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Race:from 05.11.2016 [09:00] to 14.11.2016 [08:00]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy
Track:Silver Dollar 2 AMain
Direction:  Reverse R
Rankings:  1:8 electric buggy modified, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%
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Just 3 months after the WC took place, VRC releases the Silver Dollar IFMAR WC '13 layout. A testing track for short course trucks and 1;8 buggies. A track with a great flow but yet technical enough to separate the men from the boys...

Situated on the famous Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, A Main Hobbies’ Silver Dollar R/C Raceway was built to be the ultimate outdoor off-road R/C racing venue and just successfully completed the 2013 IFMAR Electric Off-Road World Championships. Each part of the facility was designed with both the racer and spectator in mind, with a comfortable pit area and bleacher seating for race fans.
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2016 SEASON 3 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGY ROUND 5 Silver Dollar 2


VRC PRO 2016 SEASON 3 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGY ROUND 5 Silver Dollar 2

Fifth round of 1:8 electric buggy series was helded here, at Silver Dollar 2 track.


In qualifying round, 35 years old Canadian, Matthew Stacey was setting the pace. Stacey`s pace was enough to keep Swedish offroader, our serie leader Robert Hillman behind. His run was very clean and this secured 3 seconds margin to Hillman. This was looking promising for Stacey, as his average laptime was two 10th`s faster than Hillman`s. But have to remember, Hillman made 6 seconds mistake at lap 5, and without that, he would be clearly at TQ place. Third fastest, Cyrille Payet from Reunion Island had also some struggles at laps 7 and 10. Those incidents gave him almost 10seconds of extra time and finally he was over 6 seconds behind TQ. Fourth grid went Jonas Larsson from Sweden. Holding second position in series, 6 points behind Hillman, this was good save from Jonas. But also he did mistake at lap 4, what gave him 5 seconds of extra.
Behind Larsson, at fifth position, was James Le Pavoux from Britain. He drove clean run, his average 29.4 was just too much to challenge those leaders, finally distance to TQ was almost 10 seconds.
Jim Turner, Pedro Jose Lueiro Rey and Carson Yeung were next ones heading for A-main. Turner at sixth position had almost 12 seconds to TQ and Rey`s distance, at seventh position, was nearly 14 seconds to the lead. Yeung at eighth position and Johannes Lamprecht from Germany at ninth position. Yeung got 16 and Lamprecht 17 seconds gap to TQ.
Last grid to A-main got Dan Marson from Britain. Dan was only 0.6 seconds behind Lamprecht.


Final started very furiosly, as Larsson and Hillman passed our TQ Stacey allready to the first corner. Larsson was in the lead, Hillman in second and Stacey in third position when this trio passed the line from the first lap. In second lap Hillman took his own and passed Larsson and went to the lead. From this point, it was pretty clear that without any mistakes, Hillman would take this one. Larsson made his moves with Stacey at lap 4 when they done they mistakes.

Hillman got his third win of the season.

Also Rey dropped from this train start of lap 5 by his mistake. Now Hillman was leading, Payet in second place. But also Hillman had some struggles, he flipped his car end of lap 5 and Payet went to the lead. After few laps, at lap 10, Payet jumped of the track at front of the rostrum and Hillman got the lead. Next laps were very exiting, as Hillman and Payet was fighting of the win. They had very similar pace and this was fun to watch. Even funnier was that, when they had drived ”cat &mouse” drive six laps and lap 16 was ending. They both made mistake in very same corner, they jumped to timingline pole and Payet got the lead.
But this wasnt over yet, at lap 18 Payet was in trouble. When he was coming to backstraight bumps, he jumped of the track and marshal was needed. Larsson in third position gained Payet by his mistake and was right on his tale. And allready in next lap, the race was totally finaliced of Payet. Did he lost his rhytm totally in earlier lap, but he doned three bigger mistakes at lap 19 and this ruined his chances.

Larsson had great race, despite his mistake at lap four.

Hillman was driving his race at the lead, drove consistent last laps and secured his third win of this season. Larsson had drived very beautiful run and came in second place to finishline. Even Larsson got 5 seconds mistake at lap four, this result had to please him. Gap to Hillman was 3.5 seconds. Great save Jonas!
After many happenings, Stacey who had started from the pole, was third who crossed the finishline.
His distance to Hillman was 4.8 seconds, but he didnt got this easy. Le Pavoux was pressuring him very close range from lap 9. Distance between Stacey and Le Pavoux was only 1.1 seconds when they crossed the line.

Stacey and Le Pavoux solved the final podium place.

In SPORT level Marshall Kirkholm from USA was the fastest. Despite his mistake at lap four, he drove stable and consistent race. He crossed the line with 9 seconds margin before Austrian Christoph Spindelberger. Third podium went to Britain`s Paul Mitchell.

