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Race:from 20.08.2017 [10:00] to 18.09.2017 [09:30]
Class:1:8 Nitro NASCAR Truck
Track:Kakegawa Tamiya
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:8 nitro Nascar trucks
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 75%
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Tamiya Kakegawa Japan is tamiya's show case track in Japan, used for many national and international championships.
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2017 1:8 NITRO NASCAR TRUCKS ROUND 9 Kakegawa Tamiya


Report by JP racing videos

2017 SEASON 2 1:8 NITRO NASCAR TRUCKS ROUND 9 Kakegawa Tamiya

It was 9th round of 1:8 nitro nascar truck serie. Multiple Worlchampions and WC A-finalists were joined also to this event, so we waited great race.
Andrea Giordano started furiosly, he was fastest at qualifying and left another Worldchampion Joshua Berman to second place, with 10 seconds margin. Andreuccetti had third fastest pace, and was only one second away from Berman`s pace. Well, this was just beginning and everybody was getting miliar with the track and was searching the setup.

In quarter finals, things started to get serious, as the two Worldchampions, Giordano and Berman setted the pace, with 16.3 average. Britains talent Raistrick was now third, five second behind top2.
Spaniard Alejandro Prieto was also in good pace, he was at fourth spot, 5 seconds behind Raistrick.

Berman was once again strong

Now it was time to solve the pole, semifinal round was serious stuff and Berman had raised his pace. It was something special, he did fantastic run, with 16.3 average he left Giordano to second place with 5 seconds margin. Raistrick was in third place, his pace was similar with his quarter final pace and average was 16.621. Next three grids, fouth, fifth and sixth, went to Prieto, Tanturri and Lourenco. They were all inside two seconds,

When Giordano made his mistake, Raistrick(orange) got his chance

As the main started, from the first 10 laps we could see that this was either Berman`s or Giordano`s race. They had pretty much same pace and gap stayed under 2 seconds and this was nice. Giordano made his mistake at lap 13, those 4 seconds extra what Giordano got from that mistake, let Berman breath little bit easier. And from that point, Joshua showed his consistency. He drove this final with 16.065 average and it was absolutely fantastic drive from him. Also his pitstop was 3 seconds faster than Giordano`s, and this was like nail to the coffin and game over. Andrea Giordano was second, but with his mistake and slow pitstop, allowed Raistrick to pressure him very close range. Finally when time ended, Giordano crossed the line in second and Raistrick in third place. Gap between these two, was only 0.8 seconds. Great racing guys!
Fourth who crossed the line was Nuno Lourenco, he had two 10th`s faster pace than his semifinal round and this was key to his success. Actually, he wasnt far to take the third podium, because he was only 3 seconds away from Raistrick`s pace at the finishline.
Tanturri, who came fifth, had same pace like in semifinal round. This consistent, mid 16 seconds style, he secured his fifh place in here.

Lourenco had great pace with his Kyosho ride


A main

1Joshua BermanUS3710:15.264
2Andrea GiordanoIT3610:15.528
3Graham RaistrickGB3610:16.382
4Nuno LourencoPT3510:02.798
5Massimiliano TanturriIT3510:05.624
6Philippe GrossCH3410:00.780
7Manuel WeberUS3410:03.288
8Alejandro PrietoES3410:05.476
9Vesa InkeriFI3410:14.052
10Stephen HallidayAU3310:03.072

B Main

1isla pescaJP3310:06.984
2Johann JuryAT3310:10.884
3Gary SundmanUS3310:13.234
4Jean-philippe CsernakFR3310:15.992
5Sven DellebekeNL3210:01.818
6Tony DELMASTROFR3210:02.898
7Steve YoungAU3210:05.598
8Karl heinz JohannDE3110:10.106
9Christos KatsigiannisGR3110:10.458

C Main

1michael ZappaGB3210:09.078
2Dorian MarcelFR3210:19.532
3Sean IronmongerUS3010:00.040
4Michael WalkerUS3010:12.806
5John ParkerUS2910:18.738
7Robert DeanDE2810:14.524
8Raphael GallFR2610:08.814
9Edward FloresUS2610:19.592


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25.09.2017 [06:30]
Thank you to both!
25.09.2017 [03:28]
Nice report Jupe. Great video too. :-)
25.09.2017 [00:42]
Well done all. well documented love reading these reports

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