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A club for just Aussie racers. It is a very active online club. Members have the opportunity to practice official races one month before event. For accommodation for members of this club whilst in Sydney, go to our tips section. The club leans towards onroad nitro & nitro buggy, with Sydney as our home track. If your in Penrith on a Tuesday night (6pm) and its not raining, we race nitro onroad at SIRC (Sydney International Regatta Centre) all are welcome!

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Club name: Virtual Australian Pros
Created: 29.03.2014
Manager: Luke Allam
Country: AU Australia
Home track: Sydney John Grant Raceway
Members: 279

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New E-Buggy C-Netic Setup - 48.335 added: 11.06.2016

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Associated with track: C-Netic

Evolution of my previous C-Netic Setup.

Changes made:
- Moved from I-Beams to Impacts (Soft)
- More anti-squat (0* --> 1.5*)
- More downstops (35mm F/R --> 32mm F/R)
- Thicker center diff (9k --> 10k)
- Thinner front diff (10k --> 9k)
- More rear toe-in (2.5* --> 3.0*)

Fastest lap so far is a 48.335
Average laps are around 49.000-49.500

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26.08.2016 [18:25]
35 mm droop is unconstrained (no downstops)
so 32 mm is more downstops :)
22.08.2016 [17:22]
- downstop (35 is maximum)
22.08.2016 [10:38]
Post the file
20.06.2016 [16:13]
Awesome , will dial that in on a new setup...

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Ronan T
AU Australia
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1:10 Short Course 4WD
9.61 (Pro)

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