In CLUB level, Australian B Howard and Reece Hodges from Britain solved the victory. When time expired, Howard crossed the line in first place, seven seconds before Hodges.
German Dario Krüger drove to third podium place.


A-main PRO

1Robert HillmanSE2010:01.900
2Jonas LarssonSE2010:05.451
3Matthew StaceyCA2010:06.666
4James Le PavouxGB2010:07.803
5Cyrille PayetRE2010:12.612
6Pedro Jose Lueiro ReyES2010:15.686
7Carson YeungHK2010:24.734
8Jim TurnerUS2010:26.637
9Johannes LamprechtDE2010:26.989
10Dan MarsonGBDNS

A-main SPORT

1marshall kirkholmUS1910:13.720
2Christoph SpindelbergerAT1910:22.889
3Paul MitchellGB1810:07.414
4Aljosa JurjavcicSI1810:15.171
5Steven HealeyCA1810:16.883
6David Camino benitoES1810:17.342
7Alessandro TuriniCU1810:28.951
8Sasha ShirokovRUDNS
9Renaud GimelleCHDNF
10Antonello ParisiITDNF

A-main CLUB

1B HowardAU1910:08.074
2Reece HodgesGB1910:15.191
3Dario KrügerDE1810:15.057
4Sebastien HerissardFR1710:07.020
5Rahmat FutakiID1710:10.160
6Valeriy KornilovRU1710:23.326
7C BloderAT1710:29.854
8Jørn AndersenDK1710:31.057
9Patrick AuvinetFRDNS
10Chris SturdyAUDNS


PRO level

1Robert Hillman474
2Jonas Larsson468
3Tommaso Andreuccetti429
4Andrea Giordano429
5Carson Yeung392
6Brad Thorn382
7Warren Jones381
8Jim Merritts360
9Peter Haaima353
10Arturas Svoba334


1marshall kirkholm480
2Bob Seay373
3Ulf Stenvall358
4Björn Siewert356
5Mark Dell338
6Laurent Soreil328
7Aljosa Jurjavcic324
8Alessandro Turini324
9Renaud Gimelle320
10Maurizio Mazzocchi318


1B Howard480
2Jørn Andersen401
4Emanuel Riplinger333
5Robert Bowers332
6Meen Ah311
7Justin Burrow296
8Frank Heil295
9Gary Climie282
10Brad Dalbec278


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20.11.2016 [08:47]
Wow, outstanding both smoothness/flowingness of driving plus consistency, I aspire to get either at least a little bit close to this. What other drivers can do is a source of constant amazement to me, and something to aspire to and hopefully learn from!
20.11.2016 [00:59]
Nice report, fun read

Yeah I was using Robert Hillman setup :) I'll change the body!
18.11.2016 [22:09]
Thanks Robert, was it lost of rhytm or what but this was very interesting to that point when Cyrille got in troubles. But have to give thumb to you Robert of your great run but also to Jonas, who drove very beautiful run after his mistake.
18.11.2016 [21:49]
Posted by: Jukka-Pekka Huhtala (FI) on 18.11.2016 20:55:39 (UTC)
Posted by: Cyrille Payet (RE) on 18.11.2016 17:26:20 (UTC)
thanks for the report and the video. I enjoyed reading it and watching the race. Congrats guys, that was an awesome race.

Thank you Cyrille, you made this very interesting race. Your pace was really compared to Roberts pace, some disaster lap ruined your race. All in all, very enjoyable race!

I agree with JPH, great race which you could have won but then you did a lot of misstakes in a couple of laps, what happened? Great report by the way JPH.
18.11.2016 [20:55]
Posted by: Cyrille Payet (RE) on 18.11.2016 17:26:20 (UTC)
thanks for the report and the video. I enjoyed reading it and watching the race. Congrats guys, that was an awesome race.

Thank you Cyrille, you made this very interesting race. Your pace was really compared to Roberts pace, some disaster lap ruined your race. All in all, very enjoyable race!
18.11.2016 [17:26]
thanks for the report and the video. I enjoyed reading it and watching the race. Congrats guys, that was an awesome race.
18.11.2016 [15:13]
Posted by: James Le Pavoux (GB) on 18.11.2016 11:32:45 (UTC)
Great Report! Really good to have these :-)

Thank you James, i was really excited too see this race. There was lot happenings, like these offroad finals attend to do. Great drive by You!
18.11.2016 [11:32]
Great Report! Really good to have these :-)
18.11.2016 [08:50]
Thanks Billy, Andrea and Steven!
18.11.2016 [07:08]
Wow! Great Report!!!
Amain pro is soooo fast!
stoked to make the leaderboard in sport!!

Edited by author: 18.11.2016 7:09:30 GMT

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