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Race:from 06.03.2016 [00:00] to 04.04.2016 [00:30]
Class:1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:10 electric Nascar trucks
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 50%
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Hokusei track, located in the middle of Japan, host of several JMRCA Japanese Nationals. For Japanese standards the Hokusei track is very big and wide. It has a nice fluent layout but is still very challenging.
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Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 3, Hokusei

Hokusei track is located in middle of Japan and it has hosted many JMRCA Japanese Nationals.
Looking the Japanese standars of tracks, Hokusei is very big and wide.
Third round of Electric nascartruck series was helded in here, let see what happend during this event.

Hungarian talent Barnabas Toth was the strongest at qualifying. He wonned the qualifying and settled very nice run, with 19.6 average. Toth didnt got this easy, as Swedish driver Andre Fossto was very close in second place. Andre losted only 0.1 second to Toth.
Huhtala, who was leading the series with same amount of points with Raistrick, got the third grid. Huhtala`s gap to winner was allmost three seconds.

At bump-up finals nothing miracles happend as we witnessed Toth`s magnificent pace and consistency. This Hungarian wonned the bump-up with 1.3 seconds distance before Swedish Andre Fossto. Toth`s average laptime was now 19.3 and it was expected that victory would be solved between these two laprobots, those average`s were just too much for others.
Huhtala was in third at bump-up, but his pace wasnt just good enough to challenge those two. Allmost nine seconds gap to Toth was huge.
Fourth place went to Britains Graham Raistrick, his gap to third place Huhtala was 2.6 seconds.
Philippe Gross from Switzerland drove to fifth grid, his gap to Raistrick was only 1.2 seconds.

When the grid was arranged, this race was also one of those, wich atmosphere was little pit losted, as we witnessed several drivers were not taking a part of this. Qualifying and bump-up winner Toth was one of those. Also Krause from Germany, Heikki Huhtala from Finland and this Japanese driver Naohodo Kaneko wasnt at the grid.
But luckily we had six gladiators to give us a joy, Fossto was big favorite to take this one.
And so he did, he runned very stable, fast run and totally crushed his fellow competitors. His average was enormous 19.7s.

Andre Fossto was strong as allways, he crushed his fellow competitors with his 19.7 average.

J-P.Huhtala, who came second to finishline, had over 10s margin to Fossto.
With 20s average, Huhtala hadnt any chances to challenge Fossto at front.
Britains Graham Raistrick drove to third place, his run was normal Graham, consistent and fast. Maybe Graham hadnt focused so much to this race, as he is driving so many other classes. Huhtala in second place had guite easy job to beat this Britains Gentleman, as the margin between these two were allmost seven seconds.

Huhtala came to second, his pace wasnt even near to gain Fossto.

Switzerlands offroad talent Philippe Gross crossed the finishline in fourth position. Philippe`s run was very consistent, but his 20.3 average wasnt good enough to challenge Raistrick about third place. Margin to Raistrick was only 2.5seconds.
Fifth driver who crossed the line was Carson Yeung from Hong Kong. With 20.5 average he had stable fifth position, margin to Gross was six seconds. Sixth place driver Nuno Lourenco from Portugal, was in his own laps when race ended. Something weird happend to Nuno, as we founded that his last lap took allmost 1.5minutes. Was it end of battery or what, maybe Nuno will answer about that one on report comments.

Graham Raistrick was the third driver who crossed the finishline. He was fast as allways.


A main

1André FosstoSE3010:08.370
2Jukka-Pekka HuhtalaFI3010:18.440
3Graham RaistrickGB2910:05.690
4Philippe GrossCH2910:08.224
5Carson YeungHK2910:14.252
6Nuno LourencoPT2610:22.258
7Barnabás TóthHUDNS
8尚程 金子JPDNF
9Heikki HuhtalaFIDNS
10Sean KrauseUSDNS

B main

1Milan PekaCZ2910:17.882
2Thomas KlingenDE2810:06.364
3Stephen CheungAU2810:11.192
4Wolfgang RothAT2810:20.660
5Yuriy MeshkovRU2710:03.448
6Jose Manuel Cruz MarquezMX2710:03.504
7Joost WoutersNL2710:08.716
8Miguel angel HervasES2711:26.044
9Nicolas EvensBEDNS
10Eric BrawleyGBDNS


1Jukka-Pekka Huhtala230
2Graham Raistrick228
3Philippe Gross218
4Milan Peka188
5Thomas Klingen173
6Yuriy Meshkov171
7Joost Wouters168
8Hans Guenther Heitsch156
9Heikki Huhtala150
10Jean-philippe Csernak145
11Lando Landini136
12Nuno Lourenco123
13Tom Ebersole121
14Erwin Fiselberger118
15Aron Roach118
16Johann Jury116
17Barnabás Tóth114
18Billy Yeung114
19André Fossto113
20Mike Bridges111


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(Total posts: 8)
06.04.2016 [06:59]
Thanks to you Andre.

Your name showing at front page is the least thing, what we can do to celebrate and honor your great performance. Great driving!!
06.04.2016 [01:15]
Thank you very much jupe for another great report! I was mega surprised to see my name on front page! Thank you :D
05.04.2016 [19:48]
Thank you fellows, these comments are most aphreciated!
05.04.2016 [19:24]
Thank you Jupe for all your always great reports.
05.04.2016 [01:59]
Congrats Jupe for your great race and nice report, hahaha trucks look sexy and funny :-D

04.04.2016 [17:59]
Dont know what has happend, maybe he has started and never came over finishline and sim has automatically stopped the timing.

About this reports video...i never doned the video. Cant get all cars to replay, maybe its because those servers are not "updated"?
04.04.2016 [16:41]
Is the eighth place finisher in the A supposed to be DNS or DNF?
04.04.2016 [08:29]
Good report, and yes my battery died in the last laps. I didn't pratice for this race....

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