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Silver Dollar Nats, home of the 2015 ROAR Nats 1:8 scale nitro buggies.
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2016 SEASON 3 1:8 NITRO BUGGY ROUND 6 Silver Dollar 3


VRC race reporting

VRC PRO 2016 SEASON 3 1:8 NITRO BUGGY ROUND 6, Silver Dollar 3

This was season closer of 1:8 Nitro Buggy series. Sixth round was helded here in Silver Dollar 3 track, and it was driven in reversed direction.
American Warren Jones was setting the fastest pace during the qualifying. Warren`s average 30.833 was something enormous, when we saw that second place driver Jonas Larsson from Sweden, was almost 13 seconds behind him. But that wasnt bad run by Jonas, but that 31.731 average wasnt good enough to challenge Jones of the lead.
Third fastest, Britains Michael Lightfoot, had 16 seconds to TQ. Lightfoot`s run was stable, with just under 32 seconds average. Behind Lightfoot, only with 0.3 seconds distance was Mikael Yrjänäinen from Finland.
Another Finish driver, Ari Koski was in fifth and third Finn, Markku Honkanen in sixth place. Hong Kong`s Carson Yeung was also carried his season, and was in seventh position, when qualy ended. It was looking promising for the final. So close those guys were from third place Lightfoot to Yeung in seventh grid. These five drivers were all inside 3.2 seconds.
Ok, behind Yeung was those two hungry Swedish drivers, Dalensjö and Hillman. They had 20 seconds gap to TQ but only 4 seconds gap to third grid driver Lightfoot. And it was well known that these Swedish drivers would be in ”hunting mode” for the final. Last but not least, in tenth position, heading for A-main, was Italian Tommaso Andreuccetti. He had also great run at qualy, but like many others, he didnt survived this with clean run. He got mistake in lap eleven and this took almost 3seconds of extra time.

When A-main grid was arranged, we witnessed total driver lost and this wasnt good for this sport. Not knowing the reasons for this "driverlost" but there was only four drivers at the grid. Yrjänäinen, Koski, Honkanen and Yeung were those gladiators who were going solve this A-main. But there was enough pace to give us a good entertainment, as we knowed how talented dirvers these four is. Honkanen was in ”third” grid, this TeamDurango WC finalist was propably playing hide and seek during the qualy. In his last lap of qualy, he got 11 seconds of extra, but was it purpose or what, we would find out in this 30 minutes race.

WC finalist, Finnish Markku Honkanen was at his own level.

Honkanen truly show his cards when this race started, immediatly from first lap he got the lead and leaded this pack whole 30minutes. He totally crushed others with his pace and consistency. Average 30.352 was something special, no doubt that. In this 30 minutes of racing, he left second place driver, Ari Koski, over two laps behind. But bad wasnt Ari`s run either, even he had seven mistakes during his run. Despite these mistakes, he was three 10th`s faster in 30 minutes race than he was in 7 minutes of qualifying. Great run Ari!

Ari Koski drove steady run, this guaranteed his second place.

Third place was driven also driver from Finland, Yrjänäinen had good battle against Yeung. They swapped the places during the final, but in the end, Yeung had to settle to fourth place, 8 sconds behind Yrjänäinen.
All in all, very enjoyable see, Worldclass pace from Honkanen and looking forward to see how this 38 years old Finnish Offroader will handle Las Vegas track in Worlds2016.

Yrjänäinen and Yeung had great battle of third podium place.

In SPORT level Michael Olsljung from Sweden and Brit Gavin Uttley had great, intence final. They swapped position whole final and this was great race. Finally, who crossed the finishline in first, was Olsljung, but only 1.5 seocnds before Uttley. Third podium was driven by Mattias Norén from Sweden. Norén`s gap to Olsljung was 11 seconds.

At CLUB level Swedish Lennart Sahlman gave the knock-out to others. When he crossed the finishline, he was two laps ahead of Lala Lu from Taiwan. Australian B Howard crossed the line in third place, he was three behind the winner.


