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C1775 Aerospeed short course body 1  

Aerospeed short course body 1

Aerospeed short course body Intercept-logos, 10 plain color variations.
Scale: 1:10
Surface: off-road
Car classes: 1:10 Short Course 4WD, 1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5T

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VRC PRO Standard

This game license gives you an excellent starters pack to play VRC PRO. It contains 15 cars: 10 spec cars plus 5 high performance cars (incl. full setup options), and 20 race tracks: 10 basic tracks plus 10 additional world-class tracks. Your new cars and tracks are automatically downloaded by the game, directly after your purchase.

✓ Faster cars with improved control and full setup options
✓ World class tracks

This software license gives you access to all VRC PRO game features, and the package content is yours for unrestricted time!

- single player
- multiplayer (LAN and internet)
- online race events (at your own level)
- time trial racing
- club racing
- training with opponent cars
- various achievements
- keyboard, gamepad, joystick and VRC adaptor support
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Section: Expansion packs € 39.99 add to cart (disabled)

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