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Race:from 23.09.2017 [09:00] to 02.10.2017 [08:30]
Class:1:8 Rally X Spec
Track:Messina X short course
Direction:  Official O
Series:2017 SEASON 2 - 1:8 RALLY-X SPEC
Rankings:  1:8 rallycross spec
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 75%
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Messina SC edition
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2017 SEASON 2 1:8 RALLY-X SPEC ROUND 4 Messina Short Course


Report by JP racing videos

2017 SEASON 2 RALLYX SPEC ROUND 4 Messina Short Course

Fourth round race of RallyX spec series were held at Messina Short Course track. The track is guite simple, but as its surface is guite slippery, it makes driving guite demanding and you have to be very precise with your braking points.

PRO level

Ely Rojas and Ilari Lamminsivu were in top spots after qualifying, Lamminsivu was in first and Rojas in second place. There was only one second separating these two rally talents and final was expected to be very tight between these two. Stephen Halliday was third fastest, but he had almost 8 seconds to Lamminsivu. Hong Kong`s ”laprobot” Yeung was in fourth and Arturas Svoba in fifth place.

As the main started Lamminsivu was on sleep at the start and Rojas got the lead. After few laps, Rojas made hungry cutting corner 6 and Lamminsivu passed him. Rojas had his struggles, he wasnt at the rhytm and it was guite easy job to Lamminsivu to get the distance. Halliday, Tratnik and Yeung were fighting behind Lamminsivu, Rojas had dropped to fifth place. But Rojas had the pace, and had totally different driving lines than others. He was cutting very much on each corner to get maximum out of every lap and this payed out for him. Bit by bit he gained Tratnik, Halliday and Yeung and also passed them. Lamminsivu was in stable first position, and his only job was to drive safely controlling the distance. And with Ilari`s consistent and beautiful style, he got well deserved win at here. Great driving Ilari! Even Rojas had gained back to second place, its wasnt easy. He wasnt at the rhytm but managed to save his position and cross the finishline in second place, 7 seconds behind winner.
Halliday, Tratnik and Yeung instead had really intence fight of the last podium place. After 16laps, Halliday managed to be toughest and took the last podium place, but very tiny 0.3 seconds distance before Tratnik. Yeung was finally fourth, 2 seconds behind Tratnik.

Lamminsivu`s consistent and flawless style secure his win

SPORT level

At SPORT level Dan Haaling had crushing style. He was on his own pace and was also second fastest in overall results. Honestly, he is truly earned his place at PRO level. Great job Dan!
Nuno Lourenco and Ange Meiss solved last podium places. They had great battle and finally there was only 0.126 seconds separating these two at finishline, Lourenco second and Meiss in thrid place. Curtis Damn who started from the third grid, had to settle to fourth place, 4 seconds behind Meiss.

Haaling had the pace even challenge the PRO level drivers

CLUB level

Brandon Scobee, Hajo Sauer and Wolfgang Schober were in mainroles at club race. These three drove 15laps of great battle. There was no any huge differences in paces, but finally Scobee was strongest, 0.6 seconds ahead of Sauer. Schober had to settle to third place, one second away from winners pace.

Schober, Sauer and Scobee, CLUB level podium drivers



1Ilari LamminsivuFI1606:10.120
2Ely RojasUS1606:17.154
3Stephen HallidayAU1606:18.477
4Izidor TratnikSI1606:18.731
5Carson YeungHK1606:20.695
6Arturas SvobaLT1606:23.051
7Jozsef ValentHU1506:07.234
8Gary CrowellUS1506:08.011
9Milan PekaCZ1506:11.888
10Manuel WeberUS1506:13.249


1Daan HalingBE1606:11.989
2Nuno LourencoPT1506:02.448
3Ange MeissFR1506:02.574
4Curtis DammUS1506:06.377
5michael ZappaGB1506:09.243
6isla pescaJP1506:14.986
7Gary SundmanUS1506:25.220
8Claudio OddiIT1406:04.651
9Mike BridgesCA1406:19.806
10Tyler MackenzieCADNS


1Brandon ScobeeUS1506:13.791
2Hajo SauerDE1506:14.448
3Wolfgang SchoberAT1506:14.694
4Robert DeanDE1406:08.951
5Jose Manuel Cruz MarquezMX1406:14.332
6Karl heinz JohannDE1406:21.340
7Pavel MagdaCZ1206:06.625
8Peter ElphinstoneCADNS
9Kino CastelarESDNS
10Denis BouletCADNS


PRO level

1Ely Rojas316
2Carson Yeung298
3Stephen Halliday288
4Izidor Tratnik286
5Gary Crowell282
6Manuel Weber256
7Arturas Svoba218
8Milan Peka207
9Tommaso Andreuccetti162
10Marshall Kirkholm154

SPORT level

1Nuno Lourenco314
2isla pesca292
3Gary Sundman284
4Christos Katsigiannis257
5Hans Guenther Heitsch247
6Daan Haling240
7Dorian Marcel239
8Tyler Mackenzie217
9Mike Strack180
10Mike Bridges178

CLUB level

1Robert Dean298
2Karl heinz Johann292
3Brandon Scobee160
4Peter Elphinstone160
5Michael Walker130
6Sean Ironmonger128
7Marlon Ochoa89
8Sted Miller88
9David Hart80
10Daan Haling80


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(Total posts: 5)
03.10.2017 [18:04]
Thanks guys, you do these races and afterwards if im feeling comfortable, ill try to explain something :):)

Ely, you did fantastic run, despite your struggles. No wonder those lines were so hungry and you had to prepare carefully for each corner. All in all, good result despite of those. Congrats to Ilari, great to see "nation buddy" to be on top. Cant complain!
Stephen, Iz, Carson, Arturas and miliar PRO drivers were tough also, nice like allways.

Dan is truly getting your neck at next season :), wellcome to PRO level Dan.
03.10.2017 [17:48]
Well Done all... nice report
03.10.2017 [17:43]
Nice report and thank you very much! Next season I will definitely race in PRO ;) And Rojas hope you will have a new remote very soon, you are one of the best drivers!!
03.10.2017 [16:35]
Yes Jupe! Nice report as always, Thank you!

I have been struggling trying to be consistent lately (again :-( ). Found out a new culprit: A worn-out steering wheel potentiometer in my only 15 years old Airtronics M8 transmitter... (FYI the other culprit is ME, but that I already new ;-) )
Anyways what happened was that the car was suddenly jumping to the sides, even when the steering wheel was at neutral, it wasn't that bad at the beginning(few weeks ago), but lately it started to get worse, now is not working at all...:-( and I don't have another control to drive. That means: no more racing for me! I can't afford to buy a remote right now. Of course this has to happen in the middle of the championship :@
Well guys, hope to get back to racing soon.
Good luck everyone!!!
03.10.2017 [15:34]
Nice report!

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