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Race:from 15.10.2016 [10:00] to 23.10.2016 [09:00]
Class:1:8 Nitro buggy
Direction:  Reverse R
Series:2016 SEASON 3 1:8 NITRO BUGGIES
Rankings:  1:8 nitro buggies, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%
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Harper Adams indoor track, home of the famous NEO events, one of the biggest buggy events in the world. This is the NEO14 lay-out.
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Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)


At qualifying Markku Honkanen from Finland was on his own, when he wonned this round with 6 seconds margin before other Finnish driver Ari Koski. Third place went to Sweden, Robert Hillman doned nice run and was about 8 seconds behind TQ. Fourth and fifth in qualifying was Jonas Larsson from Sweden and Tommi Vacklin from Finland. Larsson and Vacklin had pretty similar pace with Hillman, as these three drivers were all inside in 0.4seconds.
Warren Jones from USA drove to 6th and Mikael Yrjänäinen to 7th grid. Also these drivers had pretty same pace, Jones was almost 11 seconds and Yrjänäinen 12seconds from the TQ.
After these drivers, rest of the field was Uwe De Zwart from Austria, Jarno Halonen from Finland and Charly Bruneteau from France. These three drivers had about 20 seconds gap to TQ Honkanen.

Honkanen had good race, even he was complaining his style.

It was expected, that final would be very interesting. Ok, Honkanen was big favourite to take this round, but he needed clean run. Six seconds margin to second grid Koski wasnt big, as we all knew that everybody could raise they pace for the final.
After the start it looked that Hillman from Sweden was on fire, he got his rhytm very quickly and went to the lead in opening lap. But already in first lap he got trouble and in this group of talented drivers, it wasnt allowed. Ok, all drivers had some ”bumps” during the race, but it was well known that you had to be fast and precise to earn something also from this track.
As it was mentioned that Honkanen would be favourite in this event, so he was. Honkanen drove very good run, even he was complaining his ”not consistency style” after the race. Looking his run behind ”bluewhite glasses”, it was fabulous running. By this, Honkanen got well deserved win, but he didnt get it easy as the other laprobot, Larsson from Sweden, was in rhytm and pressured Honkanen whole final. Larsson stayed mostly all the time under 5seconds margin behind Honkanen and this was fabulous job from Jonas. Finally when time was expired and they crossed the finishline, gap between these two were 3.6 seconds.

Larsson almost got it, victory was only 3.6 seconds away.

Warren Jones, who started from 6th grid, crossed the line in third place. Warrens gap to winner was over 26 seconds. Watching Warrens ”flying”, he got fabulous final and he deserved that third podium.
One lap behind the winner, in fourth position was Ari Koski. Koski was in stable position, as he had 4 seconds to third place Jones and almost 6 seconds to 5th position Hillman. Hillman got fifth place, but he had to make full job to get that one. When Hillman in fifth, De Zwart in sixth and Yrjänäinen in seventh place crossed the finishline, they were all inside 4.5 seconds. Fantastic race by these three, this was fun to watch.

Warren Jones drove well deserved third podium.

Behind Yrjänäinen, in eight position, was Tommi Vacklin. Tommi who started from 5th grid, couldnt hold his pace and consistency during the final. But all in all, great achivement in this group of ”supertalents”.
Last but not least, who crossed the finishline, was Jarno Halonen from Finland.
Jarno had decent pace in qualy, but unfortunatelly he got too much ”bumps” during the final and this ruined his chances.
French Charly Bruneteau didnt start for the final.

At B-main, we saw very fast run by Andrea Giordano from Italy. With his result he was third fastest man during the finals. This was remarkable to see, as Andrea was 12th after qualifying. "Practice makes perfect" like Andrea says, but indeed, you need more than just a practice to get this kind of result. Its talent and skills!!! Great job Andrea!

In SPORT level we saw very good pace by Britain`s Kyle Boon. Kyle was setting the pace and totally crushed his fellow competitors. At finishline he was three laps ahead of Gavin Powell from Britain, who got the second place. Third podium went to Spanish David Camino Benito. Powell and Benito fighted really good race of that second place and they switched places whole final. Going to last lap, Powell got ahead of Benito and got that second place, only 0.8 seconds margin.

In CLUB level podium places were pretty stable. Australian B Howard was the fastest and got first place with 24 seconds margin before Spanish Pablo Izquierdo Lopez. Third place was driven by Kenneth Dennison from USA.


A-main PRO

1Markku HonkanenFI6230:02.069
2Jonas LarssonSE6230:05.680
3Warren JonesUS6230:28.308
4Ari KoskiFI6130:03.520
5Robert HillmanSE6130:09.263
6Uwe De ZwartAT6130:10.934
7Mikael YrjanainenFI6130:13.726
8Tommi VacklinFI6030:01.857
9Jarno HalonenFI5830:23.591
10Charly BruneteauFRDNS

A-main SPORT

1Kyle BoonGB5830:31.006
2Gavin PowellGB5530:29.308
3David Camino benitoES5530:30.140
4Soon ming SungMY5430:13.563
5Kristian LohseAU5430:14.135
6Kason RussellUS5430:18.315
7Corentin RichardFRDNS
8Joe GiddeyUSDNS
9Björn SundlingSEDNS
10Rudolf SicherATDNF

A-main CLUB

1B HowardAU5430:22.957
2Pablo Izquierdo LopezES5330:07.863
3Kenneth DennisonUS5230:24.426
4Per Kristian HaaveNO5230:25.285
5Heinz MüllerAT5230:43.022
6Brad BowmanUS5130:21.231
7Lennart SahlmanSEDNS
8Laurent Le brunFRDNF
9Luis GudinoMXDNS
10Jonathan WolfeGBDNS


PRO level

1Tommaso Andreuccetti426
2Brad Thorn381
3Andrea Giordano378
4Jonas Larsson357
5Klas Norman353
6Peter Haaima352
7Robert Hillman336
8Billy Yeung314
9Carson Yeung289
10Giovanni F. Di Berardino241

SPORT level

1Kristian Lohse453
2Alessandro Turini406
3Jeremy Wrigley401
4Frank Wagner293
5Tyler Mackenzie286
6marshall kirkholm263
7Alain BIDET244
8Soon ming Sung239
9Jörg Liesigk232
10Kyle Boon231

CLUB level

1B Howard465
2Kenneth Dennison404
3Steinar Ovlien351
4Brad Bowman336
5Pablo Izquierdo Lopez335
6Madyoyo Man319
7Brad Dalbec294
8Karl heinz Johann272
9Lennart Sahlman262
10Ari Koski261


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25.10.2016 [05:19]
Excellent report ! And congratulation to the winners !
25.10.2016 [02:55]
24.10.2016 [20:57]
Nice Report, Jukka. And nice driving Markku Honkanen :D
24.10.2016 [19:46]
Thanks guys!

Sorry about quality of video...these are these.
Never got "perfect" settings two times in a row. This is terrible recording...but i dont have any effort to solve whats wrong. Picture is cutting so much. Ive deleted that video, so poor that was.
24.10.2016 [19:28]
Awesome race, awesome report, thanks for the kind words and congratulation to the winners!
24.10.2016 [19:28]
Nice report :-)

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