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VRC RallyX 3, venue for the 2017 VRC Worlds
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News of October, 2018



Report by JP racing videos

VRC PRO 2018 RallyX round5 VRC rallyX3

In qualifying Hong Kong's Carson Yeung was unbeatable. This laprobot was overwhelming, leaving the French Arthur Brule 35 seconds behind in to second grid. Lithuanian Arturas Svoba was third fastest, 4 seconds behind Brule.

In the final, Yeung was totally overwhelming. Despite Brule`s lightning start and lead from the start, Yeung was just too strong for him. Already in the second lap, at the backstraight triple, Brule made mistake and Yeung passed him. From this point Carson never look back and took convincing victory in here. Just unbelievable drive. Brule instead had to make full job to get to the second place. He had some troubles with rhytm and the focus wasnt there. Ok, he had the pace like Yeung but that one bigger mistake in lap 9 was crucial in this fight. SO, Arthur had to settle to second position.

From the third place, we saw exiting battle between Svoba and Weber. Svoba who started from third and Weber from fourth grid, fighted very intence final. Svoba`s five mistakes against Weber`s four solved this battle. Weber crossed the line in third place, 18 seconds behind Brule in second spot. Svoba had to settle to 4th.

At SPORT level, Tony Delmastro was the fastest and won the race with 4 second margin before Michael Zappa. Greek Christos Katsigiannis was third, 16 seconds away from the winner.

At CLUB level Jeremie Gautier totally crushed his opponents. Five laps margin to second place driver was something special. Ok, this only tells that Jeremie is honestly higher level driver than CLUB driver. With his pace, he would have been clear winner in SPORT level and 7th in PRO level. Great drive Jeremie, taking nothing away from your great victory. Just wanted to tell community how good drivers we have in lower levels. Congrats, and cant wait your future races.
Peter Elphinstone from Canada crossed the line in second place and American Bill Harrison was third. There was 5 second separating these two at the finishline.


PRO level

1|Carson Yeung|HK|26|10:06.751 2|Arthur Brulé|FR|25|10:04.420 3|Manuel Weber|US|25|10:22.257 4|Arturas Svoba|LT|24|10:00.732 5|Massimiliano Tanturri|IT|24|10:19.957 6|Milan Peka|CZ|23|10:04.537 7|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|22|10:03.828 8|Curtis Damm|US|22|10:07.340 9|Dorian Marcel|FR|7|10:14.557

SPORT level
1|Tony DELMASTRO|FR|22|10:05.352' 2|michael Zappa|GB|22|10:09.620 3|Christos Katsigiannis|GR|22|10:21.054 4|Ange Meiss|FR|22|10:24.654 5|Gary Sundman|US|22|10:31.008 6|Mike Bridges|CA|21|10:16.571 7|Karl Sack|ZA|21|10:17.757 8|Karl heinz Johann|DE|20|10:03.405

CLUB level
1|JEREMIE GAUTIER|FR|23|10:19.709 2|Peter Elphinstone|CA|18|10:03.443 3|Bill Harrison|US|18|10:08.534 4|Haileene Dark|CH|18|10:26.932 5|David Vacka|CZ|17|10:31.668 6|Benoit Plourde|CA|14|10:04.780


1|Arturas Svoba|573 2|Manuel Weber|561 3|Curtis Damm|519 4|Dorian Marcel|501 5|Carson Yeung|480 6|Milan Peka|444 7|Nuno Lourenco|324 8|Giovanni F. Di Berardino|290 9|Tommaso Andreuccetti|219 10|Atsushi Takeshita|216

1|Ange Meiss|570 2|Christos Katsigiannis|558 3|Gary Sundman|543 4|Karl heinz Johann|501 5|Tobias Fraunhofer|480 6|Mike Bridges|423 7|Mike Hettich|382 8|Karl Sack|300 9|Tom Ebersole|298 10|michael Zappa|244

1|Peter Elphinstone|576 2|William McNeal|351 3|David Vacka|327 4|Bill Harrison|251 5|Vitor Francês|222 6|Benoit Plourde|213 7|Grondin David|193 8|JEREMIE GAUTIER|120 9|Francis Wathlet|120 10|Leopold DiCenso|120


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(Total posts: 3)
28.10.2018 [19:44]
Well done all love the report man..
20.10.2018 [16:52]
nice report. lg jupe
20.10.2018 [14:54]
Thanks Jupe for the great race report!!



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