(1408) Can't connect to Session Master

Last updated: 01.09.2011

Error message: Can't connect to Session Master

When you are connecting to some session master, the success of connecting depends on combination of your and the other's (session master# internet connection. Therefore it could happen, that one day it is working ok because you are connecting to people with internet configuration 'friendly' for NAT punch-through technique, other day other people not. So far allways when we were investigating this 1408 error it turned out, that simply it is really problem in proper internet configuration.

What you can/should do in case of connecting problems is:

1. Ensure your computer has not installed software #firewall type# blocking the game from reaching internet or incomming connections from reaching you.

2. You should configure port forwarding on your router in order to open port 26381 UDP from outside internet to be routed to your local IP to local port 26381 UDP for multiplayer connectivity and UDP port 26379 for global chat and notifications feature.

3. In many cases just restarting application helps, but I would not expect to help also to multiplayer connection problems. Try to restart application and/or check windows updates and if there are any, apply them and restart PC completely #it actually helped few times to lobby server during development#.

4. If it's still not helping or you're experiencing random disconnects, or you are not able to connect to sessions at all, then you should try to use another router. In this case we recommend that you try a different type/model router or even a different brand.

If you are frequently hosting #creating# a multiplayer session then it is also recommended that you setup port forwarding as described in point 2 in order to increase probability for others to be able to join you without problems.

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