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Silver dollar 3 Nitro Buggy Set-up added: 18.06.2015

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Good all around set up

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30.10.2016 [07:58]
Many thank Colby, I used this setup in the EP Buggy, also work very good!
30.04.2016 [13:51]
many thanks for the setup Colby. Cheers Bud
09.03.2016 [20:24]
Thank you Colby about this one. Even i had good setup for nitrobuggy, from another supertalent...this is even "more of me".
28.07.2015 [08:44]
if you like his set up you should rate his post with the 5 stars!!!

27.07.2015 [20:27]
AWesome setup thanx for sharing Colby.
22.06.2015 [17:21]
I just tried this setup and it's very good. Thank you for sharing :) now i need to shave off 11-12 seconds a lap... lol
19.06.2015 [21:29]
I made more changes to this set up. I changed to one holes all the way around. 17 droop in the front . The rear toe to -.05.And the Ackerman to rear.

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