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Race:from 14.01.2017 [09:00] to 23.01.2017 [08:30]
Class:1:10 Short Course 4WD
Track:Padova IBR
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:10 electric short course, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%
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One of the premier off-road complexes in Europe: IBR Padova. This indoor facility features a full size indoor track with exciting jumps and a cross-over!

Indoor Buggy Race - Padova is a new complex designed and built specifically for nitro & electric RC cars Off-Road and electric RC cars On-Road enthusiasts.
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2017 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS ROUND 1 IBR Padova


Report by VRC race reporting

2017 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS ROUND 1 IBR Padova

It was time for modified SC cars to open they season here in IBR Padova track. Earlier at same track, Swedish offroader Robert Hillman took convincing win in spec class and left two Italians, Bottosso and Andreuccetti to second and third.

In this modified race, Hillman and Bottosso were in main roles when winner was solved. Hillman had very good semifinal run and secured his pole for the final. But Bottosso was hungry, allready at first lap Bottosso took the lead and never look back. Ok, Hillman made tiny mistake in first jumps after the start and this allowed Bottosso to get the lead. But this Italian was hungry, consistent and fast and this secured his win in modified race. There was also some "bumps" during Erik`s run, he also showed some magnificent jumping skills but these didnt affect his rhytm. He deserved this win no doubt that. Great driving Erik.
Despite Hillman`s first lap struggles, this swede had great pace and like allways he was also consistent. He crossed the line in second place, 2.2 seconds behind Bottosso.
Solving the last podium place was very exiting, as Hong Kong`s Carson Yeung and Czech Jiri Mara were in battle. This battle ended in the last lap when Yeung made his mistake when he cutted the corner after bridge section. This mistake solved the battle for Mara and he got third place 1.7 seconds before Yeung.

Bottosso was strongest

In SPORT level we had tough fight of podium places. Canadian Patrick Eriksson, Dutch Peter Haaima, Spaniard Dani Tortuga and American Gary Sundman gave us fantastic entertainment.
Dutch Peter Haaima was on his own pace and had really stable 8 seconds lead when he crossed the line from tenth and went to eleventh lap. Unfortunatelly, Haaima losted his rhytm totally in this lap and this allowed Tortuga to get really close. But also Tortuga made his mistake and this allowed Eriksson behind to pass him.
Haaima in the lead was struggling and never got his rhytm back in last three laps. Those 15 seconds extra was too much from him and Eriksson in consistent mode, had really easy job to get the win. Haaima had to surrender with 0.6 seconds gap to Eriksson.
Tortuga was also in trouble in last laps, lack of rhytm allowed American Sundman to gain him but Spaniard was lucky. At the finishline, difference between these two was only 0.4 seconds, Tortuga in third and Sundman in fourth place.

In CLUB level American Gary Crowell was the strongest. He drove consistent run and this allowed him to pass Orazem in last lap. Orazem had to surrender, with tiny 0.7 margin to Crowell. Third place was driven by Raul Sancho from Spain.

Hillman and his Associated ride


A-main PRO

1Erik BottossoIT1508:30.983
2Robert HillmanSE1508:33.255
3Jiri MaraCZ1408:14.766
4Carson YeungHK1408:16.528
5Václav BrožCZ1408:18.392
6Arturas SvobaLT1408:19.720
7Tommaso AndreuccettiIT1408:28.237
8Marshall KirkholmUS1408:33.303
9Mark ClewsAU1308:03.383
10Christophe DELAMAREFR1308:05.514

A-main SPORT

1Patrick ErikssonCA1308:07.100
2Peter HaaimaNL1308:07.760
3Dani TortugaES1308:08.303
4Gary SundmanUS1308:08.680
5Alfred OberhuberAT1308:10.909
6Michael OlsljungSE1308:13.097
7Emanuele SartoriIT1308:13.746
8Valeriy KornilovRU1308:14.660
9Josef AngleitnerAT1308:19.466
10Joe KillamUS1308:25.254

A-main CLUB

1Gary CrowellUS1308:23.380
2Nejc OražemSI1308:24.077
3Raul SanchoES1308:26.012
4Nuno LourencoPT1308:31.140
5Manuel WeberUS1208:04.743
6Taylor JonesUS1208:06.614
7Dorian MarcelFR1208:08.722
8Bob HallidayUS1208:23.900
9Paulo MachadoPT1108:14.643
10Corey TaddUSDNS

Mara had exciting fight against Yeung


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31.01.2017 [15:39]
from this link you find next round race:

click "notify" box, and make sure that your personal settings have "race reminder" on.

theres allrady going 13.5 spec race at same track, take part of qualifying:

from this link youll find everything whats going on and upcoming:
30.01.2017 [23:51]
How can i sign up for this?
30.01.2017 [11:10]
Thanks friends, learning and searching new things. Those features just takes time, but they are good extra for those vids.

Test photo of PRO level podium drivers

Edited by author: 30.1.2017 19:21:34 GMT
30.01.2017 [10:44]
Nice report!
30.01.2017 [08:38]
That's cool! We have the replay feature here!
29.01.2017 [19:26]
It was a struggle this one, lol.
Great report Jupe
29.01.2017 [18:02]
Sport level A-main


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