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Silver Dollar Nats, home of the 2015 ROAR Nats 1:8 scale nitro buggies.
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News of August, 2017

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 SC TRUCKS ROUND 2 Silver Dollar 3


Report by J-P.Huhtala

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 SC TRUCKS ROUND 2 Silver Dollar 3

PRO level

We had great entertainment when 2017 season 2, SC trucks moved their serie to Silver Dollar 3.
At PRO level Carson Yeung from Hong Kong, Team USA Marshall Kirkholm and Spaniard Alejandro Prieto were in mainroles when winner was solved. Prieto had gained third grid from qualifying and took the lightning start for the main. He got the lead but was unfortunent, when he jumped wrongly under the rostroom jumps and dropped to third. From this point Yeung was toughest and took the lead. He led this pack for the first two minutes and pace and rhytm was looking promising. Was he too careful, but after two minutes he lost his pace a little and Kirkholm got the lead. Rest of the final Kirkholm was very consistent, even Yeung and Prieto was pressuring really close, Marshall kept his head down and his nerves were steal. In the last few minutes he might have been too cautious and Yeung was able to challenge him even more. Finally when they crossed the finishline, Kirkholm in first and Yeung in second place, gap was only 0.254 seconds.
Prieto`s race was ruined at last lap, when he shortcutted one curve and he had to settle to third place, over 7 seconds behind Kirkholm and Yeung.

Kirkholm, Yeung and Prieto under the rostroom curve

SPORT level

Portuguese Nuno Lourenco, Canadian Tyler Mackenzie and Italian Mattia Basaglia served really enjoyable race at SPORT level. Basaglia was strongest in start and first lap but his four bigger mistakes during the final, ruined his chances for the win. Lourenco and Mackenzie were more consistent and Basaglia had to settle to third place.
Lourenco and Mackenzie at the lead, swapped places five times and finally Lourenco crossed the line in first place, 2.3 seconds ahead of Mackenzie.

Lourenco and Mackenzie on battle

CLUB level

French Adrien Prieto was strongest at CLUB level, he won this race with 4.5 seconds distance before Japan driver Isla Pesca. Differences between three podium drivers were quite clear, as the Slovenian Izidor Tratnik got last podium place, almost 11 seconds behind Pesca.

French Adrien Prieto was strongest at CLUB level



1|Marshall Kirkholm|US|12|07:01.126 2|Carson Yeung|HK|12|07:01.380 3|Alejandro Prieto|ES|12|07:08.465 4|Nick Sublette|US|12|07:13.340 5|Brandon Scobee|US|12|07:24.409 6|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|11|07:04.457


1|Nuno Lourenco|PT|12|07:26.506 2|Tyler Mackenzie|CA|12|07:28.823 3|Mattia Basaglia|IT|12|07:30.123 4|Josef Angleitner|AT|12|07:31.960 5|Henri Vayrette|FR|12|07:33.954 6|Stephen Halliday|AU|12|07:35.329 7|Steven Patterson|AU|11|07:04.429 8|Mike Strack|DE|11|07:06.389 9|Dave Young|NZ|11|07:14.409 10|Anibal Menezes|ZA|11|07:17.686


1|Adrien Prieto|FR|12|07:40.185 2|isla pesca|JP|11|07:00.009 3|Izidor Tratnik|SI|11|07:10.786 4|Jason Platt|US|11|07:31.769 5|Tim Sekutowski|US|11|07:41.652 6|Patrick Mitrevics|US|10|07:00.766 7|Brandon Elvis|US|10|07:03.318 8|Christos Katsigiannis|GR|10|07:07.123 9|Robert Davis|US|10|07:07.772 10|Pierre Lotriet|ZA|10|07:10.503



1|Marshall Kirkholm|234 2|Nick Sublette|228 3|Carson Yeung|228 4|Gary Crowell|195 5|Andy Garcia|194 6|Tom Rinderknecht|144 7|Alejandro Prieto|114 8|Brandon Scobee|108 9|Tommaso Andreuccetti|105 10|Brad Thorn|102


1|Nuno Lourenco|240 2|Josef Angleitner|228 3|Dave Young|204 4|Mike Strack|204 5|Steven Patterson|204 6|Luke Prattley|194 7|Manuel Weber|175 8|Henri Vayrette|174 9|Thomas Fischer|170 10|Glenn Mathias|168


1|Adrien Prieto|237 2|isla pesca|231 3|Christos Katsigiannis|198 4|Peter Elphinstone|176 5|Robert Dean|164 6|Robert Davis|163 7|Brad Dalbec|158 8|PHILLIP HARRIS|148 9|Chris Rogers|140 10|Benoit Plourde|135


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14.09.2020 [13:10]
Honestly, I have enjoyed VRC pro-2017 season 2 very much. In this season, the gameplay was very smooth and balanced. The presented graphics were quite astonishing and I was assigned an assignment to write an essay on this topic you can look at more info about edubirdie legit and know how I completed it with the help of online writer.
15.08.2017 [14:03]
Thanks to both of you, you made this race very nice!
14.08.2017 [23:47]
Nice report Jupe!
14.08.2017 [21:16]
This was nice race from you M, exiting from start to finish. It looked that Carson is getting away, but you got warmed after two minutes. Alejandros last lap "cutting" was sad.
14.08.2017 [19:55]
Nice report as usual Jupe, thanks.

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