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1/12 Modify car setup for 2017 VRC worlds added: 17.12.2017

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Associated with track: VRC Carpet 7

Hi, this is setup I use in my A Main final of 2017 VRC Worlds. Please feel free to try. I hope this can help racers to improve their results, cheers!


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19.12.2017 [04:16]
It is about the humidity, pressure and temperature setting different. I guess you have rear slip when apply brake? You may just set lower brake strength. My driving style apply no break to enter corners so brake strength is no my concern.
18.12.2017 [17:47]
Thanks for share. I test, and is not for me, slide a lot from rear end.
I have a problem, when online i have less grip, in practice offline have more grip, i don´t know why.


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Carson Y
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1:8 Rally X
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