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Race:from 23.12.2017 [10:00] to 01.01.2018 [10:00]
Class:1:8 Nitro NASCAR Truck
Track:Melzo Oval
Direction:  Official O
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:8 nitro Nascar trucks
Points:Level 5 ABC (1 - 300) with DNS* factor 90%
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Melzo Italy, one of the fastest tracks in VRC Pro. High-speed oval version
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PRO class

When the flag drops, the bullshit stops... That's what Jimmy had in mind setting off for the 20 minute 'King of Ovals' decider in 1:8 nitro Nascar trucks at the Melzo oval. Who dares to challenge the Oval King? Anrea Giordano did by winning the 1:10 nitro Nascar trucks 2 weeks earlier. But enough is enough Jimmy thought. Winning 1:10 electric Nascar trucks made it 1-1 in the Flack-Giordano battle for supremacy on the ovals, 1:8 would decide. And what a fight they put up. Flack hammered down 7.4 and 7.5 lap after lap, but Giordano followed. Half way there was less than a second between the 2, nothing decided. The second half of the A-Main Giordano lost a second in lap 116 and wasn't able to recover that time in the remaining 40 laps, finishing 3.8 seconds behind the now undisputed Oval King: Jimmy Flack. Graham Raistrick drove a great race to finish 3rd, his slowest lap was just 0.3 shy from his fastes lap...!

Don't take oval racing lightly. OK, it's just left turn only, but to drive lap after lap after lap within hundreds of a second just hundreds away from your fastest lap is an art by itself...

1.Jimmy FlackUS15720:03.7141
2.Andrea GiordanoIT15720:07.5143
3.Graham RaistrickGB15520:01.1162
4.Stephen HallidayAU15320:01.6345
5.Milan PekaCZ15220:01.0206
6.Tommaso AndreuccettiIT15120:03.0988
7.Vesa InkeriFI14920:01.2947
8.Romain LACROIXFR14820:05.0689
9.Sven DellebekeNL14120:06.09410
10.Shaun SchutteZADNF

SPORT class

This Main final was between Lourenco and Weber. The Portuguese driver led most of the laps but Weber was never far behind, waiting for an eror by Nuno. That error came in lap 72 but it cost him just 0.3 seconds, not enough for Weber to threaten the fast Portuguese who kept building on his lead lap after lap, a few hundreds of a second a lap. In the end he had built a 6 seconds lead over Weber. JP Csernak from France completed the podium 6 laps down.

Cudos to good old Tom Ebersole from the US making the main final. The 72 year old still going strong and apparetly loving oval racing. Keep it going Tom!

1.Nuno LourencoPT15420:06.1101
2.Manuel WeberUS15320:04.6922
3.Jean-philippe CsernakFR14820:03.3563
4.Jonathan CsernakFR14620:00.1325
5.Gary SundmanUS14420:05.9286
6.Tony DELMASTROFR14120:05.6284
7.Mike BridgesCA14020:02.1487
8.Dorian MarcelFR13820:02.56810
9.Karl heinz JohannDE13420:07.0188
10.Tom EbersoleUS13120:00.0829

CLUBB class

Attendence in Club was very low, just 3 racers raced the main final. Johann Jury from Austria won, 4 laps clear of Curtis Damm in 2nd and Tom Kerb from Austria in 3rd.

1.Johann JuryAT14620:01.3762
2.Curtis DammUS14220:06.2481
3.Tom KerblAT13020:01.8443

Nations Cup was won by France (!), USA 2nd and Austria 3rd.

Congrats to all podium finishers!


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05.01.2018 [01:43]
Thanks You, Some great racing! I would like to Thank the VRC pro crew for a great new track to run on, great track.
04.01.2018 [20:55]
time to watch me some oval racing!
04.01.2018 [19:35]
well done Jimmy Flack,Nuno Lourenco,Johann Jury
Very Close up top. Nice report man...

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