidence to get back out to the real track and suffer the long waits for a chance to do something that I love, RACE. I quit racing in 2009 due to some life events and a few messed up race weekends. In 2010 I began playing VRC as source of fun. Now I am back at the track with my new wife racing with me in her own class. We both play VRC and have progressed due to this experience. I have nerves in the Main every time but I am learning to be calm under pressure thanks to training in VRC. I would not really relate my experience to fear but in a way that is what it is when I don’t do something I like to do because I have too many concerns that keep me from enjoying it. I learn to set up the car, and drive smooth while maintaining focus.
I really enjoyed trying the 1/8th scale worlds it is always fun no matter how fast or slow you may be. Have no fear just get out and do it.

Have a great week, best of luck in virtual and real RC racing where ever you are.
Donald Stark


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28.10.2013 [05:23]
Nice report, thanks
21.10.2013 [01:36]
Wonderful race !
Thanks Pieter.
15.10.2013 [15:16]
Smart race Kevin, good strategy and super driving. Gratulazione!
15.10.2013 [14:22]
Donald, fantastic!
15.10.2013 [14:10]
very nice report - thanks Donald.

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