A-main PRO

1|Markku Honkanen|FI|58|30:10.663 2|Ari Koski|FI|56|30:24.211 3|Mikael Yrjanainen|FI|54|30:06.486 4|Carson Yeung|HK|54|30:14.269 5|Warren Jones|US|DNS 6|Jonas Larsson|SE|DNS 7|Michael Lightfoot|GB|DNF 8|Jonas Dalensjö|SE|DNS 9|Robert Hillman|SE|DNS 10|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|DNF

A-main SPORT

1|Michael Olsljung|SE|52|30:23.052 2|Gavin Uttley|GB|52|30:24.532 3|Mattias Norén|SE|52|30:34.075 4|AMIEL BORDALLO|US|51|30:12.260 5|Jeremy Wrigley|US|51|30:17.897 6|Max Hamun Ahmadi Zenouz|DE|50|30:00.637 7|Gavin Powell|GB|50|30:01.000 8|Tyler Mackenzie|CA|47|30:16.865 9|David Camino benito|ES|DNS 10|Stephan Westerhoff|NL|DNS

A-main CLUB

1|Lennart Sahlman|SE|53|30:32.395 2|Lala Lu|TW|51|30:17.123 3|B Howard|AU|50|30:34.692 4|Jonathan Wolfe|GB|48|30:17.683 5|Kenneth Dennison|US|46|30:35.343 6|Brad Bowman|US|45|30:18.166 7|Juan Luis Bermejo|ES|44|30:09.060 8|Lasse Bak|DK|DNS 9|Heinz Müller|AT|DNS 10|Felix Harsh|US|DNS


SO, this was 1:8 Nitro Buggy season closer. Big CONGRATULATIONS to Italian Tommaso Andreuccetti of his win at PRO level. This was close call for Tommaso, as Swedish driver Robert Hillman was fighting to the very end, but finally Hillman had to settle to second place, 6 points behind Andreuccetti. Third place went Carson Yeung, 24 points from the winner.

In SPORT level, season win went to Kristian Lohse from Australia, with 453 points. Jeremy Wrigley from USA was in second and Alessandro Turini from Cuba in third place. Wrigley had 428 and Turini 406 points.

In CLUB level B Howard from Australia and Swedish Lennart Sahlman got equal points at the end of the season. Howard`s better fifth race result, solved this season win for him. Third place went to Brad Bowman from USA.

VRC PRO CONRATULATES Tommaso Andreuccetti, Kristan Lohse and B Howard!!


PRO level

1|Tommaso Andreuccetti|450 2|Robert Hillman|444 3|Carson Yeung|426 4|Brad Thorn|417 5|Andrea Giordano|403 6|Jonas Larsson|383 7|Peter Haaima|379 8|Klas Norman|365 9|Ari Koski|348 10|Billy Yeung|333

SPORT level

1|Kristian Lohse|453 2|Jeremy Wrigley|428 3|Alessandro Turini|406 4|Frank Wagner|380 5|marshall kirkholm|377 6|Tyler Mackenzie|370 7|Mattias Norén|363 8|Kyle Boon|351 9|Gavin Powell|350 10|Maurizio Mazzocchi |312

CLUB level

1|B Howard|474 2|Lennart Sahlman|474 3|Brad Bowman|441 4|Kenneth Dennison|429 5|Mario Callejo|399 6|Heinz Müller|357 7|Steinar Ovlien|351 8|Pablo Izquierdo Lopez|335 9|Karl heinz Johann|320 10|Madyoyo Man|319


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23.11.2016 [05:40]
Yes... But it was like this before.
This schedule was like it has been when I started playing this game.

That schedule you mentioned. Stopped Monday morning in Europe and Sunday night in USA if I remember it correctly.
That gave advantage to you Americans.
Europeans did their results Sunday night.
And there was still 8-10 hours time for americans to finish. Europeans can't stretch their practice time to the last minute because we were going to work, school etc when it was still running.

With this schedule it ends on weekend no matter where you live.
Best compromise.
23.11.2016 [01:22]
Markku, the schedules changed last season to give racers all weekend to run their finals. But this season the Nitro buggy classes were messed up and finish one day early (whereas other classes run through all day Sunday).
This wasn't the reason I didn't run (I was sick) but maybe caught some others out. Still, it was the last race of the season so they should've known by now...

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