Why does my steering feel strange?

Last updated: 27.11.2011

Reason #1 - exponential settings
This problem could be related to your exponential settings within the software (can be found in Options > Control options) or while you are driving (which is the best time to adjust them) you can use E and +/- to increase/decrease the steering expo. More minus means sharper turns. You can also use Ctrl and E and +/- to adjust the throttle expo. You will see the settings change in the bottom left of the screen. These do make a big difference specially on the steering. You can adjust the minus until it feels 'normal' for your style of steering.

Reason #2 - your car setup
Obviously having a good setup also has an effect on your steering. You can get good setup's from Top racers in the VRC World community (like Tobias Brunke, Ronald Volker, etc) or by looking on the website for any setup 'tips'.

Reason #3 - controller calibration
Also make sure that your USB adapter is calibrated before running VRC Pro, and when doing so make sure you are logged in Windows with admin rights or the calibration may not work.

Reason #4 - framerate & system performance
Finally, if the problem is related to your computer performance then you can do the following:
- Close all your background programs while running VRC Pro (especially web browsers, total commander, anti-virus, anti-spyware)
- Stop any downloading in background
- Lower your VRC Pro graphics settings (turn off shadows and lower the texture sizes)
- Decrease your VRC Pro screen resolution

VRC Pro framerate should be 50-60 fps or more

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