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VRC Carpet 1 track, This 'common' track has a lay-out shaped after the VRC logo and is quite technical and challenging.

View some close 1:10 Spec racing at VRC Carpet 1.
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STEAM POWERED RACE SERIES 1:10 TOURINGCARS Carpet1 Kutvonen from pole to win


Report by J-P Huhtala (VRC race reporter)


Carpet 1


Finnish driver Viljami Kutvonen continued showing his fantastic driving skills, at Carpet1 race. This race was part of the STEAM POWERED race series.
Earlier he had wonned Netherlands multiple World Champion Jeffrey Rietveld in touring car race, what was held at Carpet 3 track. In here, Carpet 1, he didn’t give no mercy to anyone at qualifying. His gap to second place was almost 7 seconds, drived by Bill Caley from USA. In earlier races we got chance to witness Caleys pace at those races, we could expect that this US driver will come hard for the final. Graham Raistrick from Britain, got third grid from this qualifying and his gap to the leader was almost 8 seconds.


From the tone, Caley started very strong. He pushed really hard and was giving good pressure for Kutvonen. He was at lead 3 laps after start and then Kutvonen got pass. Average time between these to drivers were 0.1seconds, and without mistakes, Kutvonen would take the place at top of the podium. From the point where he passed Caley, he didn’t show any sign of nerves. His pace was fantastic and he drove well deserved win. Caleys speed wasn’t enough to challenge Kutvonen, but honestly, once again this USA driver founded somewhere better speed for the final. It was one 10th faster than his qualifying pace.

Behind these two, was coming French Arthur Brule, who had passed Raistrick and got the third spot. Arthur`s drive were really good until lap 12, he made a mistake, cutting too much at corner 9 and Raistrick got third place back.

Now Deparde got really close to Brule and he was challenging Brule really hard. They had really good fight of the fourth place, all the way to lap 16, when Brule got his huger mistake. Coming to the corner seven, he collided with inside wall, and it took almost 4seconds. Now Deparde was heading for the fourth place. Rest of laps these talents had pretty much same pace, Brule was hungrier with those corners. But in the end both had tiny mistake of cutting those corners and this fight ended to Depardes win.
Raistrick runned to third podium place, Graham was there but to challenge those two at front, he would needed two 10th`s faster laptimes.

A main PRO

1Viljami KutvonenFI2505:08.780
2Billy CaleyUS2505:10.916
3Graham RaistrickGB2405:03.882
4Xavier DepardeFR2405:07.206
5Arthur BruléFR2405:07.602
6Arkadiusz SmykPL2305:04.084
7Al MelendezUS1905:03
8Stefan DrdlicekDEDNS
9Philipp HagnauerCHDNS
10Christian DrießleDEDNS

A main SPORT
1Phil IsaacGR2405:05.032
2Heikki HuhtalaFI2305:02.630
3Thomas KlingenDE2305:05.866
4Erwin FiselbergerAT2305:06.184
5Gerhard LagerAT2305:06.750
6György JávorkaiHU2305:08.882
7Eddy MuiHK2305:10.666
8Gordie TamCA2105:05.754
9Christian WatzlDEDNS
10Alex LeemanUSDNS

A main CLUB
1Huang JunhaoCN2505:12.012
2Antti SilvennoinenFI2305:08.514
3Maris SprancisLV2205:05.554
4Chris ElworthyGB2205:09.670
5Thomas SchadlerAT2105:05.246
6Carl HuxfordGBDNS
7Mark TownsendGBDNS
8Bruno TrottmannCHDNS
10Sam Chambers howarthGBDNS


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11.02.2016 [05:39]
Many thanks Warren about kind words. These are best trophies if guys are reading and giving a comment...bad or good. Have to be humble, redrc stories are pit different level.😀
And that sounds scary if i had to do a commentary to those videos. My "rally english" would be terrible to hear.😏

Edited by author: 11.2.2016 5:39:59 GMT
11.02.2016 [01:12]
These reports are a really good read Jukka. Almost like Red RC. And great photos! Now for some commentary on the videos :)

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