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Race:from 02.09.2017 [09:00] to 11.09.2017 [08:30]
Class:1:12 Electric on-road Spec
Track:VRC Carpet 1
Direction:  Official O
Series:2017 SEASON 2 - 1:12 ELECTRIC SPORTSCARS 10.5T
Rankings:  1:12 electric sportscars 10.5T spec
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 75%
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VRC Carpet 1 track, This 'common' track has a lay-out shaped after the VRC logo and is quite technical and challenging.

View some close 1:10 Spec racing at VRC Carpet 1.
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Event report for: 2017 SEASON 2 1:12 SPORTSCARS 10.5T ROUND 3



Tight Battle for Podium at VRC 1 in 1.12 Spec


“Dominator” Dana Bailes (US) took the victory at the recent 1.12 Spec event at VRC 1. Bailes was the only racer to complete 40 laps in the 8-minute final, finishing with 40 laps in 8:09.956. Bailes is currently the reigning 1.12 Spec VRC World Champion and has always been a dominate force in 1.12 Spec. This recent win makes it 5-in a row for 1.12 finals where Bailes has posted a final run.

Dana Bailes Dominated the Pro A-main

However, the real story with this event was the battle for the final two podium positions. It was an extremely tight battle between three racers; “The Great” Graham Raistrick (UK), Kevin Bacon (US) and the 2016 1.10 Nitro World Champion, Andrea Giordano (IT). Raistrick qualified second and took the lead early. Bacon and Giordano followed close behind. Bacon slowly began to real in Raistrick and overtook him on by lap 11. Giordano stayed right on their heels, and was actually running faster laps, but it seemed like every time that Giordano got close, he would make a small mistake that would set him back. Meanwhile, Raistrick and Bacon stayed close throughout the final. In fact, after 26 laps of racing, the two pilots were only .026 seconds apart. However, Raistrick clipped a corner and spun which resulted in his slowest lap on lap 26. This mistake allowed Bacon to take a 1.2 second lead. It looked like Bacon was going to take the second position, but on lap 37 it was Bacon’s turn to crash, which allowed Raistrick and Giordano to make up the ground they had lost. Raistrick regained the second position. Giordano remained close and the three raced as a pack for the final two laps. The three racers finished the 8-minute final less than one-second apart. It was Raistrick who claimed second place, .6 seconds ahead of Bacon who took third, just .1 ahead of Giordano


Daan Haling (BE) won the sport level A-main. Haling’s time was fast enough for 5th overall. Haling finished nearly a full lap ahead of second place finisher Nuno Lourenco (PT). Lourenco was nearly a full lap ahead of third place finisher Isla Pesca (JP).

Dan Haling Ran Away From the Competition in Sport Class


Curtis Damm (US) walked away from the competition in the club level A-main. Damm was the only racer to finish with 36 laps, and finished over a lap ahead of second place Michael Zappa (UK). Zappa crashed and experienced his slowest lap on lap 1. But Zappa remained calm and ran a clean race thereafter. Zappa, who qualified fifth, took advantage of two costly mistakes made by the second place qualifier, his fellow country man Robert Coleman (UK). Coleman had a consistent race posting almost all mid 13 second laps. However, on laps 21 and 34, Coleman needed turn marshal assistance, which cost him about 8 seconds overall. Coleman finished third, 5.4 seconds behind Zappa.

Curtis Damm Won the Club A-Main



1Dana Bailes4008:09.956
2Graham Raistrick3908:03.356
3Kevin Bacon3908:03.990
4Andrea Giordano3908:04.104
5Carson Yeung3808:05.412
6Go Matsumoto3808:05.966
7Gary Crowell3808:09.046
8Milan Peka3808:13.148
9Sigurður J ElíassonDNS
10Dominik MucnjakDNS


1Daan Haling3908:08.630
2Nuno Lourenco3808:05.088
3Isla Pesca3708:03.794
4Manuel Weber3708:05.128
5Hans Guenther Heitsch3708:06.194
6Riccardo Giannini3708:09.824
7Mike Bridges3608:00.948
8Syuichi Eguchi3608:03.160
9Tony DELMASTRO3608:09.336
10Anssi HartikainenDNS


1Curtis Damm3608:05.726
2Michael Zappa3508:05.364
3Robert Coleman3508:10.788
4Dorian Marcel3408:08.270
5Sean Ironmonger3408:08.974
6Jason Platt3408:10.508
7Michael Walker3308:02.894
8Gary Climie3308:07.886
9Robert Dean3308:08.766
10Raphael Gall3208:06.894


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25.09.2017 [14:16]
Great job with this report!
24.09.2017 [21:57]
Really nice post! love those post about the races, keep up the good work guys!
24.09.2017 [09:13]
Very well done everyone,Especially the first place winner in each Level.
Very nice reports in so much detail (Brilliant)
Enjoyed that one :)

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