VRC-3NT USB adaptor instructions

Last updated: 30.11.2011

Introducing the VRC-3NT USB adaptor. This is the 4th generation of the popular VRC adaptor: VRC-3NT. It is specially developed for VRC for optimized performance and user friendliness. It has a higher resolution than the VRC-3 adaptor and works also with 2.4Ghz systems.

Simply plug the 2 servo connectors into the receiver. Make sure to plug the servo connectors in with the white lead in the same position as your servo cable plus in. Usually this is with the white lead facing the text on your receiver. When during calibration steering and throttle seem to be reversed simply reverse the cables in the receiver.

When connected correctly and with the USB plugged into your computer, the device will be recognized by Windows as a standard HID device (Human Input Device), and will be identified as 'Virtual RC USB'. No special drivers need to be installed. A red Led light indicates that the adaptor is being powered by the PC.

The VRC-3NT USB adaptor works independent of the brand or frequency of your transmitter as it only uses the standardized servo output signals and translates these to the standardized game controller input using the HID protocol. The VRC-3NT therefore works on all 27-40-53-72 MHz and 2.4GHz sets. If the radio set has different modulation modes, use FM or PPM modes only. Futaba PCM mode is not supported. The VRC-3NT does not work on receivers for purely digital servo's.

The receiver is powered through the VRC-3NT USB adaptor which receives its power from the USB port of your computer. Do not connect a receiver battery pack.

In game 'Options' under the 'Control options' tab select 'Virtual RC USB' as your input device and click on 'Calibrate' button to calibrate your transmitter. The Windows Game Controller dialog will be opened. Select 'Settings' and next 'Calibrate' and follow the steps in the Windows Game Controller Calibration dialog. Make sure you also select the adaptor under 'Advanced…'

To calibrate check this article: How do I calibrate my controller?
Additional info is available in the VRC Pro User manual